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When Celebrities Go Braless

Recently another celebrity joined the braless team, an ex-model. She made a bold move when she chose to go braless in attending a hair extension party.  The ex-model started her career as an undergarment model, however, she did not seem to care that her breasts were almost seen through the one-shoulder clinging black dress.

The celebrity could have gotten away if she had worn underneath her dress a strapless or a convertible bra, but obviously she decided not to. Her breasts are not too large, but they are pointing sideways without cleavage.  A push up or a side support bra can make the breasts come together so cleavage can be enhanced.  A bra can also make her clothes fit and look better. The ex-model is 35 years old, and in our opinion, she should always wear a bra whenever she steps out of the house.  It is clear that her breasts need some enhancements: they are sagging and, as mentioned above, going sideways. 

Although she modeled for undergarments, may we remind her how bras should be properly worn, for her to look more aesthetically pleasing?

When putting on a bra, look at yourself in a mirror.  Make sure that your nipples are in between your elbow and shoulder. If they’re higher, there’s no issue; but if they are lower than your elbow, you should know that the bra does not support your breasts properly.  The under wire should not be digging into your skin. Instead it should sit flat on your chest underneath your breasts. It is the same with the center point of the bra.

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With regards to the band, it shouldn't be easy to pull back, which means that the elastics are too loose. There shouldn’t be excess materials in the cups: your breasts should fill them, but not overflow over the top of the cups either.  If you have really large boobs, it is advisable to buy bras with wide straps, so they will not leave red marks and dig into your shoulders.

What about the back fat?  If you have them, the easy way of reducing or eliminating them is increasing your cup size and going down a band size.

FinallyBra does not encourage you go braless. We recommend that you read these tips and guidelines on how to wear a bra properly.  Additionally before you go bra shopping, have yourself fitted first.

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