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How to Wear Tank Tops Without the Bra Straps Showing

Question (Kate of Virgina): how should I wear my tank tops without showing my bra straps.  You know, I am not lucky enough to be endowed with a bounty, so it’s really impossible to go braless.  When I wear a regular bra with my tank top, the straps show and I don’t look so smart. Please reply.

Bra Straps Showing Under Tops | FinallyBra


Tank tops, like some styles of evening dresses bare your arms and shoulders, so if you wear them with a regular bra, your straps are bound to become visible. When straps are showing under a tank top, you can look sloppy, trashy, or tacky.  Some girls use special tapes to directly adhere their bra straps to their skins, but the tape may loosen when you sweat, producing discomfort.

Some smart women have ways of wearing their tank tops without showing their bra straps.  They take advantage of the availability of some bra styles that make them wear a tank top with breasts in, up and controlled and no bra straps showing. These are some of the bras.

Strapless bras are constructed with bodice lined with silicon band to adhere it to the skin and prevent slipping down.  It may sound uncomfortable, however, if you try one with ample cup support and a flexible under wire, you can dance and jump all you want and your strapless bra will still be in place.  Do you want to play volleyball on the beach with it?  Go ahead;  your bra won’t leave you.

Convertible bras have versatile straps to conform to the strapless, racer back, halter neck tank tops, and even tops that are over the shoulder. These bras have hidden hooks and looks, so they can be an essential undergarment for your summertime tank tops.  You can configure the straps many different ways and some have additional invisible silicon straps when you purchase. These invisible straps are clear;  they blend with your skin tone, making them hardly noticeable.  You can attach them to any of your bras that have removable straps.

Bandeaus  are made of stretchable material that contours.  They also wick moisture, and are great if you are less endowed;  They allow you to achieve a tank top excellence.  You may get little support from most bandeau bras, but this can be remedied if you pick one with  some padding and soft under wire.

Built-in bras are a great option if you prefer support and coverage.  When you buy a tank top which is made of softer material and designed to bare your body silhouette, you may pick one with a built-in bra.  This type of tops may also have padding and soft under wire, like the other varieties of bras, and have smooth molded cups, seamless to prevent irritation, and offer to lift your breasts for a perfect shape. This is not a cheap one to buy, but it offers convenience when you need to change tops when going from one place to another, say a yoga, then a beach, then a night out.

If you've got  extended fronts that are too big so that not wearing a bra is impossible, then maybe you can consider other top styles like wrap tops or dresses that can show your curve.

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