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The Breasts in a Video Game but in a Different Perspective

The Boob Jam is a computer game website that was built as a result of an idea posted by the site owner, Jean Frank, on her Twitter account.  The post goes like this:  “What if you had to watch a sexy videogame character who also buys bra, and cries softly when she can’t find one that fits, and go in for mammogram?” 

The idea suddenly came to Jean Frank, who said that really, it was not a joke, but something funny.  The post earned comments from some people, saying that they will play the video game that Jean Frank has in mind.  Other comments suggested other ideas, and as they pour in, she decided to create the Boob Jam website.

push in bra | FinallyBra

Videogame developers were invited to create games about boobs but not as they are commonly looked at by the male species:  as sex objects.  For example, a game can be developed, where breast health can be promoted, or where the devastating story of a woman who was just diagnosed with breast cancer is narrated. The game can also be about the anatomy of a breast, or breast development in the perspective of a trans-woman.  These are the subjects that videogame developers can work on, and, really there are many other subjects to explore.

Actually, there is no criterion on the design.  The instruction is to make a videogame that is all about boobs, but not discussing about the size:  is it too big?  Is it too small?  Or, are the boobs suited to the character? The jiggle physics, they’re such a big deal.  People always love to talk about breasts, and it is not in the way that the website owner would want in her site.  Why?  It’s because for the rest of the women (and some men, too), boobs are not just playthings.  They are part of a woman’s body that we are living with everyday.

Sometimes, boobs become problematic if they are too large and get in the way.  Some women want them reduced.  Sometimes, just a brisk walking can be a tough task.  Some women are happy with their boobs, others are not.  That is how complicated boobs are. People who have known about the Boob Jam believe that the videogame website is an ideal way for game developers to portray the women’s breasts as not just objects that offer sexuality, but as something that can get people affected in many different ways.

So we are looking forward seeing how the video game makers determine the weight and gravitas that can pour into this boob game design since boobs have different meanings to different people, and there are ways, so many ways, to talk about them; not just to titillate the player.  

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