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Choosing Between Thongs and Boy Shorts 0

For any day, underwear is the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off at night.  What do we consider when choosing a style of underwear, say between thongs and boy shorts?  Of course we look at the comfort, the style, and the price.  All things considered, it comes down to our personal preferences.

Some women find it hard to decide between a thong and a boy short, so listed below are what are said about each styles.

Boy Shorts

This is not a boy’s style of panty. It’s very girly and looks like the earlier years’ bathing suit bottom. It gives a pleasant surprise when is tried on the first time. This wonderful style has straight leg opening across, and, even without the use of elastic, is snug to the body. It is a favorite with jeans and even with summer dresses. The coverage it offers is fuller comparing most other underwear, so women may be kept warm down there during cold months.

boy short | FinallyBra

The boy shorts style of underwear can be lacey, and can be not. Some styles are low rise and made with lycra, and some are high cut and provide more coverage for the tummy while still being feminine and pretty.  Therefore the pros of boy shorts include no visible panty line (VPL), low cut leg opening,and new trendy styles.  The backside of this style is the restrictive feeling on legs and the no butt shaping. If it is not comfortable because the crotch keeps riding up, a better fitting boy shorts that stays put while the body moves needs to be considered.


It’s often said that butts look better in a thong, as it does not squeeze the “cheeks” and maintain the roundness. Thongs, though, offer some advantages over boy shorts.  Some women forget they are wearing one, some are not comfortable, while others like it because they feel like a big girl with this style.  For teenage girls, perhaps it is better to check first with moms before wearing a thong.

Woman underwear | FinallyBra

Most women find thongs uncomfortable. But as mentioned above, it all depends on what factors are considered in choosing the underwear.  While some may enjoy the extra coverage, others may not. There are varied opinions about having one’s bottom bared or barely covered.

One concern about wearing thongs is hygiene. While they prevent wedgies and panty lines, they may not be the best choice when health matters are concerned.  Thongs are tight fitting and they stay to the body closely.  When the body moves, they slide back and forth, moving bacteria into your vagina.  This may cause a disease called the UTI, or vaginal infection caused by bacteria.

Knowing the differences between a thong and boy short, women can make better choices when shopping underwear.


How to Recognize Cheap Lace Bras and Underwear 0

Lace has always been a trend in lingerie whatever season of the year.  During summer and spring, a lot more lace is seen in stores and on the runways.  They are incorporated into clothes, shoes, hosiery, body stockings, accessories, and lingerie. Lace is chic and can be worked with all garment styles, figures, and skin tones.  Lace lingerie can be dark and sexy or light and fun, so women are stocking these up on their lingerie wardrobe.

Lace Bra | FinallyBra

What is lovable about lace is that it adds elegance to our bras, and fresh and sexy look with a vintage kick to our outfit.  Lace offers us a lot of options to work with, so becoming a fashionista is not difficult. It seems that every woman’s drawer has a stock of one or more lace lingerie, either for those special, intimate moments with her loved ones, or even when she just wants to look and feel sexy.

Lace lingerie can be expensive, and can also be cheap. Low priced lace lingerie is expected to be of poor quality, and the highly priced ones are believed to be of better quality.  This is not always the case, however.  There is also expensive lingerie with cheaply constructed lace incorporated on them.  This is an area where a buyer should have great knowledge.  You should be able to distinguish the cheap lace from a good quality one. Spotting the difference between the two is very easy and does not require expertise from a buyer.

The first thing to do is to check the kind of weave on the lace material.  For example, the lace on a good quality panty should be very smooth and tight. They also have a lot of details. The weave is very fine, and seem to be handcrafted for its fineness.  On the other hand, the cheap quality lace is far from tight, and it has many holes in it. One reason for the low quality may be a so-so machine, the production quality of which cannot be compared to those produced by high end machines.

When you look at cheap quality lace and notice that it is very blocky and the patterns are very simple, it’s likely that it is “cheap” quality-wise.  Check the price.  Is it amazingly low and too good to be true? Only one look on the lace will tell whether it fails your vision test.

Now, if you happened to have bought lingerie with cheap quality lace, don’t throw it away.  Use it until the wear and tear has taken over.  With proper care and handling it will last longer and serve you for several months more. Do not machine wash (or if you would, use a gentle cycle) nor machine dry your lace lingerie.  Air drying would be the best option so that the cheap lace will not get easily destroyed. Even expensive lingerie need special care, because of the lace components, so whether the lace is cheap or not, take good care of your lace bras, panties and corsets. That is the proper way of dealing with lingerie whatever is the price.

