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A Bra That Only Unhooks When You’re In Love? 0

From time to time, some news is published about high tech undergarments being developed, or introduced to the market. A group of Indian students have recently invented a bra that zaps sexual attackers; and Microsoft is in the process of researching a smart bra. The news doesn’t stop there, because another one is popping up; and it is all about the True Love Tester bra.  This is a bra developed by Tokyo-based lingerie brand, Ravijour.  What’s unique about this bra is that it will only unhook when you are in love.

Ravijour, working with a team of fancy engineers, have made this bra possible. Ever wonder how True Love Tester bra works?  Basically, the cups of True Love Tester bra have built-in sensors that measure the speed and pattern of the beat of your heart.  A wireless signal is sent to a device similar to a blue-tooth in your cell phone. Your heartbeat rate will then be determined by these sensors.  So, when you meet someone with whom you have a deeper attraction, or you are in love with, this will cause your heart rate to increase.  The clasp (which is at the front), will glow pink; and once you’re already on the threshold of true love, it will pop open.

If you doubt the accuracy of the True Love Tester bra, the company says that it can distinguish the kind of increased heartbeat coming from dancing vigorously or using the elliptical from that increased rate caused by love.  What’s more, True Love Tester bra can tell whether or not what you feel for someone is just a flirtatious feeling. The company further says that the main purpose of the bra is to prevent you going into sexcapades that you might regret afterwards.

What if you are having dinner with that guy that you like, and you suddenly felt that you’re in love with him?  Will the True Love Tester bra pop open right there and then, even if you are not inside the bedroom? I surely think so.  What will you do if this happens to you? Some other questions come to my mind about this bra.  For example, can you unhook it by yourself, if you want to change clothes, not to make love? Won’t you be embarrassed if this bra decides to just pop open when you’re in love but just not yet ready to show your breasts to the guy?

Questions, questions, and more questions need to be answered.  Considering the bra is coded and engineered, I don’t think it will ever resolve all the possible situations when the heart beat increases while it should not be unhooked.  Fantastic idea it is, I will probably just stick with my traditional bras.

Immediate Actions Needed to Correct The Bra Mistakes You’re Probably Making 0

Bras are a necessity for women, except for those few who choose not to wear them; but no matter how essential they are, they seem to pose the most problems.  First, shopping for them and finding the most fitting ones are not what most women would always love to do. Maintaining them is also a chore, as there are the caring instructions, such as hand washing, air drying, and storing them properly inside drawers. Most of all, wearing them and making them look right under clothes seem like next to impossible.

What do you think cause these problems?  Is it the style and design, or the size of a bra, or the kind of materials used?  Or, is it the women who are to get the blame?  Maybe we should look into where we make the mistake, before we can resolve these bra problems. I list down some of these common mistakes by many women when shopping for their bras and how to correct them.

Wearing the wrong size bra is done by a majority of women around the world. For them bra shopping is very tiresome and aggravating, so they find it easier to settle for one even if it does not exactly fit, rather than try finding a bra that fits perfectly. Some signs that you are wearing the wrongly fitting bra include boobs spilling out of the cup, band riding up your back, straps falling off or cutting into your shoulders, or the appearance of bra-line-bulge. When trying on a bra, look at your self in the mirror; if you find any of these signs, you are certainly wearing a wrong size bra.

Making cup size the basis of choosing a bra size is a big mistake. Find your band size first, and finding the cup size should follow. Your cup may be a D with one band size and an E with another. Cup sizes are not standard; they are correlated with band sizes. So bear this in mind when shopping for your bra.

Fastening on the innermost hooks of the bra that you’re trying on is a wrong that can be corrected by going according to the outermost set of hooks first. Use the tightest hooks only when your bra becomes stretched over time.

Wearing one bra style with every outfit should be stopped.  You wear different bra styles according to the requirements of the styles of dresses that you wear. Before going out of the house, try different bras for your outfit.

Keeping your bra for a year or more is not advisable.  You should stock up, so you have more to rotate. Even if you take good care of them, bras stretch out and most likely will fail in their duty of supporting your girls. Having more pieces in your drawer will prolong their lives.

Stock up bras | side back support bra Orlinas

To conclude, try to put some time and effort for your bra fitting and styles, as you do for clothes or jewelry fashion.  A correct bra choice will make you radiant from inside out. 

Reasons Your Bra Straps Slip 0

Women with narrow shoulders and shoulders that slope too much are most likely to experience bra strap slippage.  However, these are not the only reasons for such problem.  We maintain that straps falling off women’s shoulders can also be the result of poorly fitting bras. Here are several other reasons why your bra straps keep on slipping, and how to resolve the issue.

