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Wireless Bra Or Bralette For A Sick Day 0

You woke up this morning feeling like death warmed over, a headache that's well on its way to a migraine and nausea so bad you skip breakfast. To top it all off, you've got a stuffed up nose and a fever. It's a sick day, alright. You don't feel much like wearing anything other than your pajamas, but you've still got to go to work!

Picking the right bra for a sick day is a tough choice. None of them look appealing, but you can't very well forego one. As far as you know, there are laws regarding public decency that need to be followed, and your breasts don't need a criminal record. What's the best type of bra for a sick day? Thankfully, there's more than one.

The Wireless Bra

This may very well be everyone's favorite bra in general. It's so comfy, and it isn't constrictive like most other bras are. Sports bras may seem like a good option, but they squash your breasts into such little space that you're lucky you don't shrink a couple cup sizes after wearing one. Your breasts weren't meant to be squished – it's why you hate mammograms so much.

Shape by Orlinas Delicate Lacy Wireless Bra SB1602

Shape by Orlinas Delicate Lacy Wireless Bra SB1602

Wireless bras come in a wide selection of sizes, so bigger-breasted gals don't have to worry about being left out in the cold. These bras provide just the right amount of support to avoid back pain while you're sleeping a cold off at home, and they're not too bad for a short work day at the office. Being under the weather doesn't have to mean being under-supported. Premium quality wireless bra can provide just as much support as a wired one, and lighter colors are perfect for thinner clothing that will keep you from sweating too much when you have a fever.

 Shape by Orlinas Romantic Push In Push Up Wireless Bra SB1604

Shape by Orlinas Romantic Push In Push Up Wireless Bra SB1604

The Bralette

This bra isn't as dainty as the name would have you believe. In fact, it may just beat the wireless bra for “Most Comfortable Bra Ever.” Bralettes don't have your typical cup formations with hard underwire, but they aren't tight and constrictive like sports bras are. Bralettes are the perfect middle man, and if you're staying at home on a sick day, they're your best friend.

Bralettes require little effort to adjust, but you can lengthen or shorten the straps of most. The space for your breasts can also be given a little leeway; a lot of bralettes won't come in cup sizes, but rather in regular sizes like small, medium, large and XL. It takes the fuss out of finding your cup size amongst the sprawl of selections.

Other Options 

You can also try T-shirt bras for a comfortable fit, or you can go the cami bra route. Cami bras have a broader coverage for your breasts, so there's really no need to ensure they're particularly perky. You'll get enough support to keep body aches away while letting your breasts hang free (so to speak).


The Most Valid Reasons Why Women Wear Bras Apart From Fashion 0

Some women do not wear bras, the others do.  But those who do wear bras most likely have lots of complaints about these tiny undergarments. If they are not comfortable, women would want to take them off even before reaching home; the way they fit is tricky, and we poor women keep on shifting, pulling, and adjusting. It seems that bras do not offer any good benefit to us except for fashion and appearance.

Benefits of wearing bra | push in push up bra Orlinas

Bras were created because they have a purpose to serve. When we’re still young, our busts are also young and perky. As we age, the girls begin to sag.  Do you know why?  It’s because the pull of gravity is taking its toll.  Our breasts are upheld by the internal scaffolding, the ligaments, and the skin covering the breast tissue. Over time, these natural supports lose their strength. However, gravity is not the only cause of breast sagging; there is also the weight of the breast tissue. So, what was once up, should naturally come down.

We need the support of a bra to counteract the pull of gravity. Of course we cannot stop our breasts to sag because of the weight and the gravitational pull, but the process can be delayed.  Just always remember to wear a bra regularly. No, I do not mean you wear one round the clock, even when you’re sleeping.  It may not help if you sleep with a bra on (there has been different opinions regarding to this). Gravity pulls only when you’re up and about; when you’re sleeping, it goes away. Breasts that are supported early on will not droop fast; and it does not matter what your cup size may be.

Us women need to wear bras for health reasons also.  Wearing a bra helps prevent back pain and spine issues, and also correct our posture. Especially for the well endowed girls, the front bumpers can take a toll on the back, and this may cause pain and discomfort as we move about. The right bras can even things out and promote comfort.  We need the support that bras can provide when we are exercising and working out, in fact, even if we are just walking.  We can move jiggle free, because the bras counteract the discomfort, soreness and damage to breast tissues.

We can get the most benefits from wearing a bra if we only have the proper fit.  If we experience ill-fitting straps, poking under wires, bulky bands, etc, it is certain that we are among those 85 per cent of women who are wearing the wrong size bras.  If we submit ourselves to professional bra fitting, we are doing ourselves and our breasts a very good favor.

So there they are - the most valid reasons why women wear bras.  It’s more about health and practicality and less about looking like a lingerie model.  Bras provide support and comfort, improve posture, and prevent some health conditions associated with wearing ill fitting bras, or not wearing a bra at all. Don’t forget, unsupported breasts will get stretched out of shape, which all of us would not want to happen. So, let us all wear bras.

