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Blog — Bra do's and don't


Supportive Bras Are Best When Exercising (And Even When Not) 0

Have you done a work out without any bra on? It’s painful and uncomfortable, no doubt; and this pain is felt not only by full figured women, but even by those with not-so-large breasts.  The bouncing and the movement while exercising cause so much discomfort for unsupported breasts.  Most often women suffer from back pains because of this, and believe it or not, you will burn less calories when you exercise with your breasts that bounce here and there, than when you have the right support for your boobs.

So, women, especially the plus sizes, are always advised to wear supportive bras when they work out and even when they just go about their daily routine. A supportive bra can be a good sports bra, a posture bra, a minimizer bra or an under wire plus size bra.  A posture bra has reinforced back panel that supports your back muscles, while a minimizer bra will give you extra lift while reducing the appearance of your breasts by up to one to two cup sizes. This bra type is also very supportive.

A sports bra, like other supportive bras, is a must have accessory for female athletes and women who just want to exercise to keep fit.  Besides the comfort and support, there are other benefits offered by a sports bra. Here’s the list.

  1. Breast movement is minimized. This is perhaps the most popular benefit that you get from wearing a supportive sports bra. Breast movement can limit your participation in physical activities, because of the pain and inconvenience resulting from not wearing any support for your breasts. A sports bra will minimize rubbing and chafing, and hold everything in place; your breasts will not feel squashed, as the support it offers is in the maximum.
  2. When exercising, a supportive bra like a sports bra helps maintain the shape of your breasts.  The ligaments around your boobs will not get stretched and torn, so there will not be premature sagging and drooping of breasts.
  3. A sports bra is made from a variety of fabrics that have the ability to regulate sweat and control temperature. It can wick sweat away from your body and increase air flow, so you are kept cool and dry at the same time. The fabrics used in making a sports bra are lightweight, yet warm.
  4. A sports bra is designed more to function than to flatter, so the comfort it offers can never be found in other regular bras. It has wider straps and increased coverage that allow the breast tissue to be evenly distributed, so you can easily move around.

That is not all, ladies.  Some sports bras that are produced today are designed with storage capabilities.  They can hold your small MP3 players and keys, thus eliminating the need to carry a pouch or bag around your waists. You can go on with your working out with no worries about losing a thing.

When looking for a supportive bra, avoid picking up the half-cup bras and those with spaghetti straps.  The half-cups will not give you sufficient support and coverage, while the thin straps will get weighed down by your breasts and dig into your shoulders.  Having said this, please let us introduce our shape bra. Although not specially called sports bra, Orlinas bra offers equal amount of support as sports bra and provides the flexibility of wearing either for normal activities or for sports.

Staple push in push up bra | back support bra Orlinas

Braless and Sleeveless at Age 50 and Above? 0

When the temperature is high, nothing can be more comforting for a woman than to wear sleeveless or spaghetti style tops sans the support of a bra.  However, it may not be advisable to go bra-less or sport sleeveless tops if you are already past 50 years of age. 

Every aging woman dreams of toned under arms, so she gets into almost all kinds of workouts to achieve this dream.  However, when you are over 50, the tendency of the body is to store fats on the under arms and no amount of exercise can eliminate them.  In another word, the fat could be reduced, but hard to get rid of totally. You might not have this kind of problem in your younger years when you had a trim body with upright breasts and flab-less arms.  As you are approaching your senior years, you begin to notice your body changing- the flesh on your arms is jiggling, and your breasts are pointing to all directions as you move. Would you dare show this flesh to the public by going sleeveless and braless, and at your age?

Additionally, as a person gets older, the skin and soft tissues of the breast, as in the rest of the body, tend to lose their elasticity.  So it is inevitable to have a certain amount of sagging.  Wearing a bra during the day will reduce sagging overtime.  Large breasts are weighty, and the heavier they are, the more they are subjected to gravity and sagging. You may counteract the sagging effect by wearing a bra to support your breasts.  If you want to go braless occasionally is fine, such as at home or with close friends.

There are some personalities who know precisely how to respect their bodies as they grow old.  An example is writer Nora Ephron, who was never seen braless and sleeveless when she goes out for lunches or other functions.  She always wore long sleeved tops and turtle neck sweaters.  Obviously she didn’t want to expose her aging upper arms that might have some fatty deposits.  She did not want to show this to strangers, including her breasts, so she never goes out without a bra neither.

