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Choosing Between Thongs and Boy Shorts 0

In the morning, the first thing you put on is the underwear, right? This is also the last thing you take off when you start feeling steamy.  What do you consider when choosing a style of underwear, say between thongs and boy shorts.  Of course you look at the comfort, then the style, and the price.  All things considered, it all comes down to your personal preferences.

Some women find it hard to decide between a thong and a boy short, so listed below are what most girls say about each style.

Boy Shorts

This is not a boy’s style of panty; it’s very girly and looks like the earlier years’ bathing suit bottom. It will give you a pleasant surprise if you try them the first time. This wonderful style has straight leg opening across, and even without the use of elastic, it is snug to the body. It is a favorite to use with jeans and even with summer dresses. The coverage it offers is fuller, so you may be kept warm down there during cold months.

Thong Boy Shorts | push in push up bra Orlinas

The boy shorts style of underwear can be lacey, and it can be not. Some styles are low rise and mostly lycra is used; some are high cut and provides more coverage for the tummy while maintaining being feminine and pretty.  Therefore the pros of boy shorts include no visible panty line (VPL), low cut leg opening, new trendy style.  The backside to this style is the restrictive feeling on legs and the no butt shaping. If you find them not comfortable because the crotch keeps riding up, you should choose a better fitting boy shorts that stays put while you move.


It’s often said that your butts will look great in a thong, maintaining it roundness, as this style will not squeeze the “cheeks”. Thongs, though, offer some advantages over boy shorts.  Some girls forget they’re wearing one; some are not comfortable, while others like it when they feel like a big girl with this style.  Also, if you are still young, perhaps you need to check first with your mom before you wear it; she just might not approve. 

Most girls find thongs uncomfortable, but as mentioned above, it all depends on how you consider some factors in choosing which underwear to use.  While some may enjoy the extra coverage, others may not. There are varied opinions about having one’s ass bared or barely covered.

One concern about wearing thongs is hygiene. While they prevent wedgies and panty lines, you may find out they are not the best choice, when health matters are concerned.  Thongs are tight fitting and they stay to your body closely.  When you move, they slide back and forth, moving bacteria into your vagina.  This may cause a disease called the UTI, or vaginal infection caused by bacteria.

Now that you have known the differences between a thong and boy short, it’s likely that you can very well choose which underwear is great for you.


Learn How to Recognize Cheap Lace Lingerie 0

Lace has always been a trend in lingerie whatever season of the year.  During summer and spring, a lot more lace is seen in stores and on the runways.  They are incorporated into clothes, shoes, hosiery, body stockings, accessories, and lingerie. Lace is chic and it can be worked with all garment style, figures, and all skin tones.  Lace lingerie can be dark and sexy or light and fun, so women are stocking these up on their lingerie wardrobe.

Lace lingerie | push in push up bra

What is lovable about lace is that it adds elegance to our bras and fresh and sexy look with a vintage kick to our outfit.  Lace offers us a lot of options to work with, so becoming a fashionista is not difficult. It seems that every woman’s drawer has a stock of one or more lace lingerie, either for those special, intimate moments with their loved ones, or even when they just want to look and feel sexy.

Lace lingerie can be expensive, and they can also be cheap in price. Low priced lace lingerie is expected to be of poor quality, and the highly priced ones are believed to be of better quality.  This is not always the case, however.  There is also expensive lingerie with cheaply constructed lace incorporated on them.  This is an area where a buyer should have great knowledge.  You should be able to distinguish the cheap lace from a good quality one. Spotting the difference between the two is very easy and does not require expertise from a buyer.

The first thing to do is to check the kind of weave on the lace material.  For example, the lace on a good quality panty should be very smooth and tight. They also have a lot of details. The weave is very fine, and seem to be handcrafted for its fineness.  On the other hand, the cheap quality lace is far from tight, and it has many holes in it. One reason for this low quality may be a so-so machine the production quality of which cannot be compared to those produced by high end machines.

