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Blog — celebrity bra choice


Madonna’s Iconic Cone Bra Will Feature in Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Exhibit 0

It seems that the iconic cone bra and corset worn by Madonna on her Blonde Ambition tour are on everybody’s mind these days.  Models have been walking the runways donning under wears as outer wears, obviously patterned after the French designer, Jean Paul Gaultier’s most famous bra creation. Yes, Gaultier was the man behind Madonna’s cone bra.  He got the inspiration from the bullet bra vintage ads by Maiden Form in the 1950s. This much talked about bra and corset set used in the tour has stirred up controversy for exploring themes of sexuality and appropriating religious iconography.

Despite conflicting opinions about the cone bra, Jean Paul Gaultier did not stop creating other cone bra styles for several pop stars including Katy Perry.  Lady Gaga wore a bra with two machine guns for her video taping for “Alejandro” She also posed for the cover of Rolling Stones with this outfit. Kylie Minogue also donned a Gaultier-designed conical bra for her album.  Both Rihanna and Aphrodite also appeared on stage with similarly cone inspired get ups. Also to be included in the list is the Glee episode where it gave tribute to Madge by Jane Lynch wearing a conical bra.

In Jean Paul Gaultier’s Spring 2010 Collection, named “The G Spot”, the designer once again revisited the past by creating cheeky little undergarments. Other cone bra-inspired creations were made for La Perla which included bras, body suits, and corsets.  Gaultier hasn’t really forgotten the impact made by his conical bra, so he transformed it to MDNA world tour by Madonna. The bra, currently, is enjoying a revival, thanks also to designers Marc Jacobs and Christian Dior, and to Vivienne Westwood, who before Gaultier, had her models down the runway wearing bras that are fashioned over their dresses.

That’s not all for Madonna’s iconic cone bra, fellas.  It will feature on a show that will explore the creations of designer Jean Paul Gaultier.  The show is titled “The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier:  From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk”, and it will be held at the London’s Barbican in April, 2014. To be expected on the show are more than 140 cutting-edge ready to wear garments and couture which span the designer’s entire career.  This will also include the costumes he designed for Kylie Minogue, Dita von Teese, Bjorck, and others.

Obviously, Madonna’s iconic cone bra will be the star of the show.  Some of the outfits will be lent by other collaborators, while most will be pulled out from Gaultier’s own personal collection.  The show will open as scheduled in London before it embarks on an international tour.  This will give Gaultier’s fashion fans from around the world the chance to get up close to the design magic of the French designer. Gaultier says that having his work shown at the Barbican is a great honor for him because the gallery is a wonderful place and its architecture is extraordinary.  Moreover, the Barbican is in London, a place that he would choose to live other than Paris.

Olivia Palermo Takes A Day Off From Being A Fashionista 0

Olivia Palermo, “The City” star, has always been known for being so prim and proper and fabulously dressed.   However she surprised Manhattan, NY when she went out for a walk with her boyfriend, Johannes Huebl and her dog, Mr. Butler, one Sunday with a different new look.  Olivia Palermo wore ripped jeans with a grey, thin top.  She wore no make up under her black shades, and the most noticeable was her being braless. See the pictures here.

The bra is one crucial accessory that Olivia Palermo should not have forgotten to wear in that walk.  The City star may not have much to show:  she’s petite, and the grey top showed that her breasts are a bit saggy.  Why she chose to go out without the proper support and with her headlights on is one thing I couldn’t understand.  She doesn’t look good on that part of her body, though she’s got a very beautiful face.

Being always ahead in fashion, Olivia Palermo does not need someone telling her what she should wear and what she should not, especially if that was the first time that Olivia showed herself to public in that attire. I just want to emphasize here the importance of wearing a bra, and what this little undergarment can do to a woman.  The bra is worn for a number of benefits it gives to the wearer, in this case, Olivia Palermo.

A bra especially a push up bra can hold Olivia’s breasts up, so they will appear higher and fuller under her chosen top.  Many types of bras can push her breasts even higher and press them closer together so that a curvy, nice, and a more feminine look is created and proves to be advantageous to low cut necklines. On the photo, The City star’s nipples are showing through her grey sweatshirt.  Had she worn a bra, particularly the padded one, her nips will be prevented from showing through, even if they harden for any reason during the course of the day. A padded bra could have saved Olivia from embarrassment (although she did not seem to mind the situation), and the people around her from distraction.

I am certain that Olivia Palermo always wear a bra except for that day when she was caught walking the streets of New York without it.  Her breasts are not large, and a bra (push up bra etc.) can make them appear fuller and larger.

