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Breast Size and Upper Back Pain…What’s the Solution? 0

Large breasts can place excess weight on the chest. Without enough support from the surrounding muscles and the rest of the body, the weight of the breasts can cause severe pain, making it difficult to maintain good posture and in some cases leading to spinal deformity. Many large breasted women are self conscious about their breasts, which makes them hunch forward to hide their chest, which increases the pain intensity.

Women with large breasts not only suffer from severe pain in their necks and backs, but also from bra straps that dig into their skin, making them unable to engage in many day to day activities.

Back Pain Caused by Large Breasts | FinallyBra

Many researches indicate that large breasts can cause a chain-reaction of painful indicators, as the human body tries to balance an abnormal position by shifting the curvature of the spinal cord.

How Can You Ease the Pain

If you are suffering from back or neck pain caused by outsized breasts, there are many options available, from changing your lifestyle to medical treatment and physical therapy. Here is some thing that might be useful:

Choosing the Right Supportive Bra

  • Push up bras are more supportive as compared to normal bras, due to additional padding in the cups. This characteristic makes push up bras very useful for women who have bigger breasts and can use some added support. It is a very common misconception among women that push up bras are only for small breasts. The reality is that push up bras can showcase a big chest in the best possible way, and because of added support they can help women who suffer from back and neck pain.
  • If you have issues with back pain and want comfort plus good support, a good back support bra would be perfect option for you. It helps you to maintain a good posture and minimizes back pain in most of the cases. A back support bra can even help with troubles in your spinal discs.
  • Sports bras are very effective when it comes to relieving back, neck and shoulder pain during running and other workouts. No matter what size you are, it is essential to wear a proper sports bra during exercise because it distributes the breasts weight among back, neck and shoulders. To find the perfect size it is necessary to make sure that the bra doesn't cause breathing issues and not hurt the underarm area.
  • If your breast size is very large, invest in a custom made bra which is specially designed for your body. Custom bras are pretty helpful when it comes to women with narrow backs.

Outsmarting Back Pain Through Physical Therapy

Physical therapy and workout with a professional trainer can improve your posture and encourage weight loss, which eventually helps with back and neck pain.

Back Pain Caused by Large Breasts | FinallyBra

  • Your spine is mostly supported by neck, back, shoulder and chest muscles and by strengthening them you can minimize neck and upper back pain issues. Most physical therapists recommend Isometric exercises, these are exercises where you push against some resistance without flexing or extending your muscles.
  • Aerobic workouts are also an essential part of any plan to prevent back pain. These are series of exercises that help enhance blood flow in your body especially your spinal disks.
  • Other useful back exercises include shoulder roll, butterfly, Arm slides and thoracic extension.

Medical Treatment and Surgery

  • Taking a painkiller for occasional back pain is fine but avoid strong medication for longer periods of time.
  • Breast reduction surgery is the only permanent way to get rid of severe upper back pain and it is often recommended to women with large breasts size. A research published by American society of plastic surgeons found that more than 90 percent of women subjects were satisfied with their breast reduction surgery.

If you are suffering from back and neck pain because of large breasts, consult with your doctor and devise a plan that will be effective for you.

What Cause Armpit Fat or Underarm Bulge 14

If you have that sightly bumps (armpit fat) under your arms, this is an article that explains why you have them and how you can minimize or eventually get rid of them through a holistic and affordable approach: push in bras.

Interesting Breast Facts That You Would Want To Know 0

Breasts – women got them, talk about them and think about them.  Men and women look at them, and are obsessed with them very much. To be able to understand this obsession about breasts, here are some interesting facts about boobs.  In fact, there are so many, but here are ten of them.

  1. Women in America are buying bigger bras.  The average breast size is now up to 36DD or DDD, a big increase from the average 34B 10 years ago.  One reason given for this is the estrogen, a hormone that causes growth of the breasts. Today’s women are more exposed to estrogen than the women of the past years.
  2. The majority of women (85 out of 100) are not wearing the correct size bra.  How about you?  Do you feel that your bras are the right size for you?  Remember that each woman has her own body shape and size, and the bra sizing standards may not conform to the exact measurement of everyone.  Add to this the bodily changes that a woman goes through the years.
  3. Seventy percent of women are not happy with the size and shape of their breasts.  Because of this, they do not stop looking for ways to increase or decrease their size.  Fortunately, some options exist that can help them achieve the size and shape that they desire. There are the exercises, pills, surgeries, padded bras, push up bras and minimizer bras, according to their needs.
  4. Boob play or breast action can turn a woman on.  Some can even have orgasm even if you don’t touch them down there; what is needed is just to stimulate the breasts. 

