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Lacy Bra to Wear On Any Occasion? Why Not?

Bras you wear can either make or break your appearance.  If you wear a bra that is badly fitting, it can cause armpit fat or back fat to appear and make you look heavier, besides making you feel sore and itchy.  The right fitting bra, however, is comfortable, does not show under clothes in different necklines, enhances your appearance, and boost your self confidence.

It is for these facts that many bra experts, through their websites, publish their recommendations on what type of bra to buy for which type of dress and for which occasion. The bras that are most suggested include everyday bras, black bras, strapless bras, plunge bras, push in bras, push up bras, and more. 

Have you ever heard a bra expert recommending a lacy bra for whatever occasion?  Well, there are a few, but the suggested use is for special wear only or on your date night.  So, most often these lacy bras are in the innermost part of the lingerie drawer, counting the days when they can be taken out to perform their duty.

black lacy bra | FinallyBra

Many women do not wear dressier bras for everyday wear, but this is already done in other parts of the world like Europe. In most days, a lacy bra is what they reach for in their drawers to wear, so they look and feel their best in whatever outfit and in any occasion. If you found a lacy bra that you like while shopping, buy a few.  This allows you to give them a day off between each wear, for reshaping.  You will also be given enough time for proper laundering of the lacy bras.

Black lacy bras are ideal to wear under dark colored clothing or tops. The dark colors may be browns, dark purples, wine-colored, charcoal grays, dark green, navy, and of course, black. Obviously there are worries that a black lacy bra can show through.  But if the bra might peek in the style of your dress such as a big armhole, a lacy black bra would be preferable over bras of some other styles and colors.

It will also be a nice idea to buy a fancy, lacy bra in strapless style, for when you have a top that is strapless, one shoulder, off shoulder, or with a scooped neckline.  The right lacy strapless bra will also have hooks and rubber grip to prevent it from budging.  Therefore, you should not buy a strapless bra that is of wrong size because you need it to fit. Lacy strapless bras can also be in convertible styles that you can wear the straps in many different ways according to the top you wear. 

There is also the lacy plunge bra for low cut tops.  The center panel of this kind of bras is lower, allowing you to wear your boatneck, scooped, or square necklines.  You can even wear deep V neck or button down top a bit unbuttoned, when you feel like going a bit sexier. So, for any occasion and for whatever top neckline, a lacy bra will suit well.

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