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How a Properly Fitting Bra Can Solve the Armpit Fat Issue

Armpit fat, or underarm fat, is a common problem that women can’t seem to find a solution for. For many, this issue is affecting their happiness as they can’t wear clothes that reveal more skin on that particular area. Some try working out, while others do exercises only for the arms, back and shoulders and get little help, or no help at all. It is a fact that targeting only the underarm area with these trainings is next to impossible. 

Armpit Fat | FinallyBra

Some say that liposuction can be a possible alternative to workouts. However, I would not suggest it to remedy armpit fat.  It is a very costly procedure, and risky too.  The underarm area does not only have fat, but also breast tissue and lymph nodes. It is very likely that visible skin folds and scarring still exist after the procedure, not to talk about the risk of infection.  Additionally, the armpit fat will return simply as you start gaining weight.

So, what is the best option to remove armpit fat?  It is proved that wearing bras of the correct style and size can help in this area tremendously. Why, and how, you may ask.  It’s because the fat under the arms are mostly breast tissue.  So when you wear a bra of too small cups, it makes your skin and breast tissue to pucker under your arms. The right bra styles for women having armpit fat are bras with fuller cups, taller side bones and wider bands, as these features help conceal the problem areas. Avoid wearing demi cup bras.

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To find a properly fitting bra, you should first know your exact measurement.  Approach a professional bra fitter in a bra specialty store or refer to FinallyBra's Bra Sizing Guidance.  Even if you already have taken your measurement yourself before, it is highly recommended that you measure yourself more frequently and follow the specific size guidance for each brands, as bra sizes vary among brands and your body changes overtime.

When you are fitting on a specific style and size of one brand, make sure that the bra really fits, and is not cutting into the area of your armpit.  You should move your arms out, up, and around.  If the bra style has tall cups, you may expect some fabric getting in the way. So you may decide on the matter of compromise. We recommend that you refer to FinallyBra's Bra Buying Guidance for more details.

Lastly, you should know how to put your bra on properly.  All your breast tissue must be contained inside the cup, including the very side of your breasts and the tissue that is under the armpit. This step can make a huge difference in the feel and fit of the bra that you are trying on although it only takes a few seconds. With the right bra style and size, you will look much more flattering and the overall appearance, including the armpit area, will improve tremendously.

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  • I’m 66yrs old,small breast,but saggy fat under arm pits

    Mary Rivas

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