When you look at cheap quality lace and notice that it is very blocky and the patterns are very simple, it’s likely that it is “cheap” quality-wise.  Check the price.  Is it amazingly low and too good to be true? Only one look on the lace and it will tell you that it failed your vision test.

Now, if you happened to buy lingerie with cheap quality lace, don’t throw it away.  Use it until the wear and tear has taken over.  With proper care and handling it will last longer and serve you for several months more. Do not machine wash (or if you would, use a gentle cycle) nor machine dry your lace lingerie.  Air drying would be the best option so that the cheap lace will not get easily destroyed. Even expensive lingerie need special care, because of the lace components, so whether the lace is cheap or not, take good care of your lace bras, panties and corsets. That is the proper way of dealing with lingerie whatever is the price.

What Lingerie to Pack for a Trip 0

Is a vacation abroad coming up?  Then you should be busy listing down what to bring to your trip.  Don’t forget your lingerie. Some people plan about packing them after everything is ready. For me, however, this task is first and foremost. My little sexy things are very important, so I deal with them first before anything else. I’d like to share with you how I pick my lingerie, the number, types and colors that should be put in my luggage.

Whenever I travel, say for a period of one month, I always get by with two bras:  one I wear, and one spare. I choose to bring light bras, so when I rinse one out at night, it will be dry by next morning. If you want to be sure that you’ll have something to wear, you can pack a third bra. The nude color is a good choice; it goes well with any tops. Include a convertible style; it will serve you five looks – one-shoulder strap, strapless, two-straps, halter, and criss-cross back. A seamless bra with no under wire is also advisable to bring if you plan to go trekking or move around a lot.

Choose comfortable panties that will stay put whatever activity you plan to do in your destination.  Like bras, I get by with two to three panties by washing each every night; choose ones not completely cotton but with 100% cotton sew-in crotch, this way, they are not heavy and dry easily, also comfortable and delicate for the travel. You may increase the number if you want, up to seven panties that include boys shorts or thongs which are common styles for most trips.

If you are headed to a warm destination and intend to spend some time in a hot tub or pool, a bikini or swim suit will serve you right. If the place you’re going to has a colder climate, or you’re traveling during winter, have some leggings in your baggage.  Long under wears will also serve the purpose of keeping you warm.  Layer them under your skirt or pants; or even your pajamas and sleep in them.

Have some camisoles included, three will be just right.  They are great to layer under a shirt for warmth.  You can also wear them as pajama tops when it’s not very cold. Camisoles were once a travel no-no.  Travelers have found they are useful lingerie, so they are now considered essentials in a lingerie bag.  Another not to be forgotten piece of lingerie is a shape wear, if you are going partying.  It will provide you with luxurious feel and look under clothing.  If you are doing other activities in your vacation, then the lingerie that you bring should be based on these also.  Whether you explore the countryside or the city, there is suitable lingerie for whatever you plan to do.

Pack them all with care.  Use fabric bags in storing your travel lingerie.  This will reduce the crumpling and wrinkles that they may acquire on the road.  Fill out your bra and bustier cups with tissue papers if they will be added into layers of folded slips.

When You Need a Good, Supportive Bra 0

In doing any form of body movements especially when you have larger than normal breasts, the most important thing to consider is support for your breasts.  Not every bra does this job, so it is important to determine which type will give you the comfort and support that you actually need. 

You certainly do not want your girls to be flying all around, and you also would not want issues such as skin rashes, pain, and difficulty in breathing.  Why?  The breasts are held up by the Cooper’s ligaments which give them the shapes and sizes.  Once the Cooper’s ligaments are stretched, they cannot return to their original position anymore.  When you run or even just walk, breasts move in and out, up and down and from one side to the next.  Without proper support, a cup A breasts travel in each direction about an inch and a half.  For a cup D, they certainly will bounce up to 3 inches, stretching the Cooper’s ligaments with every bounce. Essentially, what protects the anatomy of a breast is a bra that lifts, supports and reduces the bouncing, the stretching and stress on the breast tissue.