In every woman’s life, a bra plays many roles.  So, ladies, whether or not you are blessed with the perkiest part, learn from this mistake by Olivia – keep your boobs covered, protected and supported by a rightly fitting bra.

Wearing a Bra on Any Occasion is Certainly in Order 0

This summer another celebrity was added to the list of Hollywood actresses who is being criticized for not wearing a bra. She is Gwyneth Paltrow, and it was obvious in her attire that she deliberately left her bra at home when she accepted her Annual Renaissance Award at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago. Even her modest Alexander McQueen cream, high-necked dress did not help her look less daring. Gwyneth’s boobs are not that large, but still people noticed her obvious lack of support. See photos here.

This incident proved once again that not all celebrities are always ready for the camera once they stepped out of the house. Some of them who have been in the news for not wearing a bra are Miley Cirus, Lindsay Lohan, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Rebecca Hall, Sharon Stone, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson, Kristen Stewart, and so on.  I do not think these Hollywood celebrities looked at themselves long in the mirror before going out their doors. It could have saved them embarrassment in cases of wardrobe malfunctions.

Miley Cirus even tweeted that she is doing a healthy thing by going bra less; and mentioned the study made by a French researcher that bras can damage delicate breast tissues (although she has been going around with no bra even before the results of the study came out).  It is apparent that Miley did not read the conclusion of the report saying that the results do not apply to all women.

However, the issue of whether to wear or not to wear a bra is more about style and comfort, rather than damaging breast tissues.  When you wear either a suit or a t-shirt or any stylish clothes, wearing a bra will give you your best appearance.  In some cases, when you wear an ill-fitting or wrong size bra, there is nothing added to your sense of well being overall, just like not wearing a bra at all. You wear a bra to enhance your look under clothes, in whatever occasion you are going.  The bra supports what you put on top of them and assures you that you are looking your best (in addition to comfort and support of course).

It is becoming common among the celebrities not to wear a bra when attending social events, even if people who see them are shocked by their styles. It’s not a problem if they go topless on a beach cause the rest of the world is doing the same. But in a formal occasion especially in your honor, and you are showing a nipple bump, or the shape of your actual boobs, it is natural for people to give you a not so pleasing label. You know, this is how people react when they see things they deem not proper.

Some people wear bras 24/7, but if you don’t want to be like those people, there is no problem.  After all, breasts do need to relax and rest a bit. Just don’t forget that if you’re going out the door, even if you just need to check the mail box, or buy something from a nearby grocery store, you must have added a supportive and covering bra on.

Celebrities, Bras 0

For those of you who are constantly watching the celebrity fashion, you might still remember the different bra styles made by designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The most notable of these creations is the iconic cone bra corset worn by singer Madonna in her Blonde Ambition tour.  There are also other styles such as those that have cups covered in gems, the metal breastplate, the one with nipple-covering zippers, and then Rihanna’s trench coat which exposes her black bra.

However, these bras were designed for celebrities; these were made to be shown off. For us ordinary women who are not actresses nor musicians nor concert artists, it could be much different. For us, a simple bra can mean so many things – a source of mystery for a young girl (or even boy).  It is a source of support for old ladies; a way to look better in any clothes by changing the body shape for some women;  a tool to feel and look sexy for most of us.

When not doing a show or a concert, celebrities are just like ordinary women who need a bra – a good fitting bra.  The bra haters are not concerned with this issue, though. The famous women and the ordinary ones need their bras to fit to look good and feel comfortable, and both should be able to choose the right bra.  You may be wearing the most expensive attire, the best hair do, beautiful make up, etc., but if you are not wearing the right undergarment, it is very likely that you wouldn’t like how you look overall.  A bra that does not properly fit and therefore bulges has the ability to spoil your look, even if you are wearing the most expensive dress.

Whereas, a perfectly fitting bra can provide the necessary support while at the same time make you feel comfortable.  It gives you not only confidence, but can make you look slimmer by defining your waist also. Additionally, there are some serious health issues that result from wearing the wrong fit bras, but I wouldn’t discuss about it at this time.  It may take time and patience to find the perfect bra for you, but you’ll realize it is worth the effort once you see and feel the look and comfort it provides.

To make sure that you get the right fit, go to a standalone lingerie boutique or a department store.  For people who are DYI type, measuring yourself at home is the easiest since the bra sizing guide is abundant online. 

Finally, whether or not you are a celebrity, there is a process to be followed in finding a perfect bra.  You get yourself measured, choose your style, try the bras on, and test out the new bra on band and cups. It’s just a simple process that can give you comfort and good looks.

