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Do You Wash Bras the Right Way? 0

How long your bras last depends on how well you look after them. If you fail to wash, dry and store them correctly, they will naturally fall apart.

It is about the tiny little details, and if you manage to take good care of them, your bras will last you a whole season, perhaps, even the whole year. For instance, you must always remember to wash your bras by hand, and always use a very mild detergent.

Make sure you do not use a detergent that is made for wool cardigans, Woolite for example. Such detergents contain harsh chemicals that break down the elastic and damage your bra.

Here is the correct method of washing a bra by hand:

  • Fill the sink with lukewarm water.
  • Add a few drops of lingerie wash, or silk wash, whichever you prefer.
  • Soak your bras, only the same color ones, in the sink.
  • Let them soak for at least one hour.
  • Now, rinse the bras with water.
  • Pat them dry, but make sure your touch is very light.
  • Use gentle touches of your fingers to reshape the caps, and be very careful not to stretch or wring out your bras.
  • Hang them to dry naturally.

Remember: NEVER dry your bras in the dryer, EVER!

 Lingerie Laundry Tips | FinallyBra

Now that you know the right way of washing your bras. Here are some other tips that can help you take greater care while washing and drying them:

You don’t have to wash your bra every time you wear it!

If you wash you bra every single time after wearing, it will stretch out more quickly. You should wash your bra after wearing it at least three times.

However, if you feel like the day was particularly humid and sweaty and your bra smells awful, you need to put it straight in the laundry basket.

Winters is a better time not to wash your bras so frequently as compared to summers.

Checking the label is always important.

Ladies, do not underestimate the importance of the label. If it says un-washable, and you end up washing your bra just because you didn’t bother to read the label, you will end up losing not just your favorite bra but also the money you invest in it.

Most bras that are embellished with diamante or leather cannot be washed, or they may require a specific detergent or washing method. Therefore, be sure to check the labels to find all the required information. 

Save your bras from bleach!

The triangle ‘X’ on your bra label indicates no bleach, and nearly all bras come with such care symbols.

Bleach will ruin your bras in the worst ways due to their harsh chemical profiles. Bras are delicate and mostly made up of elastic. Bleach will not only corrode the elastic, but it will make the whole fabric fall apart.

Unless you want all your white lacy bras to turn to a horrible brownish shade, use a mild detergent and stick to it. For a detailed lingerie laundry guidance, please refer to FinallyBra's Lingerie Laundry Tips.


Is Bra Fabric a Comfort Factor? 0

Yes, it does. The bra materials plays an important role in the comfort zone.  Along with a good size and fit, a right style and fabric of a bra should be considered when you go bra shopping. 

Bra designers and engineers give special thoughts on bra features to make sure that women's needs are considered and issues are resolved. The common bra fabrics includes Lycra, cotton, lace, and leather etc..  When choosing the bra material, comfort should be the first in your mind.  Don’t forget that each material has its distinct benefits.  For example, Lycra fabric is the most suitable for making sports bras as the snug fit that Lycra provides is preferred during workouts .

Cotton is perhaps the most comfortable material used in a bra. It’s breathable in addition to being a very soft fabric. However, cotton, when used in some bra styles, may not give you the support and shaping needed.  Although it could be not as sexy or racy compared to other fabrics, it can last much longer than other fancy fabrics.  Cotton bras can also be machine washed.

Cotton Bra | FinallyBra

Cotton is a good choice for bra inner cup fabric

Polyester and nylon are comfortable and supportive.  You can have them woven to make lustrous satin, luxurious lace, or light microfiber. All these materials are smooth on the skin.  Some bras are constructed with spandex that also provides the comfort of stretch.  The lace material is sexy and very pretty, although it may sometimes irritate the skin.  Some materials need extra care, such as hand washing and air drying, to maintain the shape of the bra, such as the satin fabric, although being a pretty and comfortable material.

Whether under wired or wire free, the bra's material should maximize comfort. Mesh fabric is a nice-looking and breathable material and some bra designs use this material. But women's skin gets easily irritated in this fabric, beside the fact that the mesh fabric does not provide the best comfort and support when used alone and not combined with spandex or cotton.  

Bra shopping, whether at specialty stores or online, should be an exciting experience. This is especially true for younger girls who need their training bras to signify that they are developing into a woman’s body. But buying a bra can be an aggravating experience for confused women who do not know what they should look for in an undergarment.  Hopefully the above information can help, especially in choosing the right material in which your desired bra is made.

