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Strapless Bra, Strapless Dress

Late spring this year, Britney Spears stepped out in Malibu in a black strapless dress, with the keyhole feature at the center of her chest showing that she was braless. Her appearance caught people’s attention as she was constantly pulling the dress up.  Although always smiling, it was obvious that Britney was worrying about the dress slipping down and having a hard time preventing it.  FinallyBra thinks that Britney looked absolutely healthy and beautiful, while it was a daring choice to go bra-less with a strapless dress.

The dress showed Britney’s lovely shoulders and neck. However, it was not snug at top, so that during the entire trip she was constantly tugging at it. Maybe Britney should have worn a strapless bra to prevent an embarrassing accident, or maybe just completely give up the dress, although it was really a gorgeous one.     

Better to be safe than sorry!  So if you wear a strapless dress or top, you need the right bra underneath it, and when you buy, pick the right size and fit.  In the market there are lots of strapless bras or convertible bras.  Here are some types of strapless bras that you can wear with your strapless blouse or dress:

Traditional strapless bra

This is what women wear with their bridesmaid’s or prom gowns.  It has a tight enough band and the cups have contoured underwire, slightly padded, and have linings. Some types of traditional strapless bras are similar to demi cup or half-cup bras, while others are push up style to enhance the cleavage.  Some types may also have molded cups for smoother and fuller appearance.  For larger-breasted women, there are available minimizing styles to make the look slimmer.

strapless bra | FinallyBra

Bandeau bra

Sometimes also called a tube bra, it has stretchable fabric, so it is not as supportive as the traditional strapless bra.  To wear, one just need to pull it over her head.  For a clingy strapless top, the bandeau bra is a good choice because it’s seamless.  It has cups which are slightly padded or lined, while the other parts are not structured. 

Adhesive bra

This style is composed of two separate adhesive cups, and it sticks to the breasts for minimal coverage.  For a full figured woman, this type of strapless bra is not recommended due to the limited support.

Lastly if none of the styles of strapless bras works, a bra with clear straps is an excellent alternative.  It is better than showing white or beige strap on the shoulders.

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