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Why Is the Average American Bra Size Increasing?

The average bra size in US has increased by almost three cup sizes, from the 34B bra size 20 years ago to 34DD at the present time.  Some lingerie retailers, including us FinallyBra, have attested that bra sizes are really increasing.  These retailers report that the best selling bras are sizes 34E(DD) and are also planning to include bigger sizes.

You may ask: what is the reason for this inflation?  Could it be that women’s breasts are actually growing, or there is a lessening stigma towards purchasing bras in larger sizes?  According to lingerie retailers, some factors in the increase in sizes may include breast implants and weight gain. But the most significant reason is that women today are choosing a bra size that is more appropriate to their bodies.  Specifically, women are more aware of their bodies and knowledgeable about bra fitting and breast health today than 20 years ago, when they tended to conform to the structure and squeeze their breasts into smaller cup sizes.

It is believed that the larger bra sizes demands come from a combination of better customer service, more abundance bra fitting guidance and an increased awareness among the women themselves.  In the past, women were more prone to purchase a bigger band and smaller cup size than their true size. The loose band easily rides up when the body moves and provides almost none support for the front.  Missing this most important support the breasts droop easier and earlier than they are supposed to.  Additionally, due to this lack of support from the band, the front weight almost exclusively falls on the straps, causing a lot of shoulder pain. 

Nowadays, thanks to the increasing channels of communication and media, women gradually realize that, by ignoring their own body’s needs, they are paying a price not only to the appearance but also their health.  They can say bye to all the discomfort a bad fitting bra causes (the straps leaving red marks on shoulders and ribs, the wires digging in, the breasts spilling over the cup tops, bad look in the clothes etc.) by just embracing their bodies and not feeling shy to pick up a bigger cup and smaller bands, which closely cater to their body and provide more support, lift and ultimately, comfort.

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FinallyBra applauds this trend and encourages every woman to start to know their body, love their body and not shy of showing their body.  Small or big breasts, they are beautiful in their own way.  The bra’s role is to cater to, support and demonstrate the breasts, not depress them.  To do so, the very important step, get bra fitting, either do it yourself according to our guidance or by professional fitter, and find the right bra size.

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