  5. Your breasts can hurt while you exercise, and it is just normal. However, if your breasts can show their emotions, you’ll probably see that they are not really thrilled seeing you putting on your running shoes. Breast pain is the problem of one out of three women runners.

  6. Breasts move a lot.  Whether you walk slowly or briskly, your breasts move. Running, jogging, cardio workouts, and aerobics can make your girls bounce around.  To minimize the bounce and reduce breast pain, it is important that your sports bras are elastic enough. Regular exercises can give you perky breasts, so continue exercising even if you feel pain.
  7. The largest breast that made it to the Guinness Book of World Record in 1999 is of an American woman.  Her chest measurement was 70 inches or 5.83 feet, and each boob weighs 56 pounds.  So don’t get annoyed with your boobs if you think they are too big, if you don’t want to be laughed at by the woman who has the world’s largest breast.
  8. The majority of women have breasts that are uneven.  Don’t freak out if your girls are not identical in size, and they can have a difference of up to 20%.  Usually the left breast is bigger than the right, but, it’s no big deal.
  9. The most popular plastic surgery is breast augmentation, or breast implants.  This is to prove once again, that most women are not happy with the kind of breast that they have. Just don’t forget that while implants can make your breasts voluminous, there is a ton of side effects that come with it; and they are all scary.  So, think about it ten times or more before you go under the knife.
  10. The bra, since its inception, has come a long way.  It was 1914 when Mary Phelps Jacob was given a patent for making the modern bra, using two hankies and a ribbon to create what we call the “backless bra”.  In 1920, Ida and William Rosenthal worked with a friend to produce a bra with standard sizing.  From then on, the padded bras were introduced, followed by the push up bras, front hook bras and the fashion bustier.

Wearing a Bra on Any Occasion is Certainly in Order 0

This summer another celebrity was added to the list of Hollywood actresses who is being criticized for not wearing a bra. She is Gwyneth Paltrow, and it was obvious in her attire that she deliberately left her bra at home when she accepted her Annual Renaissance Award at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago. Even her modest Alexander McQueen cream, high-necked dress did not help her look less daring. Gwyneth’s boobs are not that large, but still people noticed her obvious lack of support. See photos here.

This incident proved once again that not all celebrities are always ready for the camera once they stepped out of the house. Some of them who have been in the news for not wearing a bra are Miley Cirus, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Rebecca Hall, Sharon Stone, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Kristen Stewart, and so on.  I do not think these Hollywood celebrities looked at themselves long in the mirror before going out their doors. It could have saved them embarrassment in cases of wardrobe malfunctions.

Miley Cirus even tweeted that she is doing a healthy thing by going bra less; and mentioned the study made by a French researcher that bras can damage delicate breast tissues (although she has been going around with no bra even before the results of the study came out).  It is apparent that Miley did not read the conclusion of the report saying that the results do not apply to all women.

However, the issue of whether to wear or not to wear a bra is more about style and comfort, rather than damaging breast tissues.  When you wear either a suit or a t-shirt or any stylish clothes, wearing a bra will give you your best appearance.  In some cases, when you wear an ill-fitting or wrong size bra, there is nothing added to your sense of well being overall, just like not wearing a bra at all. You wear a bra to enhance your look under clothes, in whatever occasion you are going.  The bra supports what you put on top of them and assures you that you are looking your best (in addition to comfort and support of course).

It is becoming common among the celebrities not to wear a bra when attending social events, even if people who see them are shocked by their styles. It’s not a problem if they go topless on a beach cause the rest of the world is doing the same. But in a formal occasion especially in your honor, and you are showing a nipple bump, or the shape of your actual boobs, it is natural for people to give you a not so pleasing label. You know, this is how people react when they see things they deem not proper.

Some people wear bras 24/7, but if you don’t want to be like those people, there is no problem.  After all, breasts do need to relax and rest a bit. Just don’t forget that if you’re going out the door, even if you just need to check the mail box, or buy something from a nearby grocery store, you must have added a supportive and covering bra on.

