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Bra Fitting and Fashion, Celebrities

For those of you who are constantly watching the celebrity fashion, you might still remember the different bra styles made by designer Jean Paul Gaultier. The most notable of these creations is the iconic cone bra corset worn by singer Madonna in her Blonde Ambition tour.  There are also other styles such as those that have cups covered in gems, the metal breastplate, the one with nipple-covering zippers, and then Rihanna’s trench coat which exposes her black bra.

However, these bras were designed for celebrities; these were made to be shown off. For us ordinary women who are not actresses,musicians nor concert artists, it could be much different. For us, a simple bra can mean so many things – a source of mystery for a young girl (or even boy), support for old ladies; a way to look better in any clothes by changing the body shape for some women;  a tool to feel and look sexy for most of us.

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When not doing a show or a concert, celebrities are just like ordinary women who need a bra – a good fitting bra.  The bra haters are not concerned with this issue, though. The famous women and the ordinary ones need their bras to fit to look good and feel comfortable, and both should be able to choose the right bra.  You may be wearing the most expensive attire, the best hair do, beautiful make up, etc., but if you are not wearing the right undergarment, it is very likely that you wouldn’t like how you look overall.  A bra that does not properly fit and therefore bulges has the ability to spoil your look, even if you are wearing the most expensive dress.

Whereas, a perfectly fitting bra can provide the necessary support while at the same time make you feel comfortable.  It gives you not only confidence, but can also make you look slimmer by defining your waist. Additionally, there are some serious health issues that result from wearing the wrong fit bras, but I wouldn’t discuss about it at this time.  It may take time and patience to find the perfect bra for you, but you’ll realize it is worth the effort once you see and feel the look and comfort it provides.

To make sure that you get the right fit, go to a standalone lingerie boutique or a department store.  For people who are DYI type, measuring yourself at home is the easiest since the bra sizing guide is abundant online. 

Finally, whether or not you are a celebrity, there is a process to be followed in finding a perfect bra.  You get yourself measured, choose your style, try the bras on, and test out the new bra on band and cups. It’s just a simple process that can give you comfort and good looks.

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