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How to wear a bra

Do you know that the way you put on your bra can not only influence your daily comfortableness but also long-term appearance and health? A poorly worn bra can create shoulder pain, breast droop, and fat bulge under armpit and the back etc. Eventually, the way you wear your bra will decide the way your breasts grow, either good or bad. Since a good approach can encourage positive growth of your breasts, it is extremely important that you know how to do this.

OK, ready? We are going to introduce an easy but CORRECT way. Please keep practicing until you make a habit of it.

 How to wear a bra | bras that fit FinallyBra


1. Bend forward and fasten the back button 

Bend the upper part of your body forward, pass both arms through the straps, prop up the underwire of the bra, full both cups with your breasts, and then fasten up the hook & eye closure.

2. Push the fat of the lateral and inferolateral portion of the breasts in the cups

Lift the upper half cup with your left hand, put the right hand into the cup to push the free fat of the lateral and inferolateral portion of the breasts in the cup. Follow the same steps for the other side in opposite direction. 

3. Adjust the straps 

Stand up straight, adjust the length of the straps to allow a perfect tightness (allow a finger to put in and move against the skin smoothly), and hand up to check whether the bands up glide. 

4. Adjust back closure

Finally, move the Hook & eye closure down slightly to find the most comfortable feeling. Check the planeness at the same time.

Please see our How to measure your bra size to find your correct bra size.