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Breast Size and Upper Back Pain…What’s the Solution? 0

Large breasts can place excess weight on the chest. Without enough support from the surrounding muscles and the rest of the body, the weight of the breasts can cause severe pain, making it difficult to maintain good posture and in some cases leading to spinal deformity. Many large breasted women are self conscious about their breasts, which makes them hunch forward to hide their chest, which increases the pain intensity.

Women with large breasts not only suffer from severe pain in their necks and backs, but also from bra straps that dig into their skin, making them unable to engage in many day to day activities.

Back Pain Caused by Large Breasts | FinallyBra

Many researches indicate that large breasts can cause a chain-reaction of painful indicators, as the human body tries to balance an abnormal position by shifting the curvature of the spinal cord.

How Can You Ease the Pain

If you are suffering from back or neck pain caused by outsized breasts, there are many options available, from changing your lifestyle to medical treatment and physical therapy. Here is some thing that might be useful:

Choosing the Right Supportive Bra

  • Push up bras are more supportive as compared to normal bras, due to additional padding in the cups. This characteristic makes push up bras very useful for women who have bigger breasts and can use some added support. It is a very common misconception among women that push up bras are only for small breasts. The reality is that push up bras can showcase a big chest in the best possible way, and because of added support they can help women who suffer from back and neck pain.
  • If you have issues with back pain and want comfort plus good support, a good back support bra would be perfect option for you. It helps you to maintain a good posture and minimizes back pain in most of the cases. A back support bra can even help with troubles in your spinal discs.
  • Sports bras are very effective when it comes to relieving back, neck and shoulder pain during running and other workouts. No matter what size you are, it is essential to wear a proper sports bra during exercise because it distributes the breasts weight among back, neck and shoulders. To find the perfect size it is necessary to make sure that the bra doesn't cause breathing issues and not hurt the underarm area.
  • If your breast size is very large, invest in a custom made bra which is specially designed for your body. Custom bras are pretty helpful when it comes to women with narrow backs.

Outsmarting Back Pain Through Physical Therapy

Physical therapy and workout with a professional trainer can improve your posture and encourage weight loss, which eventually helps with back and neck pain.

Back Pain Caused by Large Breasts | FinallyBra

  • Your spine is mostly supported by neck, back, shoulder and chest muscles and by strengthening them you can minimize neck and upper back pain issues. Most physical therapists recommend Isometric exercises, these are exercises where you push against some resistance without flexing or extending your muscles.
  • Aerobic workouts are also an essential part of any plan to prevent back pain. These are series of exercises that help enhance blood flow in your body especially your spinal disks.
  • Other useful back exercises include shoulder roll, butterfly, Arm slides and thoracic extension.

Medical Treatment and Surgery

  • Taking a painkiller for occasional back pain is fine but avoid strong medication for longer periods of time.
  • Breast reduction surgery is the only permanent way to get rid of severe upper back pain and it is often recommended to women with large breasts size. A research published by American society of plastic surgeons found that more than 90 percent of women subjects were satisfied with their breast reduction surgery.

If you are suffering from back and neck pain because of large breasts, consult with your doctor and devise a plan that will be effective for you.

How to Work On Armpit Fat or Underarm Bulge 0

Nowadays a lot of women seem concern about having the armpit spillage. Anatomically, armpit fat is an extension of the breasts that gets into the axila, known as Tail of Spence or Axillary Tail. It was named after Scottish surgeon James Spence. It is a portion of breast tissue which comes in at puberty and usually turns to fat in one’s 20’s.

Armpit Fat | FinallyBra No Bulge Bra

Women seem to worry about these under arm bubbles next to the armpit because it brings flaw to ones perfectly shaped body and keep them from wearing certain styles. But don’t worry ladies! There are ways by which you can get rid of this problem. Surgery is the easiest way but it is costly. Whereas the best way to get rid of excess body fat, is burning it off by some cardiovascular workout and controlled diet. This fitness and diet technique cannot target the fat in armpit region particularly. It works as to lean tissue wherever fat is stored. Firstly, remove fat from your arm and then work to shape up your triceps and muscles on pectoral and back area to harmonize your upper body. Concerning a doctor before opting to such fat burning programs is recommended if you have any kind of medical injury or concerns.