Reasons Your Bra Straps Slip 0

Women with narrow shoulders and shoulders that slope too much are most likely to experience bra strap slippage.  However, these are not the only reasons for such problem.  We maintain that straps falling off women’s shoulders can also be the result of poorly fitting bras. Here are several other reasons why your bra straps keep on slipping, and how to resolve the issue.

Cup size is too big.

This can mean two things:  (1) that you are not properly fitted when you bought the bra, so the cups are not filled enough with breast tissue and do not apply tension on the straps, and (2) as you age, you lose the volume on the top of your breasts, creating an empty space on the cups. If the bra cups are not filled enough to apply tension on the straps, the latter will naturally fall off your shoulders. You need to go one cup size smaller and scoop your breast tissue into the cups to be sure that they are filled properly.

Bra strap fall of | push in push up bra Orlinas

The straps are very loose.

Bra straps can be, and should be adjusted. They need to be tight enough to provide the required 10% support to the breasts’ weight. (The other 90% should come from the bra band). If the straps cannot provide this 10% support, they will tend to fall off. They should, however, not be too tight to prevent the bra band from getting pulled upward.

The bra back is not properly positioned when worn.

This happens when you prepare to go to school or work in the morning, hurrying to get out of the house without even checking if you’ve worn your bra the right way and everything is in its proper place. This is an important factor for comfort during your entire day. After you’ve worn the bra, reach back and pull the bra back down, to make sure that it is placed correctly.

The bra back is expanded.

The straps will be farther apart when your band is too large.  According to a lot of survey, a common mistake women make for bra fitting is wearing a bigger band and smaller cup sizes.  The bigger band size than necessary contributes to straps falling off your shoulders.  Obviously, the cure is that you adjust the size of your bra – go up in size of the band and down in size of the cup.  This will make a good fit and prevent strap slippage. 

The bra style is not right for you.

Every woman’s body is different, so not every style will fit you and the dress that you wear. The square-shouldered women can have even the wide-set straps in bras, while those with narrow and sloping shoulders should consider carefully the placement of straps on the bras that they buy. Knowing your body style and the bra styles that will fit you will help a lot.

The bottom line here is that a properly fitting bra is very important, for your comfort and for prevention of straps slippage. If you haven’t been to a measurement yet, maybe it is time to measure and find the size and style of bra that supports and doesn't fall down your shoulders.

Does The Material Of The Bra Play a Role In Its Comfort Factor? 0

Yes, it does. The bra materials have a role in the comfort factor.  So along with a good size and fit, the right style, and flexible budget, the material or fabric of a bra should be considered when you go bra shopping.  The rightly fitting bra will provide support and comfort for the entire day that you wear it.  The right style does the same. Bra designs are given a lot of thought by designers, and they make sure that the needs of women are considered before putting them into production. This is one reason why lots of bra styles, shapes and of various materials show up in the market today and they all intend to provide comfort to the wearer.

Of course we already know that bras are made of different fabrics, such as lycra, cotton, lace and leather.  When choosing the bra material, comfort should be the first in your mind.  Don’t forget that each material has its distinct benefits offered.  For making sports bras, for example, the lycra fabric is the most suitable.  Sports bras are worn during work outs and exercises, so women require the snug fit that the fabric provides.

Cotton is perhaps the most comfortable material to use in a bra. It’s breathable in addition to being a very soft fabric. However, cotton, when used in some bra styles, may not give you the support and shaping needed.  It is also not as sexy or racy compared to other fabrics, but they can last much longer than other fancy fabrics.  Cotton bras can also be machine washed.

Cotton Bra | push in push up bra fabric Orlinas

Cotton is a good choice for bra inner cup fabric

Polyester and nylon materials are comfortable and supportive.  You can have them woven to make lustrous satin, luxurious lace, or light microfiber. All these materials feel smooth on the skin.  Some bras are constructed with spandex that also provides the comfort of stretch.  The lace material is sexy and very pretty, although it may sometimes irritate the skin.  Some materials need extra care, such as hand washing and air drying, to maintain the shape of the bra, such as the satin fabric; it is a pretty and comfortable material, though.

Whether the bra of your choice is under wired or wire free, its material should maximize comfort of the wearer.  Mesh fabric is a nice-looking and breathable material and some bra designs use this material. But women skin gets easily irritated in this fabric, besides the fact that the mesh fabric does not provide the best comfort and support when used alone and not combined with spandex or cotton.  Some Orlinas bras have magnetic cotton layered inner cups to improve the blood micro circulation, which is beneficial for preventing breasts sagging.  Orlinas also have some other designs utilize silk fibroin, which can provide eighteen types of amino acid that human being needs. 

Bra shopping, whether at specialty stores or online, should be an exciting experience. This is especially true for younger girls who need their training bras to signify that they are developing into a woman’s body. However, buying a bra can be an aggravating experience for confused women who do not know what they should look for in an undergarment.  Hopefully the above information can help, especially in choosing the right material in which your desired bra is made.

