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Lingerie Fitting - Frequently Asked Questions

“I am normally 7/8 pounds heavier in the winter than summer, how do I cope with this issue regarding bra fitting?”

We recommend a bra fitting done every time the body weight fluctuates or shape changes.  It would be convenient if the bra size is not impacted greatly even if whole body weight changes, this way you only need to loosing /tightening band or should straps.  Otherwise, preparing multiple sets of bras with different sizing could be the only solution if you want to keep your breasts in good health and achieve a young and natural looking.

“My left size breast is smaller than the right side. What kind of suggestion you have for me?”

Very few people have symmetric breasts.  But if you notice that bra fitting is perfect at one side but there is side boob, armpit fat bulge or quadraboob at the other side of breasts, or perfect at one side but too much empty space or redundant fabric on the other side, then you should be aware that the difference between the breasts requires some special treatment . The best way to resolve the issue is to wear a bra sized by the bigger side and insert extra pads in the cup of the smaller side.  Because of this, you need to pick a bra that have open slot design in the cups so that you can use your own pads.

“What is the perfect band width for a new bra?”

A perfect new bra would be one that you feel comfortably snug with the loosest hook & eye on. Bras stretch overtime with normal wearing and tearing. Gradually you need to move your hook & eye inward to adjust the band. For a B+ cup, the band share fair amount of duty to support the bust, loose band can cause high rider and premature saggy boobs. Please be extra aware that FinallyBra is shape bra, it is normal to feel a little tight at the beginning.