Step 1

Caloric intake must be restricted. Junk food along with processed food must be eliminated from the diet and a use of whole foods should be opted. To loose 1 pound weight per week, you need to eliminate approximately 500 calories from your everyday diet.Armpit Fat | FinallyBra No Bulge Bra

Step 2

Processed drinks such as colas, coffee beverages, beers, sodas and all carbonated drinks must be avoided as they provide lots of calories and not much nutrition. Plain water must be used to keep body hydrated.Armpit Fat | FinallyBra Push In Bra

Step 3

Build a workout routine. Exercise vigorously for an hour a day. Set a target to cut off 500 calories each day. The ideal exercises can be hill climbing, swimming, speed walking, jogging, running, high impact dance.etc. Following this will help you reduce approximately one pound in a week. Whereas, along with the controlled diet which shortens your intake by 500 calories each day, the loss of fat could be around 2 pounds each week.Armpit Fat | FinallyBra Push In Bra

Step 4

Gradually add such exercises that build muscles, such as Monkey push, One leg rear delt raise, open arm and leg lift, triceps down dog, twisting knee plank, abdominal crunches, Kneeling Glute Toner, chair twist, quadriceps stretch.etc. Increasing muscles will help in such a way that your metabolism will increase even though you are at rest.Armpit Fat | FinallyBra Push In Bra

Step 5

By getting your arms, back and chest toned, a significant change can be seen. Exercises to tone your upper parts of body are push-ups and pull-ups.Arm pit fat push up | FinallyBra Push In Bra

By following these steps you can get rid of armpits fat. Other than looking unattractive, some cases have been reported for the development of breast cancer due to these axillary tails. Therefore this is not something to be admired from the medical point of view as well.


The Right Bras for Curvature of the Spine, Scoliosis 1

Curvature of the spine is a form of Scoliosis. There can also be symptoms of pain and other complications. This condition can be mild and can also be serious. Scoliosis cannot be cured by exercise and good posture. However for mild and moderate spinal curvature, you can feel and look better with exercise and wearing the right style and properly fitting bra. Finding the right bra is a common problem for women suffering from curvature of the spine.  It seems that regular bras from stores never fit right, so it becomes very difficult to find something that you can wear the whole day and still feel comfortable.

Scoliosis | FinallyBra

Bra straps falling off from shoulders is an issue to women with spinal curvature, because one shoulder tends to be lower than the other. The solution to this is buying a bra that has U back design or racer back straps. It does not necessarily have to be a sports bra, but the back of the straps of these bras look like a letter “U” or “Y”.  Even if your right shoulder is one to two inches lower than your left, the straps won’t fall off. They are easy to find in almost every specialty stores. 

If you can’t find the type of bras mentioned in the above, then perhaps you should buy a bra with straps that are sewn close to each other.  If this and all else fails, you can try looking for a small strap that will hold the two bra straps together when attached. This small strap should run parallel to the back straps of your bra, so they won’t fall off. 

Another issue faced by women with spinal curvature is when the band rides up their backs.  If you are one of these women, don’t worry, because it takes only the right bra type to solve your problem. Get a bra that offers maximum support, not only at the front, but also at the back.  The wide back bands will keep your back straight and your head high.  Such features can be found in posture bras and long line bras.  The posture bras will control your posture.  The long line bras go down to your waist and provide support and comfort to your back.  They will stay in place even if they are worn for a long period of time.

Do you suffer from curvature of the spine or scoliosis?  Don’t fret; it’s not the end of the world.  All you need is to wear the right bra style and size.  The right bras perfect or even correct your spinal curvature and make you feel and look better, although they might be a bit more expensive than regular bra items. But they fit you right, don’t fall off your shoulders or ride up your hump.

How a Properly Fitting Bra Can Solve the Armpit Fat Issue 0

Armpit fat, or underarm fat, is a common problem that women can’t seem to find a solution for. For many, this issue is affecting their happiness as they can’t wear clothes that reveal more skin on that particular area. Some try working out, while others do exercises only for the arms, back and shoulders and get little help, or no help at all. It is a fact that targeting only the underarm area with these trainings is next to impossible. 

