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Push Up Push In Bra Under Cocktail Dress 0

Would you be confident with your breasts looking saggy under your dress?  No, you would not.  If your two girls are not up where they should be, you can’t have a sexy and curvy look.  The different bras on today's market are manufactured for both high functionality and comfort.  Gone are the days of wearing constrictive corsets.  There is a bra for every type of dress that you wear – a cocktail dress, a prom gown, pageant gown, mother of the bride dress or an evening dress for special occasions.

Under any dress or gown is a bra that offers good support.   Depending on your needs, you have many options.  But, please, put those band aids back to the medicine cabinet and that duct tape to the tool box.  Here come the push up push in bras and the super lift bras. Duct tapes were used by some women for breast support, and the band aids help prevent nipples from showing through.  If you’re wearing an ill fitting bra and you’re a pageant contestant, you may risk your potential crown with those unsightly indentations. And what will hurt you more is the damage done to the skin of your breast area.

There are many types of bras available now, so you don’t need those tools that do you more harm than good.  Consider the push up bra, the lift bra, and the magic push up in bra and wear them with a ball gown with a plunging neckline to provide you a voluptuous looking bust line.  These bras have pads on the cups that are placed specifically to make your breasts enhanced.  These pads can be re-positioned – whether on the bottom or at the sides of the cups – according to the neckline of your formal wear.  And also on your daily wear if you desire the appearance of breasts that are high up.

Push Up Push In Bra | FinallyBra

When pads are positioned on the sides, your breasts will be pushed in to give a look of curvaceous cleavage.  Is your evening dress has a keyhole neckline or a plunging V neck?  Your looks will be benefited from side support offered by a bra with side pad placement.  On the other hand, when the pads are placed on the bottom, your breasts will be uplifted (it got the name “push up” from this function) and so will be given a rounded appearance.  You can wear your strapless dress or deep and rounded necklines with this bra. Straps of most push up bras can be taken off when necessary.

A good push up push in bra can be a bit expensive.  But a bra that provides your breasts a super lift  is worth of every penny.  One last thing, be sure that you get the right size before you purchase a push up push in bra.

Holiday Bra Tip – Show Up Some Cleavage 0

The festive and holiday season is underway, so you got some great tops and dresses in anticipation of the parties that you will be going to.  Of course there are styles that are V-neck, low-cut and tight fitting that require you to show off some or a good amount of cleavage. As you try each one of your holiday clothing, don’t button your blouse up yet.  Take a close look first at your womanly assets.  See if your boobs are sagging down your belly button, if your bra puckers like a prune, or if the cups run over. These are the results of wearing an ill fitting bra, and they are showing.

If you want to create an appearance of a larger bust under a low-cut dress or a V-neck shirt, you choose a push up push in bra. Push up push in bras are designed to thrust the boobs upward and inward for an alluring display of cleavage and rounder, higher and firmer breasts.  The cleavage between your two twins makes your chest younger looking. It should be a perfect cleavage if it is firm and curved, and your boobs do not spill over the cup tops when you are moving or walking, creating a bulge that will be revealed through the fabric.

Show Up Some Cleavage | FinallyBra

Push up push in bras are popular among women with petite and average sizes, but they are also used by full figured women because of the cleavage effect.  One component  that helps the push up push in bra perform is the padding.  Yes, they are padded too, like the lift bras.  But the padding of this bra style is so designed as to properly place the breast tissue towards the center. Wear this push up push in bra style under any clothing. If you want to look great and voluptuous in an outfit, try it with tops with square and scoop necks, cocktail dresses, and evening gowns.

The deep V plunging neckline may not be that easy to pull off, yet if you want to see how sexy you will look and become the center of attention, you can try wearing the push up push in bra under these low cut neckline.  You’ll enjoy wearing your bra because your boobs will be pushed up and in naturally, getting support from the padded cups and under wires.  The strong side panels also support the bust and keep your boobs how you want them to be:  firm and pushed up.

A good recommendation is to choose the bra with seamless sides and cups;  they provide a smooth look under any kind of tops and dresses.

There are other occasions, besides the holiday parties, when wearing a push up push in bras are popular.  These occasions include your first date, at a night club, at a wedding, bumping into your ex, etc.  Your cleavage should not be too prominent when you are going to meet your husband-to-be’s parents, though. 

Holiday Bra Tip – Keep Breasts Uplifted 0

The holiday season is here! :) Like most women, you are probably planning which style of dress to wear on which event or party that you are going to.  And the only thing you want is to look your best during the holidays, so what can help you achieve this goal?  

Keep Breasts Uplifted | FinallyBra

Wearing a good lift bra that will make your breasts uplifted, firmer and separated under any holiday outfit is the answer.  And don’t forget that it should be of the right fit.  If your lift bra does not fit you right, as in too tight, what people will witness are breasts spilling either over the top of your cups, or at the bottom. This creates a “four boobs look”.  When it’s too big,  your boobs will be hanging on your rib cage – two “shaking heads”? Not a good sight.