Women in the military have to deal with this issue everyday.  Some people erroneously believe that the Army will issue the bras to use when training, but not necessarily.  So if you are expecting to be member of the military, you need to prepare quite a few regular and sports bras, and most importantly, they have to be truly supportive.  The same solution is for women who have daily intense activity to participate in.  Pick ones with more support if your activities are high impact; and for low-impact activities, get the less constrictive bras.

Good support bras do not restrict, allowing you to breathe as easily as you can.  The feel these bras give should be that your body is moving with them, rather than you’re breathing against them.  Wide, sturdy and adjustable straps normally offer great support; breathable fabric, properly tight elastic band, and multiple rows of fasteners are all necessary for providing the flexibility and comfort.

If you don’t want to limit your choices to only sports bra, meaning you want the support AND the delicate and feminine appearance, there isn’t too many places or brands to go and get a good supportive bra.  Fortunately, Orlinas Bras are designed with all these needs in mind and they are quality, supportive and sexy.  Additionally you can actually wear them for exercise without the hassle of changing to a sports bra.  They are also perfect for business casual or a romantic dating night.  Isn’t it nice?!

What Cause Armpit Fat or Underarm Bulge 14

If you have that sightly bumps (armpit fat) under your arms, this is an article that explains why you have them and how you can minimize or eventually get rid of them through a holistic and affordable approach: push in bras.

Breasts Are Known By Many Different Names 0

I guess you’ve read about Gok Wan having been criticized by some Australian consumers about the ad campaign that he recently made for retailer Target. It was not just criticism, but a complaint was actually filed against him in Australia’s Ad Standards Board (ASB).  Oh, wait a moment.  Who is Gok Wan, by the way?  Gok Wan is a British fashion consultant, TV presenter and author. He got into trouble when he referred to women’s breasts as “assets” and “bangers” in the above mentioned ad campaign. He actually told women to “wear a correctly sized bra so “your bangers will feel more loved”.

Gok Wan also used the word “assets” to refer to breasts in the same promotion. These 2 words were not liked by some, and this resulted in their action against him.  However, both the retailer Target and the ASB stood by Gok Wan in this issue. The published complaints obviously show that the complainants are homophobic, meaning they hate or fear the homosexuals or homosexuality. Gok Wan is, openly, a gay.

When I write about breasts and bras, I also use words other than breasts:  tits, chest, boobs, twins, girls, etc. Using different terms will prevent the article from being boring. Sometimes there are also instructions to limit the use of the keyword “breasts” and not to overdo it.

You’ll be fascinated by how people can come up with different names for breasts, while you can call it by its real name in a straightforward manner. “Assets” or “bangers” to refer to breasts seem fine and fun to me; and even more fun are the hundreds of slang words used for breasts.  Try digging for them from the internet.  Some that you may find are fun to say, or do not make any sense, or evoke amusing imagery, or food related.  Examples are “melons”, “fun bags”, “the twins”, or “the girls”. You may also find some worst expressions such as “fried eggs”, “milk wagon”, “lungs”, “knockers”, “hooters”, “missiles” that sound as if they were taken from an anatomy textbook.

What name or names do you want to call your breasts?  Are you offended by the terms “bangers” and “assets”? Will the context matter?  I just noticed in the Gok Wan news article that some people are offended by the terms and say they are not used appropriately. Do you find the word “bangers” a derogatory term for breasts?  Or do you dispute how the breasts are described as “assets”?  Or, don’t you like the ad because the presenter is a homosexual?

Well, so much for that.  There’s good news about the Target bras. Shortly after the complaints were filed, women flocked to the retailer store and filled their carts with bras of their size. They liked the ad; thought it was hilarious.  They said they did not care about the terms used to refer to breasts, and the publicity created by the complainants has called their attention to Target bras. If I were in Australia, I’d do the same.