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Clap off Strapless Bra, a New Bra Type

Clap off strapless bra?  The name may suggest how it works, but for those who would like a sure answer, it is a strapless bra that can be unclasped by clapping your hands, or when people nearby clap their hands. This is a new invention by media artist and engineer from San Francisco, CA, Randy Sarafan.  He said that he was inspired by the Syrian lingerie such as the cookie bras, glow in the dark bras and knickers, and other remote controlled items. 

Strapless bra | FinallyBra

He further explained that “In the West, we often think of Arab cultures as sexually repressed societies, when in fact it turns out that they are leaps and bounds ahead of use in advancements in lingerie technology”.  So he made it his mission to introduce this Syrian technology to the West, and began by creating the clap-off bra. He has even posted the DIY instructions on his website, Instructables, for people who would like to create this clap-off bra for themselves.

The bra is battery powered, and uses a switch which is controlled by an electromagnet.  The switch opens the bra clasp when you or someone claps.  You may recall when the Clapper was introduced years back.  The Clapper is a device that allows you to turn the light on or off by just clapping, and it is not only used on light, but also in some electronic appliances. People were so excited then, as they can control things without touching them. 

However, is this bra acceptable to all women?  Would they be interested to purchase the clap-off bra?  It is certainly beneficial for some who have physical disabilities, or suffering from arthritis who always find the bra clasps very difficult to use.  With the clap-off bra, they will just struggle to put the bra on, and when it’s time to take them off, they can just clap their hands and the tit slings will fall off. Some girls are too lazy or too tired after a harrowing day that they just fall to sleep with their bras on.  These girls usually wake up with underwire injuries.  With a clap off bra, they just clap, and the business is done. They sleep with no bra on, and wake up with no injury from underwire.

But you can’t wear the bra in all places. It may be ideal inside your bedroom or around the house, but definitely not in a concert, a sporting event, other competitions, and any place that is prone to rounds of applause.  Imagine dining in a restaurant while you are wearing a clap-off bra.  A customer might be celebrating there, and the singing waiters honor her/him with a birthday song.  What will happen to your bra after the song and everybody claps their hands?  Imagine further that your blouse is not tucked into your skirt or pants, you most likely pick the bra up from the floor.

Anyways, this is a marvelous invention.  It was featured in a TV show (Today Show) and surely was seen by million viewers. Husbands, boyfriends, are you ready to give your women such a gift?  It could be fun, don’t you think so?

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