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How to Pack Lingerie for a Trip

Is a vacation abroad coming up?  If so, you should be busy listing down what to bring to your trip.  Don’t forget your lingerie. Some people plan about packing them after everything is ready. For us, however, this task is first and foremost. The little sexy things are very important, so we should deal with them before anything else. 

Whenever on travel, say for a period of one month, we should always pack two bras:  one we wear, and one spare. Light bras are easier as when we rinse one out at night, it will be dry by next morning. If you want to be extra sure that you’ll have something to wear, you can pack a third bra. Nude color is a good choice as it goes well with any tops. Do include a convertible style as it will serve you five looks – one-shoulder strap, strapless, two-straps, halter, and criss-cross back.  A seamless bra with no underwire is also advisable to bring if you plan to go trekking or move around a lot.

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Choose comfortable panties that will stay put whatever activity you plan to do in your destination.  Like bras, packing two to three panties so we can wash each every night. Underwear that is not completely cotton but with 100% cotton sew-in crotch are not heavy and dry easily. It is also comfortable and delicate for the travel. You may increase the number if you want, up to seven panties that include boys shorts or thongs which are common styles for most trips.

If you are heading to a warm destination and intend to spend some time in a hot tub or pool, a bikini or swim suit will serve you right. If the place you’re going to has a colder climate, or you’re traveling during winter, have some leggings in your baggage.  Long underwears will also serve the purpose of keeping you warm.  Layer them under your skirt or pants, or even your pajamas and sleep in them.

Have some camisoles included, three will be just right.  They are great to layer under a shirt for warmth.  You can also wear them as pajama tops when it’s not very cold. Camisoles were once a travel no-no.  Travelers have found they are useful lingerie, so they are now considered essentials in a lingerie bag.  Another not to be forgotten piece of lingerie is a shape wear, if you are going partying.  It will provide you with luxurious feel and look under clothing.  If you are doing other activities in your vacation, then the lingerie that you bring should be based on these also.  Whether you explore the countryside or the city, there is suitable lingerie for whatever you plan to do.

Pack them all with care.  Use fabric bags in storing your travel lingerie.  It will reduce the crumpling and wrinkles that may acquire on the road.  Fill out your bra and bustier cups with tissue papers if they will be added into layers of folded slips.

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