Armpit Fat | FinallyBra

Some say that liposuction can be a possible alternative to workouts. However, I would not suggest it to remedy armpit fat.  It is a very costly procedure, and risky too.  The underarm area does not only have fat, but also breast tissue and lymph nodes. It is very likely that visible skin folds and scarring still exist after the procedure, not to talk about the risk of infection.  Additionally, the armpit fat will return simply as you start gaining weight.

So, what is the best option to remove armpit fat?  It is proved that wearing bras of the correct style and size can help in this area tremendously. Why, and how, you may ask.  It’s because the fat under the arms are mostly breast tissue.  So when you wear a bra of too small cups, it makes your skin and breast tissue to pucker under your arms. The right bra styles for women having armpit fat are bras with fuller cups, taller side bones and wider bands, as these features help conceal the problem areas. Avoid wearing demi cup bras.

To find a properly fitting bra, you should first know your exact measurement.  Approach a professional bra fitter in a bra specialty store or refer to FinallyBra's Bra Sizing Guidance.  Even if you already have taken your measurement yourself before, it is highly recommended that you measure yourself more frequently and follow the specific size guidance for each brands, as bra sizes vary among brands and your body changes overtime.

When you are fitting on a specific style and size of one brand, make sure that the bra really fits, and is not cutting into the area of your armpit.  You should move your arms out, up, and around.  If the bra style has tall cups, you may expect some fabric getting in the way. So you may decide on the matter of compromise. We recommend that you refer to FinallyBra's Bra Buying Guidance for more details.

Lastly, you should know how to put your bra on properly.  All your breast tissue must be contained inside the cup, including the very side of your breasts and the tissue that is under the armpit. This step can make a huge difference in the feel and fit of the bra that you are trying on although it only takes a few seconds. With the right bra style and size, you will look much more flattering and the overall appearance, including the armpit area, will improve tremendously.

What Cause Armpit Fat or Underarm Bulge 20

If you have that sightly bumps (armpit fat) under your arms, this is an article that explains why you have them and how you can minimize or eventually get rid of them through a holistic and affordable approach: push in bras.

Wearing a Sports Bra Alone When Running Okay? 0

A sports bra is a type of bra that provides control and support to the breasts when you work out.  During running, jogging, brisk walking, a sports bra minimizes bounces so that discomforts and breast pains are prevented. Most of all, this type of bras contributes in delaying the sagging process. Sports bras have varying levels of control that are suited to the kind of physical activity: light control for brisk walks; medium control for jogging; and for more vigorous workouts like horseback riding and running, there are high control sports bras. 

However, there are discussions as to whether or not wearing the sports bra alone when running is appropriate.  There are women who are not in favor of it.  They are just not into showing more skin and believe that sports bras are still bras, and should be worn with something over them.

There is no issue when it comes to men running shirtless.  They can do it and their purpose is to get the breeze.  Unfortunately, women do not have such option and have to wear the sports bras when working out.

Women who agree that you can wear the sports bra without a top give different reasons. For some, it is okay as long as the body is fit, the breasts are not too large, and the midriff is not bulging. Others say that you can do away with only the sports bras if you run on a beach as the temperature there is so hot and most of the people there are only in their sports bras. If you intend to go to a gym, you must know first if you will be allowed inside with only a sports bra and shorts or jogging pants.  Some gyms require that you wear a t-shirt on top, especially if you have pierced belly button.

sports bra | FinallyBra

Most parents are agreeable to their daughters’ wearing sports bras sans the top when training and, if allowed, in races.  In schools, they are required to wear a shirt over it, to prevent the unnecessary attention and remarks from the boys.  Some say that younger girls can feel the heat and sweat faster than the adults, but others just naturally get hot. So, to wear or not to wear a shirt over a sport bra depends mostly on the wearer’s comfort.

Sports bras come in different styles, so you can choose the style that is suited for wearing alone. Some are designed especially to wear without a top over them, such as those that are colored, instead of white, and those that provide full coverage.  Rule of thumb,  it is OK to wear a sports bra alone as long as the sports bra provides needed support and does not invite second looks and comments by other people.