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Breasts and Bras Facts That You Would Want To Know

Breasts – women got them, talk about them and think about them.  Men and women look at them, and are obsessed with them. To be able to understand this obsession about breasts, here are some interesting facts about boobs.  In fact, there are so many, but here are ten of them.

  1. Women in America are buying bigger bras.  The average breast size is now up to 36DD or DDD, a big increase from the average 34B 10 years ago.  One reason given for this is the estrogen, a hormone that causes growth of the breasts. Today’s women are more exposed to estrogen than the women of the past years.

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  1. The majority of women (85 out of 100) are not wearing the correct size bra.  How about you?  Do you feel that your bras are the right size for you?  Remember that each woman has her own body shape and size, and the bra sizing standards may not conform to the exact measurement of everyone.  Add to this the bodily changes that a woman goes through the years.
  2. Seventy percent of women are not happy with the size and shape of their breasts.  Because of this, they do not stop looking for ways to increase or decrease their sizes.  Fortunately, some options exist that can help them achieve the size and shape that they desire. There are the exercises, pills, surgeries, padded bras, push up bras and minimizer bras, according to their needs.
  3. Boob play or breast action can turn a woman on.  Some can even have orgasm even if you don’t touch them down there; what is needed is just to stimulate the breasts.

  4. Your breasts can hurt while you exercise, and it is just normal. However, if your breasts can show their emotions, you’ll probably see that they are not really thrilled seeing you putting on your running shoes. Breast pain is the problem of one out of three women runners.

  5. Breasts move a lot.  Whether you walk slowly or briskly, your breasts move. Running, jogging, cardio workouts, and aerobics can make your girls bounce around.  To minimize the bounce and reduce breast pain, it is important that your sports bras are elastic enough. Regular exercises can give you perky breasts, so continue exercising even if you feel pain.
  6. The largest breast that made it to the Guinness Book of World Record in 1999 is of an American woman.  Her chest measurement was 70 inches or 5.83 feet, and each boob weighs 56 pounds.  So don’t get annoyed with your boobs if you think they are too big, if you don’t want to be laughed at by the woman who has the world’s largest breast.
  7. The majority of women have breasts that are uneven.  Don’t freak out if your girls are not identical in size, and they can have a difference of up to 20%.  Usually the left breast is bigger than the right, but, it’s no big deal.
  8. The most popular plastic surgery is breast augmentation, or breast implants.  This ito prove once again, that most women are not happy with the kind of breast that they have. Just don’t forget that while implants can make your breasts voluminous, there is a ton of side effects that come with it; and they are all scary.  So, think about it ten times or more before you go under the knife.
  9. The bra, since its inception, has come a long way.  It was 1914 when Mary Phelps Jacob was given a patent for making the modern bra, using two hankies and a ribbon to create what we call the “backless bra”.  In 1920, Ida and William Rosenthal worked with a friend to produce a bra with standard sizing.  From then on, the padded bras were introduced, followed by the push up bras, front hook bras and the fashion bustier.

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