Cup size is too big.

This can mean two things:  (1) that you are not properly fitted when you bought the bra, so the cups are not filled enough with breast tissue and do not apply tension on the straps, and (2) as you age, you lose the volume on the top of your breasts, creating an empty space on the cups. If the bra cups are not filled enough to apply tension on the straps, the latter will naturally fall off your shoulders. You need to go one cup size smaller and scoop your breast tissue into the cups to be sure that they are filled properly.

Bra strap fall of | push in push up bra Orlinas

The straps are very loose.

Bra straps can be, and should be adjusted. They need to be tight enough to provide the required 10% support to the breasts’ weight. (The other 90% should come from the bra band). If the straps cannot provide this 10% support, they will tend to fall off. They should, however, not be too tight to prevent the bra band from getting pulled upward.

The bra back is not properly positioned when worn.

This happens when you prepare to go to school or work in the morning, hurrying to get out of the house without even checking if you’ve worn your bra the right way and everything is in its proper place. This is an important factor for comfort during your entire day. After you’ve worn the bra, reach back and pull the bra back down, to make sure that it is placed correctly.

The bra back is expanded.

The straps will be farther apart when your band is too large.  According to a lot of survey, a common mistake women make for bra fitting is wearing a bigger band and smaller cup sizes.  The bigger band size than necessary contributes to straps falling off your shoulders.  Obviously, the cure is that you adjust the size of your bra – go up in size of the band and down in size of the cup.  This will make a good fit and prevent strap slippage. 

The bra style is not right for you.

Every woman’s body is different, so not every style will fit you and the dress that you wear. The square-shouldered women can have even the wide-set straps in bras, while those with narrow and sloping shoulders should consider carefully the placement of straps on the bras that they buy. Knowing your body style and the bra styles that will fit you will help a lot.

The bottom line here is that a properly fitting bra is very important, for your comfort and for prevention of straps slippage. If you haven’t been to a measurement yet, maybe it is time to measure and find the size and style of bra that supports and doesn't fall down your shoulders.

Does The Material Of The Bra Play a Role In Its Comfort Factor? 0

Yes, it does. The bra materials have a role in the comfort factor.  So along with a good size and fit, the right style, and flexible budget, the material or fabric of a bra should be considered when you go bra shopping.  The rightly fitting bra will provide support and comfort for the entire day that you wear it.  The right style does the same. Bra designs are given a lot of thought by designers, and they make sure that the needs of women are considered before putting them into production. This is one reason why lots of bra styles, shapes and of various materials show up in the market today and they all intend to provide comfort to the wearer.

Of course we already know that bras are made of different fabrics, such as lycra, cotton, lace and leather.  When choosing the bra material, comfort should be the first in your mind.  Don’t forget that each material has its distinct benefits offered.  For making sports bras, for example, the lycra fabric is the most suitable.  Sports bras are worn during work outs and exercises, so women require the snug fit that the fabric provides.

Cotton is perhaps the most comfortable material to use in a bra. It’s breathable in addition to being a very soft fabric. However, cotton, when used in some bra styles, may not give you the support and shaping needed.  It is also not as sexy or racy compared to other fabrics, but they can last much longer than other fancy fabrics.  Cotton bras can also be machine washed.

Cotton Bra | push in push up bra fabric Orlinas

Cotton is a good choice for bra inner cup fabric

Polyester and nylon materials are comfortable and supportive.  You can have them woven to make lustrous satin, luxurious lace, or light microfiber. All these materials feel smooth on the skin.  Some bras are constructed with spandex that also provides the comfort of stretch.  The lace material is sexy and very pretty, although it may sometimes irritate the skin.  Some materials need extra care, such as hand washing and air drying, to maintain the shape of the bra, such as the satin fabric; it is a pretty and comfortable material, though.

Whether the bra of your choice is under wired or wire free, its material should maximize comfort of the wearer.  Mesh fabric is a nice-looking and breathable material and some bra designs use this material. But women skin gets easily irritated in this fabric, besides the fact that the mesh fabric does not provide the best comfort and support when used alone and not combined with spandex or cotton.  Some Orlinas bras have magnetic cotton layered inner cups to improve the blood micro circulation, which is beneficial for preventing breasts sagging.  Orlinas also have some other designs utilize silk fibroin, which can provide eighteen types of amino acid that human being needs. 

