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Smart Bra That Only Unhooks When You’re in Love?

A group of Indian students have recently invented a bra that zaps sexual attackers; and Microsoft is in the process of researching a smart bra. The news doesn’t stop there, because another one is popping up; and it is all about the True Love Tester bra.  This is a smart bra developed by Tokyo-based lingerie brand, Ravijour.  What’s unique about this bra is that it will only unhook when you are in love.

Ravijour, working with a team of fancy engineers, have made this bra possible. Ever wonder how True Love Tester bra works?  Basically, the cups of True Love Tester bra have built-in sensors that measure the speed and pattern of the beat of your heart.  A wireless signal is sent to a device similar to a blue-tooth in your cell phone. Your heartbeat rate will then be determined by these sensors.  So, when you meet someone with whom you have a deeper attraction, or you are in love with, this will cause your heart rate to increase.  The clasp (which is at the front), will glow pink; and once you’re on the threshold of true love, it will pop open.

smart bra | FinallyBra

If you doubt the accuracy of the True Love Tester bra, the company says that it can distinguish the kind of increased heartbeat coming from dancing vigorously or using the elliptical from that increased rate caused by love.  What’s more, True Love Tester bra can tell whether or not what you feel for someone is just a flirtatious feeling. The company further says that the main purpose of the bra is to prevent you going into sexcapades that you might regret afterwards.

What if you are having dinner with that guy that you like, and you suddenly felt that you’re in love with him?  Will the True Love Tester bra pop open right there and then, even if you are not inside the bedroom? I surely think so.  What will you do if this happens to you? Some other questions come to my mind about this bra.  For example, can you unhook it by yourself, if you want to change clothes, not to make love? Won’t you be embarrassed if this bra decides to just pop open when you’re in love but not yet ready to show your breasts to the guy?

Questions, questions, and more questions need to be answered.  Considering the bra is coded and engineered, I don’t think it will ever resolve all the possible situations when the heart beat increases while it should not be unhooked.  Fantastic idea it is, I will probably just stick with my traditional bras.

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