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Blog — Bra Shopping


Why Do Your Bra Straps Slip? 0

Women with narrow or sloping shoulders are most likely to experience bra straps slipping.  However, these are not the only reasons for this problem.  We maintain that straps falling off women’s shoulders can also be the result of poorly fitting bras. Here are several other reasons why your bra straps keep on slipping and how to resolve the issue.

Cup Size Is Too Big

This can mean two things:  (1) you are not properly fitted when you bought the bra so the cups are not filled enough with breast tissue and do not apply tension on the straps, and (2) as you age, you lose the volume on the top of your breasts, creating an empty space on the cups. If the bra cups are not filled enough to apply tension on the straps, the latter will naturally fall off your shoulders. You need to go one cup size smaller and scoop your breast tissue into the cups to be sure that they are filled properly.

Why Do Your Bra Straps Slip | FinallyBra

The Straps Are Very Loose

Bra straps can be, and should be adjusted. They need to be tight enough to provide the required 10% support to the breasts’ weight. (The other 90% should come from the bra band). If the straps cannot provide this 10% support, they tend to fall off. They should, however, not be too tight to prevent the bra band from getting pulled upward.

The Bra Back Is Not Properly Positioned When Worn

This happens when you forget to check whether you’ve worn your bra the right way and everything is in proper place. This is an important factor for comfort during your entire day. After you’ve worn the bra, reach back and pull the bra back down to make sure that it is placed correctly.

The Bra Back Is Expanded

The straps will be farther apart when your band is too large.  According to a lot of survey, a common mistake women make for bra fitting is wearing a bigger band and smaller cup sizes.  The bigger band size than necessary contributes to straps falling off your shoulders.  Obviously, the cure is that you adjust the size of your bra – go up in size of the cup and down in size of the band.  This will make a good fit and prevent strap slippage. 

The Bra Style Is Not Right for You

Every woman’s body is different, so not every style will fit you or the dress that you wear. The square-shouldered women can have the wide-set straps in bras, while those with narrow or sloping shoulders should consider carefully the placement of straps on the bras that they buy. Knowing your body style and the bra styles that fit you will help a lot.

The bottom line here is that a properly fitted bra is very important, for your comfort and for prevention of straps slipping. If you haven’t had your bra size measured yet, maybe it is time to do so to find the size and style of bras that support and don't fall off your shoulders.

Is Bra Fabric a Comfort Factor? 1

Yes, it does. The bra materials plays an important role in the comfort zone.  Along with a good size and fit, a right style and fabric of a bra should be considered when you go bra shopping. 

Bra designers and engineers give special thoughts on bra features to make sure that women's needs are considered and issues are resolved. The common bra fabrics includes Lycra, cotton, lace, and leather etc..  When choosing the bra material, comfort should be the first in your mind.  Don’t forget that each material has its distinct benefits.  For example, Lycra fabric is the most suitable for making sports bras as the snug fit that Lycra provides is preferred during workouts .

Cotton is perhaps the most comfortable material used in a bra. It’s breathable in addition to being a very soft fabric. However, cotton, when used in some bra styles, may not give you the support and shaping needed.  Although it could be not as sexy or racy compared to other fabrics, it can last much longer than other fancy fabrics.  Cotton bras can also be machine washed.

Cotton Bra | FinallyBra

Cotton is a good choice for bra inner cup fabric

Polyester and nylon are comfortable and supportive.  You can have them woven to make lustrous satin, luxurious lace, or light microfiber. All these materials are smooth on the skin.  Some bras are constructed with spandex that also provides the comfort of stretch.  The lace material is sexy and very pretty, although it may sometimes irritate the skin.  Some materials need extra care, such as hand washing and air drying, to maintain the shape of the bra, such as the satin fabric, although being a pretty and comfortable material.

Whether under wired or wire free, the bra's material should maximize comfort. Mesh fabric is a nice-looking and breathable material and some bra designs use this material. But women's skin gets easily irritated in this fabric, beside the fact that the mesh fabric does not provide the best comfort and support when used alone and not combined with spandex or cotton.  

Bra shopping, whether at specialty stores or online, should be an exciting experience. This is especially true for younger girls who need their training bras to signify that they are developing into a woman’s body. But buying a bra can be an aggravating experience for confused women who do not know what they should look for in an undergarment.  Hopefully the above information can help, especially in choosing the right material in which your desired bra is made.

