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Bra Wearing Styles That Make You Look Trendy 0

Artful details, luxurious fabrics, and exquisite designs are what make the bras of today.  When I wear these types of bras, I feel somewhat different, beautiful and special   Most bras are designed to fit all shapes and sizes of women from petite to average to full figure and even plus sizes.  Do you have a size F cup?  It’s not difficult to find, and they do not only look beautiful;  they are supportive as well.  Most bras that are available today are lacey, and they are sublime.  Some may have sheer lace overlay, while others have hints of lace only.

During the past several years, bras should be hidden under your dress.  In order to avoid being classified as sloppy or trashy, bras should stay where people wanted them to stay.  No straps nor a piece of lace must be shown.  There were times when some creative women bought straps to match their outfit, and then wear shoulder-baring dresses and tops.  So, the attention of people are drawn to the straps, which is not modest.  While we see nothing wrong with creativity,  you can definitely find ways to show to the public your unique style.Bra Off Shoulder Top | FinallyBra

Here are some helpful ideas.

1.  If you have an oversized top with deep neckline and large armholes, wear it with your bra underneath.  The top of your bra will be shown at the neckline, and the side flaps will show on your armholes.  It will create a cute look, but simply done.

2.  Put on a lacey bra with a deep V-neck top and allow the lace to show above the neckline.  You can try pairing same color top and bra, or use contrasting colors like turquoise top and pink bra, or gray top and purple bra.  It can give you a cowgirl look if paired with jeans and boots.

3.  Put on a large size shirt over your lacey bra, tuck it in your skinny jeans, a tight, or a miniskirt. Then get  the first 3 top buttons unbuttoned to show the bra lace and your cleavage.Lace Bra Under Oversize Jacket | FinallyBra

4.  Do you have a sheer blouse that you can’t wear without  a camisole?  Wear it with your favorite bra.  If the sheer material is decorative,  the bra that you wear with it should be simple.Bra Under Sheer Top | FinallyBra

There are more bra wearing and baring ideas that you can pick, however it is important to make sure that you wear your bras to your advantage.  Mastering this skill is a tricky one, but trying your best to gain the knowledge will make it possible.  First, make sure that the bra properly fits, especially if you’re going to wear it with a sheer fabric.  There can be nothing worse than wearing a bra in the wrong size.  There are times when your size depends on the brand, so when shopping for your size, we insist that you try them on.

When you are planning your outfit for the following day, select also the undergarment to go with your selected top or dress.  This will help you avoid fashion mishaps such as the bra tops showing out of your spaghetti strap dress.

Push In Push Up Bra for Cowl Neck Tops 0

We love cowl neck tops.  How about you?  They are not difficult to find these days. If the details are in right places, cowls can work both for the small and large breasted ladies.  Cowl neck tops feature an interesting neckline which has extra loose fabric that naturally drapes in the front.  You can adjust the volume of the cowl – flatten it out if your neck is short and wide, and let it stand up if your neck is long.  Most cowls, when arranged, comfortably rests just above the bust, giving a flattering silhouette to your bosom. But some styles go down beyond the bust level.Push In Push Up Bra for Tops | FinallyBra

The materials best used for cowl neck tops are soft fabrics, knits and woven because they have a nice drape.  Stiff fabric makes the tops look bulky, although you can find them engineered meticulously in designer cowl neck tops.

Cowl neck tops are mostly used as layering pieces  If the cowl neck is very low, the best bra to wear under it is a push in push up bra, a lift bra, and other bra styles that keep your breasts supported and lifted.  A super lift bra, a magic push up bra, and an uplifting bra all help to make you look great in a cowl neck top.  These types of bras can also be worn with high necked cowls.  Even if you use your cowl neck on its own, or with a V-neck cardigan, jacket or coat, the top is appropriately wearable  for work and daily use. Cowl neck tops come in different colors, style, fabric, lengths, and prices.

Push in push up bras have become best selling and most used undergarment in the whole world.  Most women find these bras more comfortable compared to regular support bras.  What push in and up and lift bras do is like what their names suggest:  lift and push your breasts up and in, nudging  them towards the center.  Your cleavage is then enhanced, making it attractive with your cowl neck top.

If you are small busted, the push in push up bra will make your breasts uplifted and look fuller.  Some brands even advertise that you can add from 1 to 1-1/2 inches to your breast size if you use their push up bras. The dress you wear will fit you better.  Therefore, your look will become more stylish and elegant. If you are heavy breasted, you should wear the push in push up bras that have strong side support, so that your breasts will not spill out at the top of the cups.

