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Embrace the Breast Issues and “Imperfections”

Most women are happy with their breasts, but some are, not due to "imperfections" like breasts being too small or too large. 

Breasts can be in sizes small, medium or large, and can be in different shapes, too:  flat, pointed, sloping, pear-shaped, and so on.  Most likely genes dictate the shape and size of the breasts. 

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Breasts change throughout a woman’s life. But except for surgical solutions to make the breasts "perfect", there is no natural way to change the size or shape of the breasts drastically.  There are, however, currently many good bras that help resolve small breasts issues. Let us see some examples below.

Breasts are uneven

Not a major issue, as having a breast a bit larger or sitting higher than the other is just normal.  For some women, the breasts even up eventually as they develop further.  If not, a good supporting bra can make the condition less obvious.

Nipples are inverted, or are sticking out all the time

Some nipples are turned inwards, and this can happen either from birth, or as the breasts are in the development stage. This can be corrected by a niplette, a device that is shaped like a thimble, and put over the nipples for them to come out.

There are nipples that always stick out or erect even if they are not cold or get rubbed into clothing. Wearing a padded bra will cover them up.  There are also skin-colored nipple covers that are useful.

Nipples have hairs around them

Most women are not comfortable with the hairs that grow around their nipples or areola (the darker skin surrounding the nipples). While this is normal, you may want to get it off using small scissors.  It is not advised to shave or pluck the hairs as doing so may cause an infection.

Stretch Marks

If your breasts grow and develop more quickly than normal, stretch marks may appear. These are the red lines that show on the breast skin.  These marks can also develop during pregnancy, when breasts tend to grow larger. Keep your skin well moisturized and supple.  The marks may fade to match the skin color overtime.  For some women, they may stay throughout entire life.

Perfect or not, the breasts are meant to be loved and cared for.  They are a symbol of femininity and can really make a difference on the appearance. Whatever is your breasts’ size or shape, be happy with them, and everything about them.

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