Lacy Bra to Wear On Any Occasion? Why Not? 0

Bras you wear can either make or break your appearance.  If you wear a bra that is badly fitting, it can cause armpit fat or back fat to appear and make you look heavier, besides making you feel sore and itchy.  The right fitting bra, however, is comfortable, does not show under clothes in different necklines, enhances your appearance, and boost your self confidence.

It is for these facts that many bra experts, through their websites, publish their recommendations on what type of bra to buy for which type of dress and for which occasion. The bras that are most suggested include everyday bras, black bras, strapless bras, plunge bras, push in bras, push up bras, and more. 

Have you ever heard a bra expert recommending a lacy bra for whatever occasion?  Well, there are a few, but the suggested use is for special wear only or on your date night.  So, most often these lacy bras are in the innermost part of the lingerie drawer, counting the days when they can be taken out to perform their duty.

black lacy bra | FinallyBra

Many women do not wear dressier bras for everyday wear, but this is already done in other parts of the world like Europe. In most days, a lacy bra is what they reach for in their drawers to wear, so they look and feel their best in whatever outfit and in any occasion. If you found a lacy bra that you like while shopping, buy a few.  This allows you to give them a day off between each wear, for reshaping.  You will also be given enough time for proper laundering of the lacy bras.

Black lacy bras are ideal to wear under dark colored clothing or tops. The dark colors may be browns, dark purples, wine-colored, charcoal grays, dark green, navy, and of course, black. Obviously there are worries that a black lacy bra can show through.  But if the bra might peek in the style of your dress such as a big armhole, a lacy black bra would be preferable over bras of some other styles and colors.

It will also be a nice idea to buy a fancy, lacy bra in strapless style, for when you have a top that is strapless, one shoulder, off shoulder, or with a scooped neckline.  The right lacy strapless bra will also have hooks and rubber grip to prevent it from budging.  Therefore, you should not buy a strapless bra that is of wrong size because you need it to fit. Lacy strapless bras can also be in convertible styles that you can wear the straps in many different ways according to the top you wear. 

There is also the lacy plunge bra for low cut tops.  The center panel of this kind of bras is lower, allowing you to wear your boatneck, scooped, or square necklines.  You can even wear deep V neck or button down top a bit unbuttoned, when you feel like going a bit sexier. So, for any occasion and for whatever top neckline, a lacy bra will suit well.

Wear Different Bra Styles for Different Types of Jobs 0

You may be buying bras every six to nine months as suggested by many experts, but are still confused as what to wear with what dress or top. Each time you look at yourself at the mirror, you see that for the same top, different bra styles make you look different.  It is because the design of a bra is a great factor on how you look under clothes. The availability of different bra styles in the market is really overwhelming.  In order to find the right bra that suits your top, it is helpful that you consider the type of job that you have and the style of dress that you wear at work.

For example, if you are an office lady, it is likely that you do lots of desk work – writing, typing, etc. Your movements are not very vigorous, especially the upper part of your body.  Unless a uniform is required, you can pick any clothes with different necklines. The bra that you need doesn’t have to be super supportive, but it has to be comfortable and secure. For example, a balconette bra might be appropriate for this job type. The style is sexy, and allows you to wear low cut necklines without exposing the bra. While this bra does not enhance your cleavage, it gives your breasts a great lift.

Also for office work or any job that does not involve too much movement, you can wear a push up bra that can cover about ½ of your breasts.  This style gives you maximum cleavage because it pushs your breasts up and together, a great feature for petite women.  If you have large breasts, you may use a minimizer bra under a slim fit blouse.  It helps reduce your breast size by about one or two cup sizes.  A t-shirt bra can also be helpful to hide your nipples and prevent them from becoming visible when worn under tight fitting tops.

Push up bra | FinallyBra

The other type of jobs is one that requires a considerable amount of body movements, like the jobs in children’s care, gardening jobs and rescue and emergency operations.  These jobs demand that your bra offer much support.  Seamed bra, for example, will keep your breasts in place even if you stoop down to lift a toddler, or run after them during plays, or operate a lawn mower.  This type of bras helps reduce the bounce.  Working in a gym either as an instructor or a member who works out regularly, the sports bra is ideal for this job.  It not only controls the movement of the breasts, but hides the nipples.  Moreover, it is best in absorbing sweat while working out.

