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When You Need a Good and Supportive Bra

For any form of body movements especially when you have larger than normal breasts, the most important thing to consider is the support for your breasts. Not every bra does this job, so it is important to determine which type will give you the comfort and support that you actually need. 

You certainly do not want your girls to be flying all around, and you also would not want issues such as skin rashes, pain, and difficulty in breathing.  Why?  The breasts are held up by the Cooper’s ligaments which give them the shapes and sizes.  Once the Cooper’s ligaments are stretched, they cannot return to their original position anymore.  When you run or even just walk, breasts move in and out, up and down and from one side to the next.  Without proper support, a cup A breasts travel in each direction about an inch and a half.  For a cup D, they certainly will bounce up to 3 inches, stretching the Cooper’s ligaments with every bounce. Essentially, what protects the anatomy of a breast is a bra that lifts, supports and reduces the bouncing, the stretching and stress on the breast tissue.

Women in the military have to deal with this issue everyday.  Some people erroneously believe that the Army will issue the bras to use when training, but not necessarily.  So if you are expecting to be member of the military, you need to prepare quite a few regular and sports bras, and most importantly, they have to be truly supportive.  The same solution is for women who have daily intense activity to participate in.  Pick ones with more support if your activities are high impact, and for low-impact activities, get the less constrictive bras.

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Good support bras do not restrict, allowing you to breathe as easily as you can.  The feel these bras give should be that your body is moving with them, rather than you’re breathing against them.  Wide, sturdy and adjustable straps normally offer great support. Breathable fabric, properly tight elastic band, and multiple rows of fasteners are all necessary for providing the flexibility and comfort.

If you don’t want to limit your choices to only sports bra, meaning you want the support AND the delicate and feminine appearance, there aren't too many places or brands to go and get a good supportive bra.  Fortunately, FinallyBra is designed with all these needs in mind and the bras are quality, supportive and sexy.  Additionally you can actually wear them for exercise without the hassle of changing to a sports bra.  They are also perfect for business casual or a romantic dating night.  Isn’t it nice?

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