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Bras for Strapless Dresses or Tops

"I have a special event coming up in 2 weeks and another wedding to attend a week after. I need to wear strapless dress on the first and strapless gown on the second. I must admit that my breasts do not allow me to go anywhere without bras, so please tell me what bra to buy for my dress and gown. Thanks for the help in advance."

Above is a common type of inquiries we receive everyday and it make sense that we write our answer into a blog post.

In almost every occasions today, straps in dresses, tops  and gowns are foregone by fashion designers.  If you have several garments that are strapless, the number one bra type to consider is a strapless bra.  There are many styles and models of strapless bras in the market, so you should be careful in buying the right undergarment.  Pick one that is simply constructed, and has smooth cups.  A lacey strapless bra or that with embellishments can make a crumpled look on your chest, especially if the fabric of your dress or gown is a thin one such as satin or silk.

If your dress or top has a plunging back, you may want to use the adhesive cups. But it has a downside.  The cups may come unstuck and fall off when you start to perspire as a result of dancing or a lot of moving around.  A strapless bra is still your best bet for your strapless gown/dress.

Some people do not like wearing strapless bras as most of them can’t provide the necessary support  that is needed. Poorly made strapless bras do not stay in place very well and are hard to fit.  But do you know that if your strapless bra is well fitted, you can make the most of your sexy strapless summer top or gorgeous strapless prom gown, cocktail dress or even your wedding gown.  What you need to do is to pick the right strapless bra and learn how to wear it the right way.

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You can choose from many styles of strapless bras considering your strapless attire bust line.  There are traditional strapless bras,  convertible bras with straps that you can remove or configure several ways,  long line strapless bras, and adhesive bra cups.  If you want a more versatile option, it is advisable to invest in a convertible bra.  If you haven’t recently been fitted,  go to a lingerie shop and get yourself fitted. You can also refer to FinallyBra's online fitting guide. Throughout your life, you can expect that the size of your bra changes, so make time for regular fitting.  Bring with you your strapless top, dress or gown, so you can be sure that the bra will fit perfectly.

Your strapless bra should be supportive enough for your breasts, and there should be no overflow.  If your busts are smaller, look for uplift and padding.  If they are bigger, look for support and good coverage, as well.  And don’t forget the band, which should be snug without being painful.

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