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Choosing Between Thongs and Boy Shorts

For any day, underwear is the first thing we put on in the morning and the last thing we take off at night.  What do we consider when choosing a style of underwear, say between thongs and boy shorts?  Of course we look at the comfort, the style, and the price.  All things considered, it comes down to our personal preferences.

Some women find it hard to decide between a thong and a boy short, so listed below are what are said about each styles.

Boy Shorts

This is not a boy’s style of panty. It’s very girly and looks like the earlier years’ bathing suit bottom. It gives a pleasant surprise when is tried on the first time. This wonderful style has straight leg opening across, and, even without the use of elastic, is snug to the body. It is a favorite with jeans and even with summer dresses. The coverage it offers is fuller comparing most other underwear, so women may be kept warm down there during cold months.

boy short | FinallyBra

The boy shorts style of underwear can be lacey, and can be not. Some styles are low rise and made with lycra, and some are high cut and provide more coverage for the tummy while still being feminine and pretty.  Therefore the pros of boy shorts include no visible panty line (VPL), low cut leg opening,and new trendy styles.  The backside of this style is the restrictive feeling on legs and the no butt shaping. If it is not comfortable because the crotch keeps riding up, a better fitting boy shorts that stays put while the body moves needs to be considered.


It’s often said that butts look better in a thong, as it does not squeeze the “cheeks” and maintain the roundness. Thongs, though, offer some advantages over boy shorts.  Some women forget they are wearing one, some are not comfortable, while others like it because they feel like a big girl with this style.  For teenage girls, perhaps it is better to check first with moms before wearing a thong.

Woman underwear | FinallyBra

Most women find thongs uncomfortable. But as mentioned above, it all depends on what factors are considered in choosing the underwear.  While some may enjoy the extra coverage, others may not. There are varied opinions about having one’s bottom bared or barely covered.

One concern about wearing thongs is hygiene. While they prevent wedgies and panty lines, they may not be the best choice when health matters are concerned.  Thongs are tight fitting and they stay to the body closely.  When the body moves, they slide back and forth, moving bacteria into your vagina.  This may cause a disease called the UTI, or vaginal infection caused by bacteria.

Knowing the differences between a thong and boy short, women can make better choices when shopping underwear.


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