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Braless and Sleeveless at Age 50 and Above?

Nothing can be more comforting for a woman than to wear sleeveless or spaghetti style tops sans the support of a bra in hot weather.  However, it may not be advisable to go bra-less or sport sleeveless tops if you are already past 50 years of age. 

Every aging woman dreams of toned under arms, so she gets into almost all kinds of workouts to achieve this dream.  However, when you are over 50, the tendency of the body is to store fats on the under arms and no amount of exercise can eliminate them.  In another word, the fat could be reduced, but hard to get rid of totally. You might not have this kind of problem in your younger years when you had a trim body with upright breasts and flab-less arms.  As you are approaching your senior years, you begin to notice your body changing - the flesh on your arms is jiggling, and your breasts are pointing to all directions as you move. Would you dare show this flesh to the public by going sleeveless and braless, and at your age?

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Additionally, as a person gets older, the skin and soft tissues of the breast, as in the rest of the body, tend to lose their elasticity.  So it is inevitable to have a certain amount of sagging.  Wearing a bra during the day will reduce sagging overtime.  Large breasts are weighty, and the heavier they are, the more they are subjected to gravity and sagging. You may counteract the sagging effect by wearing a bra to support your breasts.  If you want to go braless occasionally is fine, such as at home or with close friends.

There are some personalities who know precisely how to respect their bodies as they grow old.  An example is writer Nora Ephron, who was never seen braless and sleeveless when she goes out for lunches or other functions.  She always wore long sleeved tops and turtle neck sweaters.  Obviously she didn’t want to expose her aging upper arms that might have some fatty deposits.  She did not want to show this to strangers, including her breasts, so she never goes out without a bra neither.

For sleeveless garments that are cut too wide as to bare too much of your under arms, you can pair them with some accessories such as scarves and cardigans, or layer them with a long sleeved silk or chiffon blouse.

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