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Tina Fey Advises Women to Always Wear a Bra

There have always been issues on the subject of whether or not a woman should wear a bra.  It seems that the number of people who are against wearing it is almost equal to those who are in favor.  Reality star Tina Fey, has made public her opinion on this matter.  On TV show “Inside The Actor’s Studio”, she advises women to always wear a bra, at least have it in the drawer even if they don't like it.

What could be the reason behind Tina’s advice?  It has been said over and over that many women look at the bra as a symbol of discomfort and constraint.  However, many find the bras to be helpful in supporting the “girls” and lifting them up.  If you are endowed on that part, you’ll need wear a bra to avoid back pains and other issues.

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Some women are against the wearing of a bra purely due to claims that taint its reputation.  For example, some articles state that the bra causes breast cancer, or it is just unhealthy.  Some just feel wearing a bra annoying at times, with the under wires and straps that you feel all day.

But say if you are petite and want to be braless.  How can you make your chest look full? How do you wear a top with even a slightly deep neckline when you don't have cleavage to show?  Do you still feel confident on anything you wear?  On the other hand, if you are a full busted, will you enjoy the bounce that they make when you move?  Will your twins feel hurt when you do even a very simple exercise without a bra’s support?  Maybe NOT.

There are many types of bras, but you can have two basic styles - the regular bra and the sports bra - to wear from day to day, and each style has its specific functions.  The regular bra can be padded and underwired, and you wear it most of the time.  The underwires, as mentioned previously, may be uncomfortable especially when they poke on the skin. But they keep the twins supported and pointing at the right direction.  Sports bra can be worn if you are just introducing your breasts to a bra, or you are working out.  Some women wear sports bras when they sleep (especially if they tend to toss and turn while sleeping), because they feel like wearing nothing while the breasts are held in their places.

The discomfort felt by some women in wearing a bra may come from improper fitting.  Before you buy a bra, make sure you measure yourself first, or have yourself measured by a bra fitter.  Don’t forget to try on each bra sizes and brands.  You might be a C cup in one size/brand but a B cup in the other size/brand.

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