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Supportive Bras Are Best When Exercising (and Even When Not)

Have you done a work out without any bra on? It’s painful and uncomfortable, no doubt. And this pain is felt by not only full figured women, but also those with not-so-large breasts.  The bouncing and movement while exercising cause so much discomfort for unsupported breasts, mostly resulting back pain for most women. Additionally, believe it or not, you burn less calories when you exercise with breasts bouncing here and there, than when you have the right support for your boobs.

So, women, especially the ones of plus sizes, are always advised to wear supportive bras when they work out and even when they just go about their daily routine. A supportive bra can be a good sports bra, posture bra, minimizer bra or underwire plus size bra.  A posture bra has reinforced back panel that supports back muscles, while a minimizer bra provides extra lift while reducing the appearance of the breasts by up to one to two cup sizes. This bra type is also very supportive.

A sports bra, like other supportive bras, is a must for female athletes and women who frequently work out.  Besides the comfort and support, there are other benefits offered by a sports bra.

Sports Bra | FinallyBra

  1. Breast movement is minimized. This is perhaps the most popular benefit from wearing a supportive sports bra. Breast movement can limit one's participation in physical activities, due to the pain and inconvenience resulting from not having any support for the breasts. A sports bra offers maximum support, minimizes rubbing and chafing, and holds everything in place.
  2. When exercising, a supportive bra like a sports bra helps maintain the shape of the breasts.  The ligaments around the boobs will not get stretched and torn, so there will not be premature sagging and drooping of breasts.
  3. A sports bra is made from a variety of fabrics that have the ability to regulate sweat and control temperature. It can wick sweat away from the body and increase air flow, so the body is kept cool and dry at the same time. The fabric used in making a sports bra is lightweight, yet warm.
  4. A sports bra is designed more to function than to flatter, so the comfort it offers can never be found in other regular bras. It has wider straps and increased coverage that allow the breast tissue to be evenly distributed, so the body can easily move around.

Additionally, some sports bras produced nowadays are designed with storage capabilities.  They can hold phones and keys, eliminating the need to carry a pouch or bag around the waists. One can work out without worrying about losing things.

When looking for a supportive bra, avoid picking up the half-cup bras and those with spaghetti straps.  The half-cups do not give the breasts sufficient support and coverage, while the thin straps get weighed down by the breasts and dig into the shoulders.  Having said this, please let us introduce FinallyBra, which offers equal amount of support as sports bra and provides the flexibility of wearing either for normal activities or for sports.

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