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Wear Different Bra Styles for Different Types of Jobs

You may be buying bras every six to nine months as suggested by many experts, but are still confused as what to wear with what dress or top. Each time you look at yourself at the mirror, you see that for the same top, different bra styles make you look different.  It is because the design of a bra is a great factor on how you look under clothes. The availability of different bra styles in the market is really overwhelming.  In order to find the right bra that suits your top, it is helpful that you consider the type of job that you have and the style of dress that you wear at work.

For example, if you are an office lady, it is likely that you do lots of desk work – writing, typing, etc. Your movements are not very vigorous, especially the upper part of your body.  Unless a uniform is required, you can pick any clothes with different necklines. The bra that you need doesn’t have to be super supportive, but it has to be comfortable and secure. For example, a balconette bra might be appropriate for this job type. The style is sexy, and allows you to wear low cut necklines without exposing the bra. While this bra does not enhance your cleavage, it gives your breasts a great lift.

Also for office work or any job that does not involve too much movement, you can wear a push up bra that can cover about ½ of your breasts.  This style gives you maximum cleavage because it pushs your breasts up and together, a great feature for petite women.  If you have large breasts, you may use a minimizer bra under a slim fit blouse.  It helps reduce your breast size by about one or two cup sizes.  A t-shirt bra can also be helpful to hide your nipples and prevent them from becoming visible when worn under tight fitting tops.

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The other type of jobs is one that requires a considerable amount of body movements, like the jobs in children’s care, gardening jobs and rescue and emergency operations.  These jobs demand that your bra offer much support.  Seamed bra, for example, will keep your breasts in place even if you stoop down to lift a toddler, or run after them during plays, or operate a lawn mower.  This type of bras helps reduce the bounce.  Working in a gym either as an instructor or a member who works out regularly, the sports bra is ideal for this job.  It not only controls the movement of the breasts, but hides the nipples.  Moreover, it is best in absorbing sweat while working out.

When you need to attend some formal events after work, there are other types of dresses that you can wear. Most often for formal events you need wear halter neck, low cut necklines, off shoulder, low backs and other different cut dresses.  The bras to wear for these clothes include demi bras, adhesive bras, convertible bras, strapless bras and so many more.

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