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A Rifle Bra, Lady Gaga Made The Headline Again

While performing at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, BC for her "Born This Way Ball" tour on Friday, Lady Gaga started another wave of gun talk by wearing a rifle bra.

The bra featured two plastic automatic rifles, which irritated the nation healing from the pain from the gun violence during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  

We are not here to judge right or wrong, however, we do need to mention that the special bra is ill-fitting. Sorry, our business is about bra and we can't help it. 

If you look closer, you will notice that there are two issues with this bra's fitting. First, Lady Gaga's breasts spilled out of the cups , both the sides and the top. Secondly, the side panel pushed the fat out and created obvious armpit fat. We suggest that Lady Gaga get a new measurement about her breasts, and select a bra has more cup and side coverage. 

So if you ever experience these two problems, you should consider whether you are wearing a bra with wrong size, or you need to try some other styles or brands of bras.

Nowadays, there are brands of bras on the market that are both quality and functional, try FinallyBra that are designed to avoid both armpit fat bulge and breasts spillage problems.


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