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Peek-A-Boo Bra Is Making a Comeback

What is a peek-a-boo bra?  It is a type of bra that reveals the maximum of the breasts, including the nipples. It is sometimes called the open cup bra. The peek-a-boo got its name from its style where the breasts peek from the bra cups.  Its opening can be on the nipples or on the tits. Some women who wear peek-a-boo bras use nipple pasties or nipple covers.

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This type of bras were made famous in the 90s by Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Then it went out of fashion.  However, today we are beginning to see people who are taking risks with their fashion.  Heidi Klum is an example.  She was often spotted wearing a peek-a-boo bra some five or so years ago; and now you can see her again wearing one, either under a sheer blouse or a see through one. It’s not only Heidi Klum.  There are also Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lea Michele, and Lady Gaga who have been stepping out in just their bras, a skirt/pants, and boots or sandals.

Peek-b-boo bras used to be a fantasy costume. These undergarments were best worn during the evening and private parties, and were not seen as suitable for day wear. Only the celebrities wore them, however, today even the ordinary women who desire to fancy themselves are wearing peek-a-boo bras, and even during daytime.  How fast the lingerie fashion revolves!

There are varying styles of peek-a-boo bras, with different colors and fabrics.  You may consider adding one or two of them in your lingerie drawer for times when you need to wear one.  You can choose from a wide variety some of which are decorated with laces, zippers and ribbons, or beads.  You can have them with matching panties that have open crotch and accessories including garter belts, socks and others that can add to the spice.  There are peek-a-boo bra sets that include a coat and a hat, and you’ll be certain that your look just becomes sexier.

However, peek-a-boo bras are not always welcome to some women who think that fashion is becoming trashier. These people see that even Pinterest boards are full of sexier, shorter, more revealing and inappropriate clothing and undergarments, including the peek-a-boo bras, the sheer tops and the see-through dresses, which could have been worn as an outer cover, they say.

Despite the negative comments, we cannot deny the fact that the peek-a-boo bra is making a comeback, and it is trending. Celebrity or not, the wearer definitely is proud to be seen hitting the streets with almost nothing left to the imagination of those who see them. Are you ready to embrace this trend?

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