The lift provided by the push in and up and lift bras come usually from foam padding and inserts such as air, silicone, or water that you just need to slip into your cups.  Push in push up bras have come a long way from several years ago when these bras were very uncomfortable to wear for everyday use.  Thanks to the technology that was applied in making these bras, you can now wear a push in push up or a lift bra each day of your life.  You can promote your cleavage anytime with comfort and enjoy being sexy all the time.

Bras for Strapless Dresses or Tops 0

"I have a special event coming up in 2 weeks and another wedding to attend a week after. I need to wear strapless dress on the first and strapless gown on the second. I must admit that my breasts do not allow me to go anywhere without bras, so please tell me what bra to buy for my dress and gown. Thanks for the help in advance."

Above is a common type of inquiries we receive everyday and it make sense that we write our answer into a blog post.

In almost every occasions today, straps in dresses, tops  and gowns are foregone by fashion designers.  If you have several garments that are strapless, the number one bra type to consider is a strapless bra.  There are many styles and models of strapless bras in the market, so you should be careful in buying the right undergarment.  Pick one that is simply constructed, and has smooth cups.  A lacey strapless bra or that with embellishments can make a crumpled look on your chest, especially if the fabric of your dress or gown is a thin one such as satin or silk.

If your dress or top has a plunging back, you may want to use the adhesive cups. But it has a downside.  The cups may come unstuck and fall off when you start to perspire as a result of dancing or a lot of moving around.  A strapless bra is still your best bet for your strapless gown/dress.

Some people do not like wearing strapless bras as most of them can’t provide the necessary support  that is needed. Poorly made strapless bras do not stay in place very well and are hard to fit.  But do you know that if your strapless bra is well fitted, you can make the most of your sexy strapless summer top or gorgeous strapless prom gown, cocktail dress or even your wedding gown.  What you need to do is to pick the right strapless bra and learn how to wear it the right way.

strapless bra | FinallyBra

You can choose from many styles of strapless bras considering your strapless attire bust line.  There are traditional strapless bras,  convertible bras with straps that you can remove or configure several ways,  long line strapless bras, and adhesive bra cups.  If you want a more versatile option, it is advisable to invest in a convertible bra.  If you haven’t recently been fitted,  go to a lingerie shop and get yourself fitted. You can also refer to FinallyBra's online fitting guide. Throughout your life, you can expect that the size of your bra changes, so make time for regular fitting.  Bring with you your strapless top, dress or gown, so you can be sure that the bra will fit perfectly.

Your strapless bra should be supportive enough for your breasts, and there should be no overflow.  If your busts are smaller, look for uplift and padding.  If they are bigger, look for support and good coverage, as well.  And don’t forget the band, which should be snug without being painful.

Types of Bra to Wear With Backless Dresses and Tops 0

Do you love parties?  How about backless dresses to wear to these parties? We often receive questions about backless tops and dresses and the bra that should go with it.

Question (Ashley of Florida):  Hi there.  When it’s not cold, I love wearing backless tops and dresses to some special occasions and formal parties.  For me, backless tops look extremely feminine and sexy.  My question is what type of bra should I wear with this dress style, so that the straps and the back clasps will not show.  I certainly do not want to injure the beauty of my dress. Please help. Bra for Backless Dress Top | FinallyBra

Our Answer:  

The best bra type for you to buy is a backless bra, which is designed for backless dresses and tops specifically. It has straps that you put around your shoulders, so your back is left completely exposed.   You can also pick bras with cups that naturally stick to your breasts, and these are also called adhesive bras. The material used in these cups mold adheres to your skin, while at the same time giving you the necessary lift and support.  You just clip them at the front together and  adjust according  to your comfort and the cleavage that you want to show off.

Another great bra to wear with a backless dress or top is a convertible bra, which is available from specialty stores and shops.  But use of this type bra will depend on how low your back will be, because the straps should be wound around your stomach for bust support.  The best thing to do is to bring your backless top or dress to the shop and try it with a convertible bra.

Some women may recommend that you wear transparent straps which you can attach to any of your support bras with removable straps.  But we don’t suggest you use these with your backless dress.  While the straps are barely visible, they can still be seen when people get close to you, and for sure the straps will look so tacky.  It is still best when no strap shows at all.  You might be able to find a bra with very low back straps that you can wind around the lower part of your waist.  This will expose your back and still give you the support and lift of your favorite push in push up bra.