Going Braless Becoming a Trend among Celebrities 0

Ladies, do you have enough courage to step out in a see-through dress braless, like what Anne Hathaway did at the Met Ball?  She arrived at the Met Ball red carpet with a new hair color, which shocked some people.  But it was her side boobs that showed through her sheer black long sleeved dress that got more attention. The Met Ball theme was punk, and in fairness, Anne looked punky, sassy and confident in her braless attire. What’s more, her side boobs looked fashionable without even trying to.

The Met Ball was not the first time Anne tried braless.  Her nipples also showed at the Oscars last February 24, and she showed much more, although accidentally, in December at a premier.

It looks like that going braless to red carpet events is becoming a trend among the celebrities.  Besides Anne Hathaway, Miranda Kerr, Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Rhihanna, Miley Cyrus and others are only some of the celebrities who were spotted letting their nipples slip into view as a part of their fashion statement. What do you think, ladies?  Is it okay for these people to dress like this in an event? 

It might be OK for celebrities to dress according to a particular event.  I mean it is not a thing that they do everyday, hopefully.  But for other people who do not belong to the entertainment industry, I believe it not proper to have bare chest and nipples underneath a sheer dress viewed by many onlookers. 

A woman should wear a bra for three main reasons – for modesty, support, and because it is clothing item that fascinates a man.  So, if you decide to go braless, you will not be getting the support that your breasts need, besides being thought as a woman who is not so much concerned about modesty.  There is also the fact that going braless will attract people’s attention, so get ready to hear some bold remarks, especially from the men who you come across in the streets.

As the shape of our nation continues to change, women are getting bigger. The lingerie size which is 34B on the average has become a 36C during the last decade.  Therefore it is more important today than ever to give your breasts support and comfort by wearing a right fitting bra.  A good fitting bra can improve your appearance and a real boost to your confidence.  Breasts need to be supported because it is mainly composed of fatty tissues that lose their elasticity over time.  Wearing a bra everyday can also prevent sagging and stretch marks.

Some women don’t want to wear bras because they believe that it is a pain in the (not ass, but) bust, with the clasps, straps and under wires coming into the picture.  For these women, going out sans bra feels much like getting your feet out of your stiletto after a tiring and long day. However, going braless sometimes results in having a look that could be perceived as immodest or trashy.  So a good advice is for you to maintain some levels of modesty when you want to go out sans bra.

Braless Wardrobe Malfunction of Stars 0

Olivia Munn is not the only one star who have experienced braless wardrobe malfunction. It has always been dangerous to combine sheer tops and bright lights, but the “Newsroom” actress proved that she was not deterred by this, and she braved a see-through crochet sweater.  When she left the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, Olivia posed for the photographers who got an eyeful when her see-through top malfunctioned under the flashes of light.  So, what the photographers saw was her braless chest.

The wardrobe malfunction term started to become a special vocabulary when Janet Jackson’s right breast made a cameo appearance in the half time show. While that story has long been forgotten, the term has stayed as relevant as before, many thanks to the stars and starlets who have carried the torch of malfunction upon themselves.  Unlike the celebrities, regular folks will never have to worry about braless malfunctions becoming the trending topics on social sites, or going viral on the Internet, still they can cause too much embarrassment.

The daughter of presidential nominee John Kerry, named Alexander, also had her moment of wardrobe malfunction when she went to the Cannes Film Festival wearing a long black dress.  It would have been looking demure and classy but the spotlights turned the dress translucent and revealed her white panty and bare chest.  Poor girl, but the incident was not as notorious as that of Janet Jackson’s, though.

It may feel liberating to go braless; and it appears to be the only option that you can take sometimes. However, going out without a bra may put you at the risk of your nipple showing through your top, like Olivia Munn.  This is the most common malfunction among braless celebrities.  For certain ensembles, a double stick tape may work, although its staying in place cannot be guaranteed, especially during the summer months. A nipple that does not have the protection of a bra can make an appearance even if it doesn’t pop out through a hole in the knitted sweater.  A crueler kind of braless wardrobe malfunction is when it goes unnoticed until the photographers started flashing their camera, or there comes a sudden burst of lighting that’s very bright. And only then you begin to realize what is happening.

Even for simple girls who do not have photographers following their every move, experiencing a braless wardrobe malfunction can ruin the photo shooting moments.  It can also cause you humiliation once you find yourself standing under a bright light. But this can be avoided if you examine the garment thoroughly.  Putting your hand inside the clothing and holding it up against the light is a good trick.  If you can see your hands it means that your whole body will be visible through the fabric when subjected against the light, and there’s a need for you to saddle up with the appropriate underpinning.

On second thought, why don’t these girls just wear a bra?  Perhaps making their boobs a subject of people’s talking is exactly the attention they want.