Nipple Bra, No-Bra-Look While Wearing a Bra? 0

Nipple bra was invented in the 70s that allows women to show erect nipples through their shirt. There were ads in which women's nipples were protruding, making it appear that they didn’t wear any bras.  Nipple bra has built-in nipples that provide a sensual and cold-weather look, as the ads say.

Since its introduction, nipple bras have attracted lots of criticism.  Even nowadays, it is still considered an extreme case to show nipples in public.  So, why do you think anyone would want to purchase and wear a nipple bra? Here are some guesses.

The wearer is trying to attract attention and show the world that she is comfortable and confident with her body.  This is a way of making sure that she is noticed.  Or, simply because she just loves the nipple bra and thin blouse and doesn’t really care what people see and say about her lack of modesty.

Nipple bra | FinallyBra

It could be a total style screw up, a fashion mistake.  This is what I always think whenever I notice that a girl’s nipples are visible. Even some celebrities become more famous for their bad choices of what they wear.  A girl showing her nipples does not always suggest that she is out to seduce anyone, but rather a matter of fashion blunder. In this case, maybe it is a polite thing just pretending that you do not notice.

Perhaps the woman is not happy with her nipples. Nipples can vary in shape and size and point to different directions. Actually there are four types of nipples:  (1) normal nipples erect themselves a few millimeters from the areola.  During cold weather or when the woman is aroused, they go even further, (2) flat nipples need stimulation or a cold temperature to protrude, (3) puffy nipples are characterized by raised areola, and (4) inverted nipples are those that turn inward.  If the inverted nipples have always been that way since the beginning, they could be not much of a problem – the nipple bra will help.  However, if they turn inward only recently, it is probably better to have them checked up.

While a nipple bra can make a woman look sexy (it really depends on who sees it), we do not really think that it is a good way of getting a guy’s number. Just imagine the awkward situation once he finds out that the nips are not real?!!!!!!!!! 

Boob Jam: The Breast in a Video Game but In a Different Perspective 0

The Boob Jam is a computer game website that was built as a result of an idea posted by the site owner, Jean Frank, on her Twitter account.  The post goes like this:  “What if you had to watch a sexy videogame character who also buys bra, and cries softly when she can’t find one that fits, and go in for mammogram?” 

The idea suddenly came to Jean Frank, who said that really, it was not a joke, but something funny.  The post earned comments from some people, saying that they will play the video game that Jean Frank has in mind.  Other comments suggested other ideas, and as they pour in, she decided to create the Boob Jam website.

Videogame developers were invited to create games about boobs but not as they are commonly looked at by the male species:  as sex objects.  For example, a game can be developed, where breast health can be promoted, or where the devastating story of a woman who was just diagnosed with breast cancer is narrated. The game can also be about the anatomy of a breast, or breast development in the perspective of a trans-woman.  These are the subjects that videogame developers can work on, and, really there are many other subjects to explore.

Actually, there is no criterion on the design.  The instruction is to make a videogame that is all about boobs, but not discussing about the size:  is it too big?  Is it too small?  Or, are the boobs suited to the character? The jiggle physics, they’re such a big deal.  People always love to talk about breasts, and it is not in the way that the website owner would want in her site.  Why?  It’s because for the rest of the women (and some men, too), boobs are not just playthings.  They are part of a woman’s body that we are living with everyday.

Sometimes, boobs become problematic if they are too large and get in the way.  Some women want them reduced.  Sometimes, just a brisk walking can be a tough task.  Some women are happy with their boobs, others are not.  That is how complicated boobs are. People who have known about the Boob Jam believe that the videogame website is an ideal way for game developers to portray the women’s breasts as not just objects that offer sexuality, but as something that can get people affected in many different ways.

So we are looking forward seeing how the video game makers determine the weight and gravitas that can pour into this boob game design since boobs have different meanings to different people, and there are ways, so many ways, to talk about them; not just to titillate the player.  

How to Repair a Bra with Broken Under Wire 0

Under wire bras are popular among women because of the support that they provide to the breasts. But no matter how well the bra is made, and no matter the cost, the under wire sometimes creates a hole on the fabric where it is encased. When there is already a hole, the wire may begin to come out and poke your body.  This can be uncomfortable when you are feeling the poke with your every move.

