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Strapless Bra and the Fitting Issues

Do you give up your dream dresses believing you couldn’t fit a strapless bra? Do you any horror story about venturing out into pubic wearing a strapless bra? Do you dread shopping for a strapless bra? 

Most women claim that strapless bras are insecure, pinch and extremely uncomfortable to wear. To make things worse, to shop for a strapless bra that actually fits is almost a mission impossible.

Generally speaking, if you’ve already had a tough time at finding a fitted traditional bra, you would feel it  even harder to find a strapless bra. The support of a traditional bra mainly comes from the band and the straps. Without the straps, a strapless bra is naturally weaker at supporting and lifting the breasts than a traditional strap bra (except with some extra thoughtful designs). As such, the strapless bra fitting issues become tougher and more acute for most women.

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Despite the fitting difficulties posed by the design and structure of a strapless bra, women of every body shapes should still be able to find a fitted strapless bra, with some learning and shopping tips.

The number one complaint about a strapless bra is that it doesn’t stay put. It is annoying that you have to keep dragging the bra up all day long, not to mention the embarrassment to do it in public. To counter this issue, a lot of strapless bras come with non-slip silicon strips glued on the back wings and the sides. Unfortunately, this doesn’t cure the issue effectively.  To correct this issue, the first step is to get measured to find your best size. It is recommended that you go down a band size to enable the band to offer a strong support. In addition, we recommend you pick a strapless bra made with premium material, wide band and solid center panel. Wide band offers strong support, secures the whole bra and prevents it from slipping while the body moves. A thoughtfully designed center panel helps position the cups in the right place and offers support at a high point to offset the missing support from the shoulder straps. Generally speaking, a wide and high center panel gives more solid support than the opposite.  

The number two strapless bra fitting issue is fat spillage. Shoulder straps of a traditional bra not only provide support in a vertical line, but also side support to push the fat into bra cups. Without the help of shoulder straps, a lot of strapless bras present a wider cup tops than traditional ones, which means the cups expand more to the east and west and don’t prevent the horizontal spread of the breasts. As a result, the breast tissues, along with side fat, or armpit fat, underarm bulges, spread outside of the cups and are not pushed to center front.  If you've already had armpit fat with a traditional bras, be extra careful at picking a strapless bra. We recommend strapless bras with: 1) high sides that provide strong side support; and 2) push in shaped wired cups so that the cups don’t expand horizontally too much.

Lastly, many women wearing strapless bras show big cup gaps along the top line. The reason is that the breasts droop more with strapless bras as there is no upward support from the shoulder straps. The best solution is to get you bra size measured. Wearing a bigger cup size than your true one can only make the cup gap issue worse. In addition, choose strapless bras with added padding on the bottom of the bra cups. Strapless bras with open slots for extra padding are perfect as you can adjust the padding according to your own breasts shape.

To conclude, due to the design and structure of a strapless bra, choosing a right strapless bra poses more challenges than a traditional one. But equipped with necessary knowledge and caution, every woman can find and fit into a strapless bra beautifully.

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