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The Right Bra to Banish Back Fat

When you set aside long sleeves and go around town in thin, clingy clothing and sundresses in a nice day, are you a little conscious of showing flabby arms and tummies, and sometimes back fat (also called back bulges, bra fat, or bra bulges)? 

Bra back fat is the fat on the back that you see rolled under, over or through the bra band that is made more prominent when you wear an ill fitting bra. Some studies have confirmed that bra back fat is at present most women’s dilemma. 

bra back fat | FinallyBra

Luckily, there are ways to get rid of these unwanted fats at the back, or at least prevent them from showing prominently. One option is to lose weight, which means you lose weight overall, as it is not possible to lose weight in just one area of your body. Start by watching what you eat: reduce calories and fat intake.  Consume more fruits and vegetable.  Do cardio exercises and engage in strength training.

back fat | FinallyBra

There is another quicker fix, which is checking the bra fitting.  An ill fitting bra is one of the major factors why bra fats appear. To know that the bra is of the right fit, its back band should not squeeze, but tight enough to fit. When there are indentations caused by your bra, it is better to re-measure yourself so you know your band size. The right band size fits from front to back and straight across.  By getting fitted again, you get to know whether you need a new size bra or simply adjust the bra shoulder straps.

There are bra styles that you can choose to avoid your back bulge. For example, a side and back support bra, like FinallyBra, that has higher back and side panels that smoothen out your back flesh so you are given a sleek silhouette.  This style is comfortable and supportive as well.  You can choose a bra with wider straps that will not pull, but offer more support instead.  For the cups, choose the wide scooping cups and thick side panels.  These features help compress the usual back fat. 

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