For sleeveless garments that are cut too wide as to bare too much of your under arms, you can pair them with some accessories such as scarves and cardigans, or layer them with a long sleeved silk or chiffon blouse.

Was Your Properly Fitted Bra Painful At First? 0

If your bra is properly fitted but you experience pain when first wearing it, perhaps you’re just having a break-in-period for the new bra. Did you use a looser band before the new bra?  It’s just like adjusting to a new pair of shoes:  you feel the tightness because the old shoes had loosened. If your bra is painful, you can try to adjust your body to wearing it, maybe several hours at a time.  This should stop the pain, but if you continue to feel it, it’s a different story.

Maybe the “properly fitted bra” isn’t really a proper fit. Have yourself resized again to find the correct size.  Sometimes even if you have measured your size again and again, you still can’t get a rightly fitting bra.  In this case, you need to rely on the signs of a poorly fitting undergarment.  Below are some common signs for you to see if you notice any one of these being the case with your new bra.

1.  Your shoulders have grooves and marks because the bra straps are digging into them.

The support provided by the bra to your breasts should come from the band instead of the straps. When straps dig in to your shoulders, it is an indication that you are placing too much weight to the straps and this situation can result in your discomfort, pain, slouching and marks that most often become permanent. You need to go down band size until it becomes firm and supportive and your two fingers can fit under it.

2.  The bra wires are sitting on breast tissue.

Your breasts should entirely be encased in the wires on all sides. If the wires sit on the breast tissue, there could be issues of too much need for readjusting, shifting an ill fitting look, uneven redistribution of breast weight, pain, and other problems. To solve this problem, you need to go up a cup size, or as many cup sizes as necessary.

3.  The bra center gore isn’t touching your sternum, or it isn’t firm against your sternum.

This is a sign that your bra cups are too small.  So, the best solution to this is to go up in your cup size (down in back or band size), until you have the center gore completely sitting against your sternum.  This solution also makes sure that no wires will be sitting on your breast tissue.

4.  The bra band is either sitting too low or riding up in the back.

This is the most common sign of an ill fitting bra – too small cups and too big band.  This sign tells that the breasts are not given the proper support by the bra, which functions more sling-like rather than support-provider. Your new bra band should sit straight and firm across your back, and you should clasp it on the loosest hook. You need to get a smaller back size (and higher cup size), until the band across your back is firm and flat.

5.  Your breasts are over flowing out of the cups, resulting in “quadra boobs” or “four boobs” look.

This is a sign that the bra cups are too small for your boobs, or the wires are sitting on your breast tissue.  The bra should not be creating a bulging effect, but a smooth line.  You need to increase your cup size until the bulging is gone.


Tina Fey Advises Women to Always Wear a Bra 0

There has always been issue on the subject of whether or not a woman should always wear a bra.  It seems that the number of people who are against wearing it is almost equal to those who are in favor.  Reality star Tina Fey, has made public her opinion on this matter.  On TV show “Inside The Actor’s Studio”, she advises women to always wear a bra, at least have it on her drawer even if she feels that she doesn't like it.

What could be the reason behind Tina’s advice?  It has been said over and over that many women look at the bra as a symbol of discomfort and constraint.  However, many find the bras to be helpful in supporting the “girls” and lifting them up.  If you are endowed on that part, you’ll need wear a bra to avoid back pains and other issues.

However, some women are just against the wearing of a bra because of claims that taint its reputation.  For example, you may read some information telling you that the bra causes breast cancer, or it is just unhealthy.  To wear one can be annoying at times, besides being so frustrating, with the under wires and the straps that you feel all day. But say if you are petite and want to be braless.  How can you make your chest look full or wear a top with even a slightly deep neckline if you do not have cleavage to show?  Do you still feel confident on anything you wear?  On the other hand, if you are a full busted, will you enjoy the bounce that they make when you move?  Will your twins feel hurt when you do even a very simple exercise without a bra’s support?  Maybe NOT.

There are many types of bras, but you can have two basic styles - the regular bra and the sports bra - to wear from day to day, and each style has its specific function.  The regular bra can be padded and have an under wire and you wear it most of the time.  The under wire, as mentioned previously, may be uncomfortable especially when you've used it many times and it pokes on your skin, but they keep your twins supported and pointing at the right direction.  The sports bra can be worn if you are just introducing your breasts to a bra, or you are doing some workouts.  Some women wear sports bras when they sleep, especially if they tend to toss and turn while sleeping, because it feels like you are wearing nothing while holding your breasts in their places.