How to Recognize Cheap Lace Bras and Underwear 0

Lace has always been a trend in lingerie whatever season of the year.  During summer and spring, a lot more lace is seen in stores and on the runways.  They are incorporated into clothes, shoes, hosiery, body stockings, accessories, and lingerie. Lace is chic and can be worked with all garment styles, figures, and skin tones.  Lace lingerie can be dark and sexy or light and fun, so women are stocking these up on their lingerie wardrobe.

Lace Bra | FinallyBra

What is lovable about lace is that it adds elegance to our bras, and fresh and sexy look with a vintage kick to our outfit.  Lace offers us a lot of options to work with, so becoming a fashionista is not difficult. It seems that every woman’s drawer has a stock of one or more lace lingerie, either for those special, intimate moments with her loved ones, or even when she just wants to look and feel sexy.

Lace lingerie can be expensive, and can also be cheap. Low priced lace lingerie is expected to be of poor quality, and the highly priced ones are believed to be of better quality.  This is not always the case, however.  There is also expensive lingerie with cheaply constructed lace incorporated on them.  This is an area where a buyer should have great knowledge.  You should be able to distinguish the cheap lace from a good quality one. Spotting the difference between the two is very easy and does not require expertise from a buyer.

The first thing to do is to check the kind of weave on the lace material.  For example, the lace on a good quality panty should be very smooth and tight. They also have a lot of details. The weave is very fine, and seem to be handcrafted for its fineness.  On the other hand, the cheap quality lace is far from tight, and it has many holes in it. One reason for the low quality may be a so-so machine, the production quality of which cannot be compared to those produced by high end machines.

When you look at cheap quality lace and notice that it is very blocky and the patterns are very simple, it’s likely that it is “cheap” quality-wise.  Check the price.  Is it amazingly low and too good to be true? Only one look on the lace will tell whether it fails your vision test.

Now, if you happened to have bought lingerie with cheap quality lace, don’t throw it away.  Use it until the wear and tear has taken over.  With proper care and handling it will last longer and serve you for several months more. Do not machine wash (or if you would, use a gentle cycle) nor machine dry your lace lingerie.  Air drying would be the best option so that the cheap lace will not get easily destroyed. Even expensive lingerie need special care, because of the lace components, so whether the lace is cheap or not, take good care of your lace bras, panties and corsets. That is the proper way of dealing with lingerie whatever is the price.

Wearing Nursing Bra to Avoid Controversy When Breastfeeding in Public 0

There have always been issues about mothers breastfeeding babies in public places. The act became more controversial when photos of two military women nursing their babies in uniform came out.  Even the photo was part of breastfeeding awareness campaign it still sparked outrage. It seems to be a social issue which can’t expect to have a resolution soon.

The public reactions to the photo are very surprising, because the military does not prevent the Air Force mothers to breastfeed, even in public.  It is a legal act; in fact, it is encouraged among moms, thus the awareness campaign. While there are rules about wearing the military uniforms, there is no specific policy about breastfeeding while in uniform.  However, military people are always advised to be careful of their appearance whenever they are in uniforms. Perhaps, the public is concerned about the breasts getting exposed while the babies are fed. The photo in question shows one breastfeeding mother with her both breasts showing, and only her nipples are covered by the babies, who obviously are twins.

FinallyBra believes that this concern can be solved in part if mothers wear nursing bras.  The military mothers seem to not be wearing any bra when the photo was taken. Perhaps the photograph will not get this much controversy had it shown that the mothers are wearing nursing bras, and very little or no part of the breast is exposed.

A nursing bra is a special kind of bra designed to provide support to lactating women besides allowing them to breastfeed their babies comfortably. This bra need not be removed or lifted up to give access to the baby, as its cups have flaps that can easily open and close with a single hand. When in public, nursing infants requires only minimal effort, and moms can minimize any unwanted attention from people around. Nursing bras are suited to wear with different outer garments, and moms can also avoid the issue of leaks because the bra cups allow insert-able pads between feedings.

nursing bra | FinallyBra

There are lots of nursing bras in the market, but wait until the last month of pregnancy as the breasts get larger after giving birth. To choose the best nursing bra, look for flexibility. The nursing bra should allow enough room when the breast milk starts coming in. The cup opening should be enough for the baby to feed. Other features to look for when buying a nursing bra includes 4 hook-and-eye fastenings, wide shoulder straps, broad back and side panels, deep front center, and cups that easily unclasp. Avoid buying very tight nursing bras, so as not to squeeze or constrict the breasts and prevent the smooth flow of milk.  Wearing tight bras can also result in conditions like mastitis setting in.

