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What Cause Armpit Fat or Underarm Bulge

If you have that fat under your arms, how would you feel?  Would you be comfortable and confident at how you look, especially when you are in a tank top or a strapless/sleeveless dress?  I guess you wouldn’t be. This excess fat is commonly called armpit fat, or underarm bulge, underarm fat, armpit lump, armpit bulge, or armpit fat hang etc. But whatever you call it, it’s unsightly and definitely an eyesore.

There are many factors that cause armpit fat. It could be a genetic trait for some people. If you know your mother, aunt and grandmother all had this issue, then you should not be surprised that you have this problem also. If the upper body is not used very actively, such as working with your arms, or in strength training, you may possibly develop this armpit lump because the muscle tone to tighten up this area is very little.

The size of your breasts could matter too.  Do you have naturally large breasts? If yes, then the fat content in your chest is already high, and the chances of developing armpit fat is also high. Other contributory factors to underarm bulge include being overweight and hormonal imbalance and changes.

Armpit Fat | FinallyBra

However, the most common cause of armpit fat is wearing a bra that does not properly fit.  When you wear a bra with cups being too small for your boobs, then your breast tissue could “escape” or “migrate” to the underarms region. This happens also if the band is not fitted right to your body. Overall, it is reported that 80% women do not wear a fitted bra. But even if you get your size right, it is still very usual that you have the armpit fat, as most bras on the market are not designed to prevent or cure this issue, if not worsen it. The following is an illustration of underarm fat rolls even the bra sizing is not the cause.

Armpit Fat | FinallyBra No Bulge Bra

Armpit Fat / Underarm Bulges

Women with armpit fat have different approaches to this problem.  Some try diet and exercise combo in the hope of losing the fat at their underarms. Others use topical creams containing licorice. But more studies must be done and more positive results are needed to prove its effectiveness. Some people try syringe liposuction or cosmetic surgery, which cost a fortune, and, painful. Additionally, if you are terribly overweight, only a few surgeons will agree to do it on you as the doctors don’t expect to see good results on this procedure.

To eliminate the appearance of armpit fat, the first and perhaps the easiest thing to do is to find the correct size, either by yourself or bra experts. Having the right size, you need to select the bra styles that offer strong side support and push in function which help to push and cover more breast tissue under the cups. If you try an underwire bra, see where the wire ends:  it should be on the rib cage, not on the breast tissue. The wire ending on the breast tissue means that the cups are too small.  If your skin still bulges even if the cup encircles your entire breasts, get a larger size of back band. FinallyBra is the only brand with designs to prevent and banish armpit fat in mind and see the picture below for the quick and stunning results.

Push In No Armpit Fat Bra | FinallyBra No Bulge Bra

FinallyBra for Armpit Fat / Underarm Bulges

How you wear a bra matters too. You need first fasten the band, then place your breasts inside the cup and slip the straps. After that, scoop the breast tissue that is under your arms and place them inside the cups, making sure that they are settled.  Adjust the straps to a two-finger tension.  See here for a detailed guidance of how to wear a bra right.

Bra is actually one of the most important pieces for women because it makes you look pretty when wearing it right and magnifies your imperfection when you get it wrong. Get a right bra and wear it right, it is all that simple!


  • Guys! I have this and i’ve found doing arm cardio workouts (fast rapid movements) Has helped a lot and its only been about a week or so. I just go to youtube and type something in like “5 minute arm armpit fat cardio toning” or something. They even have ones you can do sitting ,those are the ones i do so i can do it while watching a movie or something. lol Try it out and just randomly do some of the movements throughout the day. Even adding small extra movement with those exercises when you are resting helps. I just go around moving my arms around a lot and doing large straight arm clap movements when i’m sitting still. TRY IT.

  • I developed this this thing when I was around 16years….the fat keeps growing the more I grow and it irritates I can’t even put on a short sleeve is there anything I can do to do away with it cause most of the physicians ain’t helping… and btw I’m slim so the armpit fat appears very bad. I tried everything buh nope still ain’t helping

    Marion Tabitha
  • Im having armpit fat and i really needto loose it asap.

    Marcia Badal
  • I’m a young teenager, who is not overweight, just normal size for a teen girl. Though I have a lot of armpit fat, even when i have no bra on. This makes me feel uncomfortable and insecure around people, please tell me what this is..thank you

  • I have armpit fat under both arms. Is there anything I can get rid of it with local anesthesia?

    Sharon Sims

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