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Lingerie Laundry Tips

Do you want to double the life of your lingerie such as bras, panties, shape wear and hosiery?  It is no secret that proper care (in washing, drying and storing) is important to make them last longer. For all these lingerie, the recommended method is hand washing. Some people say that you can put them through the gentle cycle of the machine, despite the labels saying “hand wash only”, but in general, hand washing is the best option.

To hand wash your bras, use lukewarm water and an alcohol-free washing detergent. Strong detergents could be harsh to the bras and panties and damage the elastics.  Soak the items for 60 minutes, after which you can rub the fabric together to remove the dirt.  Use cold water for rinsing.  Do not wring or squeeze the bras but instead lay them flat on a towel. Put another towel on top to absorb the water.  Always hang dry.

To machine wash your bras, place them in a zippered mesh bag so they will not get twisted or snagged. Select a fine mesh bag to prevent the bra hooks from getting through. Better yet, fasten the hooks so they will not catch on the netting. Use only delicate cycle in cool water and mild detergent.  Reshape the cups after taking the bras out of the washer, using your hands.  Always hang dry, never put the bras on the dryer, as the spandex can be easily broken by the heat and it will lose its elasticity.

Whether to hand wash or machine wash your panties depend on the fabric and your preference.  Most women like to wash them by hands. Some panties have ornate decorations and the fabrics are delicate, so machine washing them can be damaging. The others that are less delicate can be thrown into the washer, but make sure that you use only delicate cycle, cold water and gentle detergent.  Like the bras, panties should also be placed in mesh laundry bags so they will not catch on other garments.  Washing them in hot water can shorten their life.  Again, like bras, hang them to dry, and never in a dryer.

Both the shape wear and hosiery are best washed by hand. The care and laundry method should not be different from those of the bras and panties. They should be laundered properly to prolong their life or help them age gracefully.

One good advice is to have more bras in your wardrobe; you will have a good number to wear and rotate so you will do less washing.  Bras are worn most often and overtime, lose their elasticity.  Replace them every six to nine months, depending on the number of pieces that you are rotating.  In some brands and styles of bras, the elastics wear out very easily even if cared for properly.  The band starts to fail in the support department.  So even if you have used the bra for a short period, you may need to get a replacement for it.  It would be best if you can build your bra wardrobe; this will allow you to have a replacement bra when the one you’re currently using becomes ineffective.