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How Women Can Stay Fit and Young

Genes determine about half of how women look and age, which means that there isn't much we can do to change this natural course.

However, we can make some changes on how we carry and style ourselves, so that our age (say 40 years and above) will not show in our appearance. Here are some tips.

  • Wear good bras. Here again, number one trick to look young: wear a good fitting bra! Before you buy, get yourself measured so the bra that you pick will fit you well.  Breast measurement service or guidance is free online or in lingerie shops.  Breasts sag with aging.  Wearing the right bra will make the breasts look as they did many years back. Good bras also enhance the posture, making the look younger and possibly healthier.
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  • Whiten your teeth. teeth tend to become yellow as we grow older, so your age can also be determined through your teeth.  At 40 years old and above, you will see the effects of coffee and perhaps smoking.  So, if you do smoke, stop it.  That’s the first step.  Next, use special whitening toothpaste and gel to use regularly at home.  If the yellowing of your teeth is serious, you can visit your dentist for a bleaching treatment.
  • Dress young without overdoing it. Don’t make yourself appear as a “trying hard” by wearing see-through tops, flashy fabrics or too short skirts. Baggy clothes and mom jeans will show that you may be covering up something, so avoid them, too. To get the appropriate fashion style for your age, you can browse at magazines that are geared towards the 40s group.  Or, it might be easier to consult the internet.
  • Exercise and control your weight. Metabolism slows down with age. So if you’ve been exercising regularly and you’ve reached the age of 40, you need to up the intensity.  This will prevent you from gaining additional pounds.  Eat a balanced diet helps too.
  • Color your hair to complement your skin tone. Avoid using darker hair colors, as you will likely be frequently visiting your hair salon to keep your roots from showing.  Lighter hair dyes and highlighting will cover the gray hair (there should be a good amount to cover at age 40+) better, although up-keeping them might be more expensive.
  • Avoid heavy facial foundations and powdersThese can sink into lines and wrinkles, so you look older than your age.  Use only light lip color and soft eye shadow that can very well cover some problem areas and so will not attract attention to these imperfections. Keep your facial skin lubricated so wrinkles will not show.
  • Subject aging skin to treatment. Even before you reach 40 years of age, facial lines will start appearing and you will eventually find yourself dealing not only with drying and discolored skin but also more prominent wrinkles.  In this case, you need to treat these skin conditions if you want to maintain your youthful looks. Visit a dermatologist and ask for prescription creams that can get rid of lines, rough skin, or dark spots. Before you go out, make it a habit to wear sunscreen for additional protection from damage.

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