With a lift bra, you can wear any type of holiday dress that is fancy.  You will look fabulous with the deepest plunge dress or shirt with a nice breast lift.  With a lift bra under  a tight-fitting tailored top, your bust size will seem to increase. This bra is the only way to achieve the look you want for your boobs.  How about exercise?  No, no. No amount of exercise can shape and uplift your breasts.  This is the problem of most women:  drooping or sagging boobs, regardless of your chest size or age.

Lift bras are ideal if your boobs are saggy, even if only slightly. Your breasts also need support from a lift bra if they are far apart and nipples pointing to the sides, rather than the front.  Therefore, most of your breast volume is side oriented and chest front showing a big vacant gap.  This is the horizontal displacement of breasts which is natural for some women, but can be remedied by the lift push in bra.  This type of bra is able to provide you with the support needed to push your breast tissue up and inward and minimize the gap at the front.

Breast sagging is not an issue just for mature women.  Women should wear a lift bra as early as possible:  it will lessen the sagging caused by the pull of gravity.  Padding is one component of the lift bra that uplifts your breast.  Everything else counts – the cup shape, the position of straps and the back wing design.  The lift bra’s padding can be light, medium or heavy with different materials including cotton, fiberfill, gel, silicone or water.  The pads usually are thicker at the base and smoothly diminish to the top, giving you a natural looking silhouette.

Remember, for the holidays, you can wear the most daring top with a lift bra.  You can show what you want people to see and hide what is needed to be hidden.

Side Support Bras and Still Fashionable 0

It's most women's dream to have some curve.  But many women seem to carry tons of problems with it.  For some, the breasts do not project forward as much as prefered so that the cleavage can be shown.  For the others, the look is not complete even with the most fashionable clothes.  A side support bra can help to resolve these problems and more.  And how?  Simple.  A side support bra has features that provide all the support that is much needed.

Side Support Bras | FinallyBra

A side support bra has cups in two or three sections and a side panel to project the breasts forward. For women who have full bust sizes, a side support bra is perfect as it can attain not only good shape but also support for the bust, on the sides. So whatever is the issue with the extended fronts – bulging out of the tops and sides of the bra,  back pains for lack of support, red marks on the shoulders from the bra straps, bra straps slipping from the shoulders – whatever, they will all be behind when wearing a side support bra.

Before purchasing of a side support bra, one should know her exact measurements.  One can ask a professional fitter to get it done, or do the measurement herself.  Knowing the correct bra size helps to buy the appropriate fitting side support bra.  Choosing the right style of side support bra is also a must.  There are many available styles on the market, but it is recommended that one choose the side support bras that have large side panels that can prevent the extended fronts from spilling to the sides, or bulging out from the bra top. If you need DYI information, please refer to FinallyBra's Self-measurement Guidance at home.

Side support bras come in different styles that can flatter and fit large sized breasts. A side support bra can be under wired or wire free.  But one should be extra careful about the under wires. If the bra’s fitting is off,  the underwire could poke the breast tissues and one may experience extra pressure and tightness from the side panel.  

Many brands of side support bras offer full or medium coverage and support in a package that’s fashion forward.  The cups can shape the bust through the flat seams that never show through the tops.  The high panels contain the sides of the bust and keep it in place and not side spill, and the band allows one to wear the side support bra all day long and remain in shape.

Side support bras create curves and keep them where they should stay. For that reason, the side support bra is a top bra choice, regardless the cup size – A or DDD.

Stylish, Comfortable and Quality Bras Are Women’s Best Investments 0

It might be true that a woman does not have to buy as many bras as clothes or jewelries. Yet, it is likely wrong to assume that a woman does not have to spend as much time to seek a properly fitted bra as for other fashion pieces. Lingerie is among the most essential pieces for a woman’s whole life, and it definitely worth every bit of time, money and effort to invest.

The reason is obvious and simple, breasts are among the most attractive parts a woman has and it is not exaggerating to even call them “a woman’s second face”. So imaging how much does a woman spend for skincare and makeup products? And how much time does a woman spend daily on her face? There you go.

Another important reason is that the bra is such a decisive factor for a woman’s appearance. With an ill fitted bra, even pretty girls with luxurious clothes and delicate makeup would look awkward and dull.  Stylish, Comfortable and Quality Bras Are Women’s Best Investments | FinallyBra

Most importantly, wearing a bra that does not fit could damage the health. Studies have linked a bad bra choice to constricted breathing, skin irritation, muscle strain and bowel disorder etc.

To conclude, bras are not pure fashion. They are functional pieces whose importance transcends far beyond appearance to living quality and health. Nowadays, when us, women, pay attention to the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat, and nutrition we take, let us not forget to invest quality bras for ourselves, because they are the fastest, most direct and effective investment.