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FINALLYBRA was founded in 2011 with a sole mission of designing and making bras and underwear with advanced technology, top notch fabric, thoughtful designs and exquisite craftsmanship.

We hope you like our push up push in bra collection that banishes underarm bulges (armpit fat) and back rolls, and bulge-hiding underwear.

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My new favorite bra

I've always worn wired bra but couldn't resist all the new technology and tried all your wire free bras. Oh boy, I was wrong to think the wireless bras are not supportive!
Among all the bras I bought, I especially like this one for 1) the best shape it provides under clothes. It has the best separation and my girls are not squeezed together; 2) it has a minimizer effect as my 36D chest looks very flattering under tight sweaters; 3) love the fabric. The cup insides have this light cotton fabric that is very gentle on the skin; 4) the straps can be cross worn. The straps are little short for that purpose but I can still wear it under some tank top.

Overall, this is a fantastic bra. I am hooked with the new wireless bras line you are making. There is no way I will go back wired bra. And if you can make some wireless bras with thinner straps but still offers support. I am buying all your bras from now on.

Thank you very much

Unbelievable support and comfort

I had doubt but this bra turns out as magnificent regarding the comfort and support! It is so smooth underneath my clothes and can go with any dress choice. I am buying all the colors you make.

Best bra I have ever worn. After 2 kids and reaching a certain age I need a good bra to push up and hold me in without hurting and this is the one. I just wish it came in black also.

Not Like Other Bras

I've tried other similar bras in the past, but this one sets itself apart with its wide and supportive straps. It lives up to its promise of providing support and push-in shaping. Unlike other bras I've purchased before, it maintains its support and shape even after multiple washes.

Ideal for Saggy Boobs

I can't say enough good things about this bra. It fits perfectly and is exceptionally comfortable. The straps stay in place as they should, and now, I exclusively wear FINALLYBRA!

A bra offering exceptional support

I'm delighted by this bra's performance in terms of comfort, support, and shaping, not to mention its wire-free design that makes it ideal for bedtime

A impressive wireless bra

This marks my initial experience with a wireless bra, and I must say it exceeded my expectations! It provides an impressive level of support as that of a conventional shaper, yet the comfort factor is on a whole new level. The absence of underwires makes it incredibly comfortable for all-day wear. I'm so delighted with this bra that I'm planning to invest in every available color of this particular style that you offer. It's truly a game-changer for me!

A bra that delivers exceptional support

This bra has gone beyond what I anticipated regarding comfort, support, and shaping Plus, it's wire-free and can be worn during sleep

A bra known for its outstanding support

This bra has completely outperformed my expectations in terms of comfort, support, and shaping It's also wire-free and perfect for bedtime use

Unbelievably Comfortable

While it might not be ideal for special events, it's more than sufficient for other purposes.

Good quality but sizing was way off. I ordered size L, which should fit 38 band size according to the size chart. There was no way on earth to get those hooks close enough together in the back to fasten them. Sent item back and received a quick refund. Good customer service.

Total Comfort

I affectionately refer to this bra as "easy-going" because it's easy to put on and comfortable to wear. I wear it for a variety of activities. The only minor issue is that if I leave the pads in while laundering, they tend to come out twisted. It's better to remove them before washing.

Absolutely the best bra I have ever had!!!

It is very comfortable and I especially like how it goes up high in the underarm area. I will certainly be getting another.

Stable support and comfort that lasts all day

An excellent fusion of dependable assistance and relaxing comfort

A bra that provides superb support

I'm pleasantly surprised by this bra's comfort, support, and shaping, and it's wire-free, making it great for nighttime wear

Incredibly Comfortable

This is a great bra that complements any outfit you choose to wear.

A bra that truly supports

This bra is far better than I expected when it comes to comfort, support, and shaping On top of that, it's wire-free and can even be worn to bed

Soft Fabric, Strong Support

This is unquestionably a great bra with removable and wide straps.

Amazingly Cozy

Not only is it comfortable, but it also offers decent support.

An incredibly supportive bra

This bra has pleasantly surprised me with its comfort, support, and shaping qualities, and it's wire-free, making it ideal for nighttime wear

A bra that provides extraordinary support

I'm pleasantly surprised by this bra's comfort, support, and shaping, and it's wire-free, making it great for nighttime wear

The Best Bra

The wide straps make this wireless bra impressively supportive.

A bra that gives fantastic support

I'm thoroughly impressed with this bra for its comfort, support, and shaping abilities, not to mention it's wire-free and perfect for bedtime wear

Highly Recommended

It's incredibly comfortable, and as a 38D cup wearer, I can attest that it offers both support and lift.