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Myths of Bra Fitting and Women’s Health Busted

Nowadays there are lots of information and advice online that help women deal with bra shopping and fitting, but there is also misinformation that can make women even more confused. 

Actually there is so much misinformation and below is a list.

Bras can make your breasts sag

This myth sprung from a published report by a French scientist last spring.  It said that bras do not in any way benefit the breasts, but instead cause them to sag more.  There is no concrete proof to this, say bra experts, because the study included certain ages of women and did not take the women’s breast sizes into account. The general belief is that bras prevent breasts from sagging because of the support they provide.

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It is beneficial to sleep with bras on

This issue dependents on a woman’s comfort.  You can sleep in your bras if you feel like it, otherwise don’t do it.  There is no proof that a bra  in bed will help nor harm the breasts.

Bra wearing can cause cancer, because toxins are trapped inside the cups

This is not true.  Internet may have stories linking bras to cancer, but you cannot find any credible research that supports the claim.

The average bra size is a 34B

Then it changed to 36C. There is a great difference in bra brands, sizes, models, styles and designs. So the true average bra size can not be ascertained, even if manufacturers are able to know which bras are the most saleable.

Breasts are mostly supported by the bra cups

No. The bands offer 90 percent of the support, and the bra straps and cups simply help to carry the breasts. The right band should be snug, that is, it hugs your body and not rides up when you move around.  It also helps prevent the dreaded back fat from showing through clothing.

The lightest colored bra is the best option to wear with white tops

There is no right nor wrong. Perhaps it makes sense that the tone that is closest to your skin tone is the most ideal. It becomes less visible.  In simple words, if you have lighter skin, wear a lighter toned bra with a white top.  If you have darker skin, wear bra colors that are close to the color of your skin.

A good bra will stay with you forever

Nothing lasts forever, okay?  Bras can serve you only for up to nine months, but can last for one year if they are well taken cared of (like hand-washing, air-drying, storing properly, and having several pieces to rotate). Smaller bra cups may last longer than the larger ones, for obvious reasons.

There are other myths like: any style will work for your body, and you know what size you are even if you don’t go for a fit.  Again please be careful at accepting these advice and suggestion.


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