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US and Foreign Bra Sizes

As almost all women know, bra sizes usually consist of a number which tells the band size, and one or more letters that tell the size of the cup.  Bra sizes vary widely by manufacturers and countries. So if you’re abroad shopping, finding your actual bra size can be confusing and time.

The designers of intimate apparel use different bra sizing systems, and international sizes may not be familiar to you. So, to make things easier, use the size conversion chart below to convert US bra sizes into the UK, European, Australian, French, and Italian.  You must first familiarize yourself with the symbols used in the chart.

                        US       =          United States

                        UK      =          United Kingdom

                        EU       =          Europe (also, Japan)

                        AU      =          Australia (also, New Zealand)

                        FR       =          France (also, Spain and Belgium)

                        IT        =          Italy (also, Chez Republic)

As mentioned before, bra sizes may vary also by manufacturer, so the conversion table below can only give an estimate of your bra size.  Here’s the chart, which converts both the band and cup sizes.

34A 34A 75A 12AA 90A 2A
34B 34B 75B 12A 90B 2B
34C 34C 75C 12B 90C 2C
34D 34C 75D 12C 90D 2D
34DD/E 34DD 75E 12D 90E 2E
34DDD/F 34E 75F 12DD 90F 2F

Follow the sequence, and we jump to US size 44:

44AA 44A 100A 22AA 115A 7A
44A 44A 100A 22AA 115A 7A
44B 44B 100B 22A 115B 7B
44C 44C 100C 22B 115C 7C
44D 44D 100D 22C 115D 7D
44DD/E 44DD 100E 22D 115E 7E
44DDD/F 44E 100F 22DD 115F 7F
44F 44F 100G 22E 115G 7G
44G 44G 100H 22F 115H 7H
44H 44H 100I 22G 115I 7I

From the above chart, you will notice that UK bra sizes are similar to the US bra sizes, e.g., a US 34A bra is the same as the UK 34A bra. Another thing to point out is that US bra sizes never go beyond DDD cup sizes; and some brands use E for a DD and F for a DDD.

Here are simple charts to convert the band and cup sizes among US, UK and Europe sizes.

Band Conversion Chart
Europe 70 75 80 85 90
USA 32 34 36 38 40
UK 32 34 36 38 40


Cup Conversion Chart
Europe A B C D E F G H
USA A B C D DD or E DDD or F G H

Japanese bra sizes also use the European sizes, although the Japanese cup size is written before the band size. For example:  C75, instead of 75C.

The bra industry has no standardized sizing, so the issue on how loose or tight the band is cut is always there.  You might find a brand with firmer and tighter materials, compared to another brand with band easily stretch.  You might even get more confused if you find that some US brands are using the UK bra sizing system.  So if you are looking to buy your bras online, make sure that you are aware about the bra sizing method used by the manufacturer.  A UK bra cup measuring an H is bigger than a US H cup by 3 sizes.  It’s really important that you know how a particular brand sizes their bra items.