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How to Recognize Cheap Lace Bras and Underwear

Lace has always been a trend in lingerie whatever season of the year.  During summer and spring, a lot more lace is seen in stores and on the runways.  They are incorporated into clothes, shoes, hosiery, body stockings, accessories, and lingerie. Lace is chic and can be worked with all garment styles, figures, and skin tones.  Lace lingerie can be dark and sexy or light and fun, so women are stocking these up on their lingerie wardrobe.

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What is lovable about lace is that it adds elegance to our bras, and fresh and sexy look with a vintage kick to our outfit.  Lace offers us a lot of options to work with, so becoming a fashionista is not difficult. It seems that every woman’s drawer has a stock of one or more lace lingerie, either for those special, intimate moments with her loved ones, or even when she just wants to look and feel sexy.

Lace lingerie can be expensive, and can also be cheap. Low priced lace lingerie is expected to be of poor quality, and the highly priced ones are believed to be of better quality.  This is not always the case, however.  There is also expensive lingerie with cheaply constructed lace incorporated on them.  This is an area where a buyer should have great knowledge.  You should be able to distinguish the cheap lace from a good quality one. Spotting the difference between the two is very easy and does not require expertise from a buyer.

The first thing to do is to check the kind of weave on the lace material.  For example, the lace on a good quality panty should be very smooth and tight. They also have a lot of details. The weave is very fine, and seem to be handcrafted for its fineness.  On the other hand, the cheap quality lace is far from tight, and it has many holes in it. One reason for the low quality may be a so-so machine, the production quality of which cannot be compared to those produced by high end machines.

When you look at cheap quality lace and notice that it is very blocky and the patterns are very simple, it’s likely that it is “cheap” quality-wise.  Check the price.  Is it amazingly low and too good to be true? Only one look on the lace will tell whether it fails your vision test.

Now, if you happened to have bought lingerie with cheap quality lace, don’t throw it away.  Use it until the wear and tear has taken over.  With proper care and handling it will last longer and serve you for several months more. Do not machine wash (or if you would, use a gentle cycle) nor machine dry your lace lingerie.  Air drying would be the best option so that the cheap lace will not get easily destroyed. Even expensive lingerie need special care, because of the lace components, so whether the lace is cheap or not, take good care of your lace bras, panties and corsets. That is the proper way of dealing with lingerie whatever is the price.

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