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Blog — Bra do's and don't


Bra Baring Ideas That Will Make You Look Trendy 0

Artful details, luxurious fabrics, and exquisite designs are what make the bras of today.  When I wear these types of bras, I feel somewhat different, beautiful and special   Most bras are designed to fit all shapes and sizes of women from petite to average to full figure and even plus sizes.  Do you have a size F cup?  It’s not difficult to find, and they do not only look beautiful;  they are supportive as well.  Most bras that are available today are lacey, and they are sublime.  Some may have sheer lace overlay, while others have hints of lace only.

During the past several years, bras should be hidden under your dress.  In order to avoid being classified as sloppy or trashy, bras should stay where people wanted them to stay.  No straps nor a piece of lace must be shown.  There were times when some creative women bought straps to match their outfit, and then wear shoulder-baring dresses and tops.  So, the attention of people are drawn to your straps, which is not modest.  While I see nothing wrong with creativity,  you can definitely find ways to show to the public your unique style.

Here are some helpful ideas.

1.  If you have an oversized top with deep neckline and large armholes, wear it with your bra underneath.  The top of your bra will be shown at the neckline, and the side flaps will show on your armholes.  It will create a cute look, but simply done.

2.  Put on a lacey bra with a deep V-neck top and allow the lace to show above the neckline.  You can try pairing same color top and bra, or use contrasting colors like turquoise top and pink bra, or gray top and purple bra.  It can give you a cowgirl look if paired with jeans and boots.

3.  Put on a large size shirt over your lacey bra, tuck it in your skinny jeans, a tight, or a miniskirt. Then get  the first 3 top buttons unbuttoned to show the bra lace and your cleavage.

4.  Do you have a sheer blouse that you can’t wear without  a camisole?  Wear it with your favorite bra.  If the sheer material is decorative,  the bra that you wear with it should be simple.

There are more bra wearing and baring ideas that you can pick, however it is important to make sure that you wear your bras to your advantage.  Mastering this skill is a tricky one, but trying your best to gain the knowledge will make it possible.  First, make sure that the bra properly fits, especially if you’re going to wear it with a sheer fabric.  There can be nothing worse than wearing a bra in the wrong size.  There are times when your size depends on the brand, so when shopping for your size, I insist that you try them on.

When you are planning your outfit for the following day, select also the undergarment to go with your