Underwire Bra - Orlinas Back Support Bras

The inner side of the under-wire bra

Are you thinking of throwing the poor bra away?  It is not your best option, though. Maybe in the past, when there seemed to be no solution to repair broken under wires, many women have thrown away their bras.  Today, however, you can repair them in a short amount of time using materials that you can find inside your home or bought at the least price. You will need a piece of electrical tape, an upholstery thread with the color that matches your bra, and fabric glue.

To begin, wrap the sharp tip of the wire with electrical tape.  Don’t over-wrap, just enough so that the wire will not easily slide back to the open hole, and to cover the sharpness. Then push the metal back in, until the tip is about half of an inch away from the hole. Close the hole by stitching it with an upholstery thread (which should be heavy duty).

Instead of stitching, you can also use a strong fabric glue to repair the hole and prevent the wire from coming out. Once the wire has been pushed back in, you can close the hole by applying fabric glue on the material.  Let it dry completely by holding it with a clamp. As soon as it gets dried, you can wear your favorite bra and you can also wash it, as the glue that you applied on the bra is washable.  You just need to complete the repair with care.

Another material that you can use to repair your under wire bra is the moleskin.  This is the patch that you use when you want to remove the calluses on your feet. Cut a small piece of the moleskin and patch it to the broken fabric. It will adhere to itself and at the same time provide a soft cushion against the wire. The smaller is the patch, the more seamless the repair will look.

Now push the wire back inside the encasement, leaving only fabric on the area with hole.  This will get the repair done easily.  Get the moleskin that you cut and remove its backing, then press it against the hole created by the wire. Using your thumbs begin to smoothen the patch so it will stay in place.  You’re done now!  The bra has been repaired, and you can again wear it. 

It is recommended that you wear the repaired bra several times before getting it washed.  Let your body heat make the glue stick better to the fabric. So, now you know, throwing away broken underwire bras is a waste of money.  Well made bras are costing from around $20, $30, $40 or $50 and may be more.  Why throw your money away when you can use them again by repairing your valuable bras.

Peek-A-Boo Bra Is Making a Comeback 0

What is this bra that you call peek-a-boo?  Well, this is the type of bra that reveals the maximum of your breasts, including the nipples. This is also sometimes called the open cup bra. The peek-a-boo got its name from its style where the breasts peek from the bra cups.  Its opening can be on the nipples or on the tits. Some women who wear peek-a-boo bras use nipple pasties or nipple covers

This type of bra was made famous in the 90s by Tiffani Amber Thiessen. Then it went out of fashion.  However, today, as we are pulling out of the economic recession, we are beginning to see people who are taking risks with their fashion.  Heidi Klum is an example.  She was often spotted wearing a peek-a-boo bra some five or so years ago; and now you can see her again wearing one, either under a sheer blouse or a see through one. It’s not only Heidi Klum.  There are also Rihanna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lea Michele, and Lady Gaga who have been stepping out in just their bras, a skirt/pants, and boots or sandals.

Peek-b-boo bras used to be a fantasy costume. These undergarments were best worn during the evening and private parties, and were not seen as suitable for day wear. Only the celebrities wore them, however, today even the ordinary women who desire to fancy themselves are wearing peek-a-boo bras, and even during daytime.  How fast the lingerie fashion revolves!

There are varying styles of peek-a-boo bras; different colors and different fabrics.  You may consider adding one or two of these in your lingerie drawer for times when you need to wear one.  You can choose from a wide variety some of which are decorated with laces, zippers and ribbons, or beads.  You can have them with matching panties that have open crotch, and some accessories including garter belts, socks and others that can add to the spice.  There are peek-a-boo bra sets that include a coat and a hat, and you’ll be certain that your look just becomes sexier.

However, peek-a-boo bras are not always welcome to some women who think that fashion is becoming trashier, with the type of bras that are introduced to the market. These people see that even Pinterest boards are full of sexier, shorter, more revealing and inappropriate clothing and undergarments, including the peek-a-boo bras, the sheer tops and the see-through dresses, which could have been worn as an outer cover, they say.

Despite the negative comments, we cannot deny the fact that the peek-a-boo is making a comeback, and it is trending. Celebrity or not, the wearer definitely is proud to be seen hitting the streets with almost nothing left to the imagination of those who see them. Are you ready to embrace this trend?