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Wearing Nursing Bra to Avoid Controversy When Breastfeeding in Public

There have always been issues about mothers breastfeeding babies in public places. The act became more controversial when photos of two military women nursing their babies in uniform came out.  Even the photo was part of breastfeeding awareness campaign it still sparked outrage. It seems to be a social issue which can’t expect to have a resolution soon.

The public reactions to the photo are very surprising, because the military does not prevent the Air Force mothers to breastfeed, even in public.  It is a legal act; in fact, it is encouraged among moms, thus the awareness campaign. While there are rules about wearing the military uniforms, there is no specific policy about breastfeeding while in uniform.  However, military people are always advised to be careful of their appearance whenever they are in uniforms. Perhaps, the public is concerned about the breasts getting exposed while the babies are fed. The photo in question shows one breastfeeding mother with her both breasts showing, and only her nipples are covered by the babies, who obviously are twins.

FinallyBra believes that this concern can be solved in part if mothers wear nursing bras.  The military mothers seem to not be wearing any bra when the photo was taken. Perhaps the photograph will not get this much controversy had it shown that the mothers are wearing nursing bras, and very little or no part of the breast is exposed.

A nursing bra is a special kind of bra designed to provide support to lactating women besides allowing them to breastfeed their babies comfortably. This bra need not be removed or lifted up to give access to the baby, as its cups have flaps that can easily open and close with a single hand. When in public, nursing infants requires only minimal effort, and moms can minimize any unwanted attention from people around. Nursing bras are suited to wear with different outer garments, and moms can also avoid the issue of leaks because the bra cups allow insert-able pads between feedings.

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There are lots of nursing bras in the market, but wait until the last month of pregnancy as the breasts get larger after giving birth. To choose the best nursing bra, look for flexibility. The nursing bra should allow enough room when the breast milk starts coming in. The cup opening should be enough for the baby to feed. Other features to look for when buying a nursing bra includes 4 hook-and-eye fastenings, wide shoulder straps, broad back and side panels, deep front center, and cups that easily unclasp. Avoid buying very tight nursing bras, so as not to squeeze or constrict the breasts and prevent the smooth flow of milk.  Wearing tight bras can also result in conditions like mastitis setting in.

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