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Bra Sister Sizes

It is always advisable to have yourself measured first before buying a new bra.  You can take advantage of the free fitting service offered by most lingerie stores, or take the measurement yourself using ample guiding resources online.  Once you've known your actual size, shopping for bras becomes an easier task, but there are times that the style that you like to buy is not available in your size. It may sometimes happen that your measurement is unusual. It is in these instances that you try the bra sister sizes.

Have you heard about it:  the sister sizes?  It is the sizes of bras that are related to your actual bra size, but having the same cup volume.  Women who find it hard to find their bra sizes depend on the sister sizing system to find a rightly fitting bra.  When you go to a store and can’t find the bra that is of your actual size, you might be given a size that closely fits.  This is what is called the sister size. If you have a 36C cup, a 34D or a 38B may also fit you.  In simple terms, sister sizes can be substitutes to your true bra measurement.

Below is a sister size chart from which you can find bra sizes that is related to your actual size. You should start with the size for which you have been measured, and the size that you are looking for in the lingerie shop.


            28B     30A    

            28C     30B     32A

            28D     30C     32B     34A

            28E      30D     32C     34B     36A

            28F      30E      32D     34C     36B     38A

            28G     30F      32E      34D     36C     38B     40A

            28H     30G     32F      34E      36D     38C     40B     42A, and so on


If your cup measurement is a 32C, you might find sizes 28E, 30D, 34B and 36A to be fitting. You will notice that for every band change, the cup also changes to accommodate the band.

Knowing your sister size is a great help when you need to go from one brand to another.  Finding your size from the next brand and the next can be annoying, besides being too time-consuming and tedious.  With sister sizing, you need not compromise the fit of the cup (because the cup volumes are the same) and you can just go UP in the band size and DOWN in the cup size.  It can also be the other way around – DOWN in the band size and UP in the cup size.

Although this process is claimed to be accurate, it is possible to find exceptions, and for good reason. Women’s bodies are not the same, so sister sizing may not always work.  The best option to get the best fitting bra is to get fitted and try on the various types of bras that catch your fancy.