The Benefits of Padded Bras 1

Padded bras are the type of bras with cups containing padding.  The padding can be permanently sewn into the bra.  Or the pads can be removable when the bra has open pockets sew into the bra so that you have the flexibility of having them or taking them off for different wardrobe choices. The padding material may be synthetic, gel, water, or foam.  Padded bras can be found in almost all push up bras, but they are available also in other styles.

There are many reasons why a woman should wear a padded bra. The biggest benefit is to enhance the bust line. With the right shape of the bra coupled with padding inserts, a padded bra can make your busts look fuller or larger by adding up a cup size or more. Yes, you can go up the cup size that you never expected you could. Padded bras also have the ability to create cleavage that can look fantastic with your low cut tops or shirts.

Padded bras can protect you from unfortunate incidents where you might potentially suffer embarrassments with a show through of your nipples.  When you wear unpadded bras either at work or events and feel cold, chances are that your nips will show through your top. The good thing of padded bras is that they cover your nipples sufficiently even if they become erect due to cold weather. 

Padded bras are more comfortable than the thin ones, especially if your breast tissues are particularly sensitive and easy to get hurt.  Only bras that have padding can provide the relief for your breasts. This type of bras are suitable not just for petite or small breasted women, big breasted or curvy women can also benefit from having a perkier and more rounded-shape boobs.  In the support department, padded bras can provide greater uplift and support.

There are a lot of different styles and types of padded bras, and all of them offer to boost sizes – some you can wear everyday for any type of outfit, and others for tops requiring a bit of cleavage and push up. The cups can be fully padded or have only a small amount of padding. The padding can be water, air, gel, thick foam or water pockets. To find the padded bra that best fits you, the best thing to do is trying them on.  You can certainly find what style works best for your body.

When you try a padded bra on, you can put a shirt on top of it so you can see if the bra creates a natural-looking figure.  Women sometimes struggle to find a padded bra that fits perfectly because the padding at the bra cup bottom usually alter the style and size. As a result, you could be a different size for a padded bra than a regular one, so make sure that all rules of fitting are followed.

How Do You Gauge Your Own Bra Size 0

This question stemmed from recent news about a lingerie store in Sweden, the Change, which was sued by a young woman staffer for forcing her to wear a sign that shows her name, her bra size, and cup measurement while she was on duty at the store. The labor court in Sundsvall, Sweden sided with the woman, saying that what the management did was gender discrimination and a violation of a worker’s dignity. Change was made to pay the woman $7,470 (equivalent to 50,000 kronor) plus all the legal fees.

During the court hearing, Change had reasoned that they do not have any bad intention in ordering their workers to show their badges with their bra sizes on them.  They only want to help customers gauge their bra sizes which can simplify the bra buying process which most women find confusing.  Perhaps the store has the best intentions, but doesn’t the store employ bra fitters who should take a customer’s measurement to get the ideal bra size?  Change is a lingerie store, so the workers there, or some of them, should know how to measure, using a dressmaker’s tape measure

Do you need to know the staffers’ bra sizes to gauge your own size?  Of course not. You can take your own measurement at home, following the instructions posted by many websites.  Or, you can go right into a specialty lingerie store and have yourself measured by a bra fitting expert.  It is important that you get the right fit for a bra because badly fitting bras can make you suffer from some health conditions.  You may experience headaches, neck pains, circulation problems, and even skin problems. These conditions are the results of wearing bras that do not support your breasts from underneath, rather the support comes from the straps.

In addition to various health conditions, a badly fitting bra may also do harm to your overall appearance; your boobs may look strange and bulky.  Your posture may also get negatively affected.  A well fitted bra, on the other hand, will make you look slimmer and your outfit will look good on you.

You also need to find your exact bra measurement because there is a wide variety of bra sizes in the market.  These sizes differ from country to country and from one manufacturer to the other. Add to this the fact that the bodies and breasts of women also vary and are not always in conformity with the sizes offered by different companies.  Because of this, finding a properly fitted bra can be difficult for most women.

It has always been recommended by bra experts that women, particularly those who have larger breast sizes, submit themselves to professional bra fittings in the lingerie departments in malls or specialty bra stores. If you cannot rely on these professional measurements or your self measurements done at home for any reason, then the best thing to do is to try on the bras that you want to purchase.  You must be also able to identify the bra that fits from the one that does not.