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Push In / Push Together Bra

Have you ever wondered about those bothersome bulges under your arms or on your back? If so, you've come to the right place and discovered the ultimate solution you've been searching for: FINALLYBRA - push up push in shape bras.

So, what exactly is FINALLYBRA?

At FINALLYBRA, we prioritize ergonomic and medical factors when designing our bras. Through precise calculations and discrete designs, our push in bras (also termed as push together bras) not only provide aesthetic appeal but also offer functions such as banishing underarm bulges (armpit fat), smoothing back bulges, adjusting and enhancing curves, capturing and fixing body fat, straightening the back spine, and correcting body posture.

Our shape bras go beyond simply showcasing your body shape like regular bras. They have the ability to "nip and tuck" your body shape by concealing and repositioning fat. That's why our bras are called shape bras – they make women look sexier, slimmer, and healthier.

It's all about the unique design. Compared to regular bras, our shape bras feature higher sides, a center front panel, and a back wing. The push in shaped underwire, shoulder straps, and side boning are all meticulously designed to effectively cover armpit fat. Additionally, the U-shaped back effectively prevents shoulder straps from sliding off.

Do you need FINALLYBRA? 

Yes, you do, regardless of whether you're slim or curvy, and regardless of your breast size. In fact, we recommend that every woman own at least two of our bras. As the body ages, muscles gradually lose elasticity, and gravity takes its toll, resulting in saggy breasts and lax muscles around the abdomen and waist. Life events like pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight fluctuations can accelerate this sagging process.

Fortunately, it's not entirely inevitable, even though it's a natural occurrence (it's been reported that women's breasts droop at a rate of twenty degrees every decade). We can at least delay it and push it off as late as possible. Our shaping slimmer bras are created with this concept in mind.

How does FINALLYBRA work?

Made from high-quality, elastic, and health-beneficial materials, our push in push together bras stimulate blood circulation and aid in burning extra fat during natural body movement. Additionally, they push excess fat to more appropriate areas such as under the bra cups and back wings, creating a smoother, sexier, and sleeker physique.

For curvy women, the push in bra provides the tremendous support and lift you need. The well-designed structure secures your breasts while offering comfort. In addition to the support, the shape bra redirects the weight to more desirable places, slimming down the body and smoothing out lines.

For women desiring curves, the push together shaping bra redirects fat from the body sides, underarms, and upper abdomen to the breasts, creating and enhancing cleavage for that coveted hourglass look.

For girls during puberty, our bras not only shape body growth but also prevent curving of the spine, correcting and maintaining an upright posture.

Does wearing push in shape bra pose any danger?

There are no health implications when wearing our bras if they are worn correctly (please refer to our How to Wear a Bra Right).  In fact, due to the careful selection of materials and thoughtful design we employ, our shaping bras should have overall health benefits when worn.