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FINALLYBRA was founded in 2011 with a sole mission of designing and making bras and underwear with advanced technology, top notch fabric, thoughtful designs and exquisite craftsmanship.

We hope you like our push up push in bra collection that banishes underarm bulges (armpit fat) and back rolls, and bulge-hiding underwear.

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A impressive wireless bra

This marks my initial experience with a wireless bra, and I must say it exceeded my expectations! It provides an impressive level of support as that of a conventional shaper, yet the comfort factor is on a whole new level. The absence of underwires makes it incredibly comfortable for all-day wear. I'm so delighted with this bra that I'm planning to invest in every available color of this particular style that you offer. It's truly a game-changer for me!

Absolutely the best bra I have ever had!!!

It is very comfortable and I especially like how it goes up high in the underarm area. I will certainly be getting another.

A great bra

Exactly as described. It gives a very lifting and slimming shape under clothes

Great fit and comfort

Wearing this wireless bra feels like a supportive hug for the girls without any uncomfortable wires digging in. It's all about that cozy yet reliable fit!

Love the new wireless line

The wireless bra inheriates every thing FINALLYBRA is known, especially the side support. I love it.

Steady support and all-day comfort

An ideal mix of dependable support and cozy comfort.

My go to staple bra

I've had about six of this bra because I don't want to go out of them like during the pandemic. I like this bra because it is very light, although very supportive. My breasts are pushed up and in and have a great shape under clothes. I've tried some other wire free options, which could be good in the house. But whenever I go out, I put on this bra. The fact that it is so versatile helps with various style options.

I love this wireless bra

It is very comfortable and indeed uplift. The cami design adds sexy.

Great bra

So I just got it yesterday and have had it on all day today. As described, it is very supportive and comfortable. I am happy about this purchase.

Best wireless bra for a D cup

I am a 34D, sometimes a 34DD, ordered a M according to the size chart. Boy, this thing is so supportive, my heavy girls are lifted well and comfortably even without wire. I want to go wireless but have had hard time to find one that is supportive for my size. I tried different kind, regardless the price. I will buy other colors.

The best wireless bra I've had

I'm absolutely thrilled to share my thoughts on my first-ever wireless bra. To put it simply, it works wonders! Not only is it supportive, but it also offers a level of comfort that I've never experienced before. It's like having the best of both worlds: the support you'd expect from a restrictive shaper, but without any of the discomfort. I am genuinely impressed.

In fact, I'm so delighted with this bra that I'm already planning to expand my collection. I can't wait to get my hands on every color variation of this specific style that you manufacture. It's safe to say that this bra has completely transformed my undergarment game, and I couldn't be happier with the results!

A great bra

An excellent option for women seeking a bra that offers superb support and uplift, coupled with body-slimming effects.


I like this bra, only wish the cup has a little thicker pushup pad layer. Overall, I am happy with my purchase

I love it

So comfortable and I wear it 24/7

The side design

The high side bone pushes the breast tissue in and centers the bust, & the extra soft side panel helps banish armpit fat and shape the side body line.

Thoughtful bra

This is an exceptional bra with several thoughtful features.

Seemingly simply bra that offers shaping function

This bra provides full coverage and shape effect without constraining the body by being too tight, and it is comfortable to wear all day long.

Versatility offered by the straps and they are not too wide or narrow

None of the reviews mentioned that the bra's straps are fully removable, convertible, and adjustable, and the strap width is not too wide or narrow and is perfect for any tops or dress.

Satisfied 😊

The bra helps improve the silhouette and sizing was accurate

Love it and good quality

I have been wearing it daily. No complaint so far


The bra offers full coverage and shape without compromising comfort

A fantastic bra

An outstanding bra for women looking for a bra that delivers remarkable support and lift, while also providing body-sculpting advantages, especially for the underarms.

Provide a natural curve and push-in shape

It banishes armpit fat and shapes the side body line

It has everything I want

An excellent choice for women looking for a functional, comfortable, and stylish bra that offers full coverage, shape, and lift.

Like the side support

The enhancements to this version, including an extra side panel to maximize push-in strength, makes this bra completely awesome. I have owned the old ones.