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Braless Wardrobe Malfunction

Olivia Munn is not the only star who experienced braless wardrobe malfunction. It has always been dangerous to combine sheer tops and bright lights, but the “Newsroom” actress proved that she was not deterred by this, and she braved a see-through crochet sweater.  When she left the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, Olivia posed for the photographers who got an eyeful when her see-through top malfunctioned under the flashes of light.  So, what the photographers saw was her braless chest.

The wardrobe malfunction term started to become a special vocabulary when Janet Jackson’s right breast made a cameo appearance in the half time show. While that story has long been forgotten, the term has stayed as relevant as before, many thanks to the stars and starlets who have carried the torch of malfunction upon themselves.  Unlike the celebrities, regular folks will never have to worry about braless malfunctions becoming the trending topics on social sites, or going viral on the Internet, still they can cause too much embarrassment.

The daughter of presidential nominee John Kerry, named Alexander, also had her moment of wardrobe malfunction when she went to the Cannes Film Festival wearing a long black dress.  It would have been looking demure and classy but the spotlights turned the dress translucent and revealed her white panty and bare chest.  Poor girl, but the incident was not as notorious as that of Janet Jackson’s, though.

It may feel liberating to go braless and it appears to be the only option that you can take sometimes. However, going out without a bra may put you at the risk of your nipple showing through your top, like Olivia Munn.  This is the most common malfunction among braless celebrities.  For certain ensembles, a double stick tape may work, although its staying in place cannot be guaranteed, especially during the summer months. A nipple that does not have the protection of a bra can make an appearance even if it doesn’t pop out through a hole in the knitted sweater.  A crueler kind of braless wardrobe malfunction is when it goes unnoticed until the photographers started flashing their camera, or there comes a sudden burst of lighting that’s very bright. And only then you begin to realize what is happening.

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Even for simple girls who do not have photographers following their every move, experiencing a braless wardrobe malfunction can ruin the photo shooting moments.  It can also cause you humiliation once you find yourself standing under a bright light. But this can be avoided if you examine the garment thoroughly.  Putting your hand inside the clothing and holding it up against the light is a good trick.  If you can see your hands it means that your whole body will be visible through the fabric when subjected against the light, and there’s a need for you to saddle up with the appropriate underpinning.

On second thought, why don’t these girls just wear a bra?  Perhaps making their boobs a subject of people’s talking is exactly the attention they want.

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