Bra shopping, whether at specialty stores or online, should be an exciting experience. This is especially true for younger girls who need their training bras to signify that they are developing into a woman’s body. However, buying a bra can be an aggravating experience for confused women who do not know what they should look for in an undergarment.  Hopefully the above information can help, especially in choosing the right material in which your desired bra is made.

The Right Bras for Curvature of the Spine 0

Curvature of the spine is a form of Scoliosis; there can also be symptoms of pain and other complications. This condition can be mild and can also be serious. Scoliosis cannot be cured by exercise and good posture. However for mild and moderate spinal curvature, you can feel and look better with exercise and wearing the right style and properly fitting bra. Finding the right bra is a common problem of women suffering from curvature of the spine.  It seems that regular bras from stores never fit right, so it becomes very difficult to find something that you can wear the whole day and you still feel comfortable.

Wide back bra scoliosis | side back support bra Orlinas

Bra straps falling off from shoulders is an issue to women with spinal curvature, because one shoulder tends to be lower than the other. The solution to this is buying a bra that has U back design or racer back straps. It does not necessarily be a sports bra, but the back of the straps of these kind bras look like a letter “U” or “Y”.  Even if your right shoulder is one to two inches lower than your left, the straps won’t fall off. They are easy to find in almost every specialty stores. 

If you can’t find the type of bras mentioned in the above, then perhaps you should buy a bra with straps that are sewn close to each other.  If this and all else fails, you can try looking for a small strap that will hold the two bra straps together when attached. This small strap should run parallel to the back straps of your bra, so they won’t fall off. 

Another issue faced by women with spinal curvature is when the bad rides up their backs.  If you are one of these women, don’t worry, because it takes only the right bra type to solve your problem. Get a bra that offers maximum support, not only at the front, but also at the back.  The wide back bands will keep your back straight and your head high.  Such features can be found in posture bras and long line bras.  The posture bras will control your posture.  The long line bras go down to your waist and provide support and comfort to your back.  They will stay in place even if they are worn for a long period of time.

Do you suffer from curvature of the spine?  Don’t fret; it’s not the end of the world.  All you need is to wear the right bra style and size and you will feel better.  You will also look better than when you wear a regular bra.  The right bras perfect for your spinal curvature, including Orlinas bras, may be a bit more expensive than regular bra items, but they will fit you right, they won’t fall off your shoulders or ride up your hump.

How A Properly Fitting Bra Can Solve the Armpit Fat Issue 0

The armpit fat, or underarm fat, is a common problem that women can’t seem to find a solution for. For many of these women, this issue is affecting their happiness as they can’t wear clothes that reveal more skin on that particular area. Some of them try working out, while others do only exercises for the arms, back and shoulders, and they get only very little help, or no help at all. It is a fact that targeting only the underarm area with these trainings is next to impossible. 

Some say that liposuction can be a possible alternative to workouts, however, I would not suggest that you go to that to remedy your problem.  It is a very costly procedure, and risky, too.  The underarm area does not only have fat, but also breast tissue and lymph nodes; there will still be visible skin folds and scarring.  There will be the risk to infection.  Add to these the fat will return simply as you start gaining weight.

So, what is the best option to remove armpit fat?  Well, most of my researches have proved that the correct style and size of bra can help in this area tremendously. Why, and how, you may ask.  It’s because the fat under the arms are mostly breast tissue.  So when you wear a bra with too small cups all over, this will make your skin and breast tissue to pucker under your arms. The bra styles that should be worn by women with armpit fat are bras with fuller cups, taller side wires and wider bands, as these features will help conceal the problem areas. Avoid wearing demi cup bras.

To find a properly fitting bra, you should first know your exact measurement.  Approach a professional bra fitter in a bra specialty store or looking for self-measurement guidance.  Even if you already have taken your measurement yourself before, it is highly recommended that you measure yourself more frequently and follow the specific size guidance for each brand, because bra sizes vary between brands, and your body changes overtime.

When you are fitting on a specific style and size of one brand, make sure that the bra really fits, and is not cutting into the area of your armpit.  You should move your arms out, up, and around.  If the bra style is a taller cup, you can expect some fabrics getting in the way, so you may decide on the matter of compromise.  See here for a bra buying guidance.

Another important thing, you should know how to put your bra on properly.  All your breast tissue must be contained inside the cup, including the very side of your breast and the tissue that is under the armpit. This step can make a huge difference in the feel and fit of the bra that you are trying on; and it takes just a few seconds. With the right bra style and size, you will look much more flattering, and your overall appearance, including the armpit area, will improve.