Myths of Bra Fitting and Women’s Health Busted 0

Nowadays there are lots of information and advice online that help women deal with bra shopping and fitting, but there is also misinformation that can make women even more confused. 

Actually there is so much misinformation and below is a list.

Bras can make your breasts sag

This myth sprung from a published report by a French scientist last spring.  It said that bras do not in any way benefit the breasts, but instead cause them to sag more.  There is no concrete proof to this, say bra experts, because the study included certain ages of women and did not take the women’s breast sizes into account. The general belief is that bras prevent breasts from sagging because of the support they provide.

saggy breasts | FinallyBra

It is beneficial to sleep with bras on

This issue dependents on a woman’s comfort.  You can sleep in your bras if you feel like it, otherwise don’t do it.  There is no proof that a bra  in bed will help nor harm the breasts.

Bra wearing can cause cancer, because toxins are trapped inside the cups

This is not true.  Internet may have stories linking bras to cancer, but you cannot find any credible research that supports the claim.

The average bra size is a 34B

Then it changed to 36C. There is a great difference in bra brands, sizes, models, styles and designs. So the true average bra size can not be ascertained, even if manufacturers are able to know which bras are the most saleable.

Breasts are mostly supported by the bra cups

No. The bands offer 90 percent of the support, and the bra straps and cups simply help to carry the breasts. The right band should be snug, that is, it hugs your body and not rides up when you move around.  It also helps prevent the dreaded back fat from showing through clothing.

The lightest colored bra is the best option to wear with white tops

There is no right nor wrong. Perhaps it makes sense that the tone that is closest to your skin tone is the most ideal. It becomes less visible.  In simple words, if you have lighter skin, wear a lighter toned bra with a white top.  If you have darker skin, wear bra colors that are close to the color of your skin.

A good bra will stay with you forever

Nothing lasts forever, okay?  Bras can serve you only for up to nine months, but can last for one year if they are well taken cared of (like hand-washing, air-drying, storing properly, and having several pieces to rotate). Smaller bra cups may last longer than the larger ones, for obvious reasons.

There are other myths like: any style will work for your body, and you know what size you are even if you don’t go for a fit.  Again please be careful at accepting these advice and suggestion.


Bra Mistakes That You May Be Making (And How You Can Correct Them) 0

Bras are small and simple yet complicated.  You buy bras with much anxiety, hand wash them, and put them on only to find that they don't look good under clothes. 

Don’t worry, your day can still be saved.  Below is a list of common bra mistakes that you may be making. There is explanation under each mistake to guide you how to correct it.

Buying the wrong size bra

Many women seemingly do not know how to buy their bras in the right size. Some deliberately buy bigger sizes than their actual size to make the boobs look bigger, while others buy smaller bras to make them look smaller. This is wrong.  You must accept your breasts size. The right size bras boost your confidence, enhance your image and improve your posture.

Not getting fitted professionally

To buy the correct bra size, you should first get yourself measured either by following the fitting guide yourself or by a professional fitter.  You might say that you don’t need one, or your can get a friend to get your measured.  Is your friend skilled in bra fitting? If not, she might get it all wrong.  It is also possible that some fitters in the lingerie store are not trained well, so it is probably safer that DIY by following some professional guidance yourself (Refer to FinallyBra Fitting guide).  You’ll enjoy wearing the right fitting bras and don’t forget to have yourself re-measured at least every half year.

bra fitting | FinallyBra

Washing bras on a weekly or bi-weekly basis

You maybe one of those who wear bras many times before having them washed. Perhaps you only have two favorites that you rotate.  The first advice is to add more numbers, so you can wash your bra after a day or two of wearing.  Bras also need to rest, to allow the elastics to return to their normal form. Many days in between washes is not advisable because the oil from body skin can accumulate on bras and damage the fabric.  This means that you would need to buy replacement bras sooner than you expect.

Replacing your bra after a couple or more years

The common advice from bra professionals is to replace the bra after nine months up to a year. This may be applicable if your have a small collection of everyday bras. But if you have larger stocks and have more to rotate, then each of your bras may last longer.  Replacing your bra may also be necessary if you suddenly gained or lost weight, but get re-measured first before making a purchase.

Not looking close enough at yourself when trying on a bra

When trying on a bra, check everything:  spill-over, band, straps, cups, back fat, etc.  It is recommended to simulate some daily activities you normally conduct to see whether the bra provides the right functions you desire, like lift, support, style etc.  Women in military, teachers and nurses may desire strong supportive bras, and office ladies may pay more attention to the style.