All the above suggestions should work well for your need. If they don’t, however, there is still an alternative, and that is to sew your bra cups to your backless dress.  You can alter one of your supportive bras by taking off the straps.  You sew the cups to the inner front lining of your dress.  If you don’t know how to sew or do the task accurately, it is better to bring the bra and your dress to a professional seamstress to prevent your garments from being damaged.  When you slip on your backless dress with sewn cups, you can still get the support that you get normally from your everyday bras.

How to Wear Tank Tops Without the Bra Straps Showing 0

Question (Kate of Virgina): how should I wear my tank tops without showing my bra straps.  You know, I am not lucky enough to be endowed with a bounty, so it’s really impossible to go braless.  When I wear a regular bra with my tank top, the straps show and I don’t look so smart. Please reply.

Bra Straps Showing Under Tops | FinallyBra


Tank tops, like some styles of evening dresses bare your arms and shoulders, so if you wear them with a regular bra, your straps are bound to become visible. When straps are showing under a tank top, you can look sloppy, trashy, or tacky.  Some girls use special tapes to directly adhere their bra straps to their skins, but the tape may loosen when you sweat, producing discomfort.

Some smart women have ways of wearing their tank tops without showing their bra straps.  They take advantage of the availability of some bra styles that make them wear a tank top with breasts in, up and controlled and no bra straps showing. These are some of the bras.

Strapless bras are constructed with bodice lined with silicon band to adhere it to the skin and prevent slipping down.  It may sound uncomfortable, however, if you try one with ample cup support and a flexible under wire, you can dance and jump all you want and your strapless bra will still be in place.  Do you want to play volleyball on the beach with it?  Go ahead;  your bra won’t leave you.

Convertible bras have versatile straps to conform to the strapless, racer back, halter neck tank tops, and even tops that are over the shoulder. These bras have hidden hooks and looks, so they can be an essential undergarment for your summertime tank tops.  You can configure the straps many different ways and some have additional invisible silicon straps when you purchase. These invisible straps are clear;  they blend with your skin tone, making them hardly noticeable.  You can attach them to any of your bras that have removable straps.

Bandeaus  are made of stretchable material that contours.  They also wick moisture, and are great if you are less endowed;  They allow you to achieve a tank top excellence.  You may get little support from most bandeau bras, but this can be remedied if you pick one with  some padding and soft under wire.

Built-in bras are a great option if you prefer support and coverage.  When you buy a tank top which is made of softer material and designed to bare your body silhouette, you may pick one with a built-in bra.  This type of tops may also have padding and soft under wire, like the other varieties of bras, and have smooth molded cups, seamless to prevent irritation, and offer to lift your breasts for a perfect shape. This is not a cheap one to buy, but it offers convenience when you need to change tops when going from one place to another, say a yoga, then a beach, then a night out.

If you've got  extended fronts that are too big so that not wearing a bra is impossible, then maybe you can consider other top styles like wrap tops or dresses that can show your curve.

Bra Shopping for Jersey Dress 0

A jersey dress can be a maxi dress, mini dress, or top which is made of light, soft and clingy type of cotton.  Jersey dresses come with different necklines – low cut back, and deep V-neck etc..  Wearing a jersey dress can be flattering, but if the cut is so low, or the front neckline is a V-neck, and you do not have cleavage to show, it might make you look unattractive.

push in bra | FinallyBra

A dress of this kind should be worn with the proper undergarment.  Some types of bras such as push up bra, push in bra or lift bra can do wonders under your jersey dress.  If you have small chest, then what you want is for your twins to look shapely and full in tighter fabrics.  A push up bra or a magic push up in bra is best for this as most push up bras have padding that will help enhance your attributes.  The cups are preferred to be smooth so that no lumpiness can be traced under your jersey dress. Most push up bras have under wires, but there are wire free styles, and they can give you shapely busts with total comfort.

The cups of all uplifting bras are very soft but they are constructed in a way to give you support.  The lift will directly come from under the breast tissue.  Your breasts will be lifted upward and round with the additional help from the straps and underwires.  You can find a mild separation between the busts, but the effect is a distribution of weight that feels so comfortable.

Jersey dresses can also have sleeves and spaghetti straps. For spaghetti straps, of course you wouldn't want your bra straps to show.  So the right bra for this is a strapless bra.  But some women are not comfortable with strapless bras, because they feel like it is slipping down their bodies.  An alternative, then, is a convertible bra with straps that you can configure different ways to conform to your neckline.