The discomfort felt by some women in wearing a bra may come from not having the proper fit.  Before you buy one, make sure you measure yourself first, or have yourself measured by am bra fitter.  Don’t forget to try on each bra size and brand.  You might be a C cup in one size/brand but a B cup in the other size/brand.

Should You Walk Around the House without Bra Even Your Dad Can Notice? 0

Are you single and living with your dad, or you’ve got your own family and he happened to drop by unannounced?  Well, whatever, I will say that you should always wear a bra even if you are only at home, especially, if you are busty.  Besides having so much discomfort and pain with your girls jiggling as you move, nobody would want to see them swing around, your dad not exempted.  It can be an unsightly sight.

However, wearing a bra at home and in the presence of family may depend on how big your breasts are and the type of clothing that you wear around the house.  Are your clothes very loose?  Or, are they snug fitting?  Are they made of thin, clinging fabric that tends to reveal your shape?  If you are busty, it is better to always wear a bra, even when sleeping.  Otherwise you might feel uncomfortable due to the twin’s movements.  You can find lots of “sleep bras” ideal for lounging around at home or when you need to buy something at a nearby store. 

It is really advisable to wear a bra at all times no matter what your breast size is, especially when friends come unannounced.  Although you can always tell your son/sons, or husband to call first before they are coming home with friends, there are others who will just knock at your front door, and if you are braless, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to wear a bra and look decent.

If you are braless and you’re in front of your father, he sure will notice it.  Any guy will notice that you have nothing under your shirt, and it can make you and them uncomfortable. It’s really not okay to reveal your breasts to anyone, so make sure that you are always covered.

Besides the modesty reasons of wearing a bra always, there are also medical reasons. For example, if you just had your baby and you are breastfeeding him or her, you should always wear a bra.  The reason is that your breasts become full of milk and are heavier than before.  A breastfeeding bra will give more support to your boobs and can make the task of breastfeeding convenient. Then there is the sagging issue.  Of course, you know that when you age, your breasts age with you. So, wear a bra.  It can help your breasts retain their youthful shape that you loved during your younger years.

Another medical reason is proper blood circulation in your breasts, and you will not get sweaty as when the girls rub with your skin.  There you are, whatever you do, wear a bra, for so many varied reasons.

Do You Need New Bras during Pregnancy, and Why 0

When you’re pregnant, it’s most likely that you need to buy a new bra.  Why, you might ask.  It is because your breasts, like the other body parts, change during pregnancy.  They become bigger everyday and more touch-sensitive. You can charge this physical change to weight gain, hormonal shifts, and expanded rib cage.  Additionally your mammary glands start to produce milk during the last few months of your pregnancy.

Only a week ago, the pregnant reality queen Kim Kardashian was featured in a news article wearing a thin white maxi dress.  It was very obvious that the bra she was wearing was way too small for her breasts; in fact it was a few sizes smaller.  It’s easy to see that her bra finds it difficult to keep her girls afloat. No doubt it was the bra that she owned and used during her pre-pregnant days. 

It can really be very tempting to use the bras that you wore before your girls start ballooning, especially for the savings that you realize for doing so.  However, it is best that you find some good new maternity bras, for the sake of your looks and the health of your breasts. The breasts of pregnant women become heavier as they grow and start to develop glandular tissues, which can add at least a couple ounces for each breast to the weight, and therefore your boobs need to be given some comfort and support.

It’s easy to know when it’s time to buy a new bra during your pregnancy.  There are signs that will tell that you need to visit a lingerie shop, either at the department stores or online. When your breasts spill out of the bra cups and when the bra feels overly snug, then it is the time to replacing your existing ones with new bras.  Also, when you take off your bra and there are band and strap indentations on your skin, it means that your breasts need a larger bra.

Because no pregnancy is the same, every woman’s breasts change uniquely. Some women may have cup sizes that increase continuously during their pregnancy.  Some may find their breasts increase in size during the trimester, and not grow again until a few months before giving birth.  Bra shopping should depend on how your body changes; some women probably need to buy a new bra several times while they are pregnant.

When choosing a maternity bra, look for natural materials which are soft and do not irritate the skin. The cups of the bras should be at least mostly 90%.  These materials can absorb the sweat (which increases during pregnancy) without harming your skin.  When using a bra with under wire, you can find new models that offer flexible support.  The wires are low-gauge and are used to flex with your changing shape.