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Braless When Reporting On Live TV?

Shea Allen, a reporter of WAAY, an affiliate of ABC in Huntsville, Alabama, got trouble at work for admitting that she had gone braless during a live report.  According to reports, Allen posted ten things on her personal blog titled “Confessions of a Red Headed Reporter”.

She was ordered to put the posts down, which she did.  However, after some thoughts, she put it up again with a revised title:  “No Apologies:  Confessions of a Red Headed Reporter”. This incident made news, but the WAAY management would not comment on such “personnel” matter. Allen, for her part, was so surprised that something she posted on her personal blog and outside of the WAAY office would make her lose her job. Her co-workers, when asked, offered mixed reviews.  Some said that Allen is a ticking time bomb while others praised her good performance, being trustworthy, and being dedicated to her job.

In an interview, Shea Allen said that she believes she was fired more because of the “braless” issue than the other nine confessions she made. What do you think?  Is going braless during a live telecast sufficient ground to get sacked? 

braless | FinallyBra

We have seen plenty braless photos of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Aniston, Lea Michelle, Khloe Kardashian, etc.  These people can be very sensual and fearless of what people say about them.  They can go braless to up their sexy image while showing off their toned tummies. They can show off more than what people expect of them and are brave to face the scandals of being braless. They can put their nipples in full display and don’t care if they become very distracting.

But TV reporter is not in show biz although being seen by millions, young and old, men and women.  Maybe it is more appropriate that a woman reporter wear a bra for her job even if the company has no written policy about wearing a bra when reporting.  If insisting go braless, a good cover up may be wearing a vest over blouse, or a camisole under.  A good camisole prevents the breasts from bouncing around, and gives coverage to the nipples.

The choice to wear a bra or not is a woman’s preference.  Some people do not feel comfortable in public when they are braless, while others never mind whether people say they’re “indecent”. But remember that even if you hate the bra, your job and some social occasions may demand that you wear one.

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