When you need to attend some formal events after work, there are other types of dresses that you can wear. Most often for formal events you need wear halter neck, low cut necklines, off shoulder, low backs and other different cut dresses.  The bras to wear for these clothes include demi bras, adhesive bras, convertible bras, strapless bras and so many more.

Braless and Sleeveless at Age 50 and Above? 0

Nothing can be more comforting for a woman than to wear sleeveless or spaghetti style tops sans the support of a bra in hot weather.  However, it may not be advisable to go bra-less or sport sleeveless tops if you are already past 50 years of age. 

Every aging woman dreams of toned under arms, so she gets into almost all kinds of workouts to achieve this dream.  However, when you are over 50, the tendency of the body is to store fats on the under arms and no amount of exercise can eliminate them.  In another word, the fat could be reduced, but hard to get rid of totally. You might not have this kind of problem in your younger years when you had a trim body with upright breasts and flab-less arms.  As you are approaching your senior years, you begin to notice your body changing - the flesh on your arms is jiggling, and your breasts are pointing to all directions as you move. Would you dare show this flesh to the public by going sleeveless and braless, and at your age?

braless | FinallyBra

Additionally, as a person gets older, the skin and soft tissues of the breast, as in the rest of the body, tend to lose their elasticity.  So it is inevitable to have a certain amount of sagging.  Wearing a bra during the day will reduce sagging overtime.  Large breasts are weighty, and the heavier they are, the more they are subjected to gravity and sagging. You may counteract the sagging effect by wearing a bra to support your breasts.  If you want to go braless occasionally is fine, such as at home or with close friends.

There are some personalities who know precisely how to respect their bodies as they grow old.  An example is writer Nora Ephron, who was never seen braless and sleeveless when she goes out for lunches or other functions.  She always wore long sleeved tops and turtle neck sweaters.  Obviously she didn’t want to expose her aging upper arms that might have some fatty deposits.  She did not want to show this to strangers, including her breasts, so she never goes out without a bra neither.

For sleeveless garments that are cut too wide as to bare too much of your under arms, you can pair them with some accessories such as scarves and cardigans, or layer them with a long sleeved silk or chiffon blouse.

Clap off Strapless Bra, a New Bra Type 0

Clap off strapless bra?  The name may suggest how it works, but for those who would like a sure answer, it is a strapless bra that can be unclasped by clapping your hands, or when people nearby clap their hands. This is a new invention by media artist and engineer from San Francisco, CA, Randy Sarafan.  He said that he was inspired by the Syrian lingerie such as the cookie bras, glow in the dark bras and knickers, and other remote controlled items. 

Strapless bra | FinallyBra

He further explained that “In the West, we often think of Arab cultures as sexually repressed societies, when in fact it turns out that they are leaps and bounds ahead of use in advancements in lingerie technology”.  So he made it his mission to introduce this Syrian technology to the West, and began by creating the clap-off bra. He has even posted the DIY instructions on his website, Instructables, for people who would like to create this clap-off bra for themselves.

The bra is battery powered, and uses a switch which is controlled by an electromagnet.  The switch opens the bra clasp when you or someone claps.  You may recall when the Clapper was introduced years back.  The Clapper is a device that allows you to turn the light on or off by just clapping, and it is not only used on light, but also in some electronic appliances. People were so excited then, as they can control things without touching them. 

However, is this bra acceptable to all women?  Would they be interested to purchase the clap-off bra?  It is certainly beneficial for some who have physical disabilities, or suffering from arthritis who always find the bra clasps very difficult to use.  With the clap-off bra, they will just struggle to put the bra on, and when it’s time to take them off, they can just clap their hands and the tit slings will fall off. Some girls are too lazy or too tired after a harrowing day that they just fall to sleep with their bras on.  These girls usually wake up with underwire injuries.  With a clap off bra, they just clap, and the business is done. They sleep with no bra on, and wake up with no injury from underwire.

But you can’t wear the bra in all places. It may be ideal inside your bedroom or around the house, but definitely not in a concert, a sporting event, other competitions, and any place that is prone to rounds of applause.  Imagine dining in a restaurant while you are wearing a clap-off bra.  A customer might be celebrating there, and the singing waiters honor her/him with a birthday song.  What will happen to your bra after the song and everybody claps their hands?  Imagine further that your blouse is not tucked into your skirt or pants, you most likely pick the bra up from the floor.

Anyways, this is a marvelous invention.  It was featured in a TV show (Today Show) and surely was seen by million viewers. Husbands, boyfriends, are you ready to give your women such a gift?  It could be fun, don’t you think so?