What Lingerie to Pack for a Trip 0

Is a vacation abroad coming up?  Then you should be busy listing down what to bring to your trip.  Don’t forget your lingerie. Some people plan about packing them after everything is ready. For me, however, this task is first and foremost. My little sexy things are very important, so I deal with them first before anything else. I’d like to share with you how I pick my lingerie, the number, types and colors that should be put in my luggage.

Whenever I travel, say for a period of one month, I always get by with two bras:  one I wear, and one spare. I choose to bring light bras, so when I rinse one out at night, it will be dry by next morning. If you want to be sure that you’ll have something to wear, you can pack a third bra. The nude color is a good choice; it goes well with any tops. Include a convertible style; it will serve you five looks – one-shoulder strap, strapless, two-straps, halter, and criss-cross back. A seamless bra with no under wire is also advisable to bring if you plan to go trekking or move around a lot.

Choose comfortable panties that will stay put whatever activity you plan to do in your destination.  Like bras, I get by with two to three panties by washing each every night; choose ones not completely cotton but with 100% cotton sew-in crotch, this way, they are not heavy and dry easily, also comfortable and delicate for the travel. You may increase the number if you want, up to seven panties that include boys shorts or thongs which are common styles for most trips.

If you are headed to a warm destination and intend to spend some time in a hot tub or pool, a bikini or swim suit will serve you right. If the place you’re going to has a colder climate, or you’re traveling during winter, have some leggings in your baggage.  Long under wears will also serve the purpose of keeping you warm.  Layer them under your skirt or pants; or even your pajamas and sleep in them.

Have some camisoles included, three will be just right.  They are great to layer under a shirt for warmth.  You can also wear them as pajama tops when it’s not very cold. Camisoles were once a travel no-no.  Travelers have found they are useful lingerie, so they are now considered essentials in a lingerie bag.  Another not to be forgotten piece of lingerie is a shape wear, if you are going partying.  It will provide you with luxurious feel and look under clothing.  If you are doing other activities in your vacation, then the lingerie that you bring should be based on these also.  Whether you explore the countryside or the city, there is suitable lingerie for whatever you plan to do.

Pack them all with care.  Use fabric bags in storing your travel lingerie.  This will reduce the crumpling and wrinkles that they may acquire on the road.  Fill out your bra and bustier cups with tissue papers if they will be added into layers of folded slips.

Breasts’ and Bras’ Significant Events 0

Each of us women has moments to remember about our breasts, including the time we see them start to develop, and the excitement that we felt when we entered a shop to pick our first bra.  For some it could be the feeling of frustration about finding that the bra they bought was actually not the right fit, and for others, the strange but nice feeling of nursing a baby.  It could also be an event when you had your breasts checked up and learned that you are perfectly healthy.

The following is a list of significant events that have become part of the history of breasts and bras.

3000 BC – Cancer was outlined in an Egyptian surgery textbook, where 8 cancer and tumor cases were described including the treatments made. It was also mentioned on the textbook that at that time, no treatment for cancer was available.

1880 – There were varying reports on when the first bare breasts were shown on films. One report says that it was between 1884 and 1887, while another says that it was in 1915 when actress Audrey Munson showed her breasts in “The Perfect Model” film. In other reports, however, 1963 was the year when Jane Mansfield appeared in “Promises, Promises” and bared her breasts.

1914 – The first modern bra was invented by Mary Phelps Jacob by using 2 handkerchiefs and some ribbon. 

1934 – The word “boobies” (or boobs) to refer to the breasts of a woman appeared in the classic “Tropics of Cancer” by Henry Miller. Since then the words boobs and boobies were used as slang words for a woman’s breasts.

1948 – Marked the invention of the push up bra by Frederick Mellinger, who was the owner of the company Frederick’s of Hollywood. He gave the name “the rising star” to his invention.  The creation of padded bras was also credited to him.

1956 – The La Leche’s first meeting was held.  This is an organization that supports breast feeding.  The meeting was done at the house of a woman who had given birth to 6 kids and was pregnant with her 7th.

1962 – Two plastic surgeons invented the silicone breast implants, and a 29 year old woman was the recipient.

1968 – The “Bra Burning” was only called that in an article in a New York Post, but actually it was a protest rally aimed at the Miss America pageant.  The women in the rally may have wanted to burn their bras, but considered safety issues, so they just threw bras, mops, girdles, and Playboy magazine copies to the thrash.

1969 – It is the year the first modern mammogram was invented.  This was designed to use low radiation level, and is now becoming increasingly available. There are debates, however, on when should a woman submit herself to screening mammogram regularly.

1977 – This was the year when the first Victoria’s Secret was opened in California’s Stanford Shopping Center.

1990 – Madonna made famous the cone bra designed and created by Jean Paul Gaultier. She wore it during her Blonde Ambition Tour.

1994/1995 – the breast cancer genes were discovered: the BRCA1 by a geneticist, and the BRCA2 by two English scientists.

2004 – Janet Jackson accidentally exposed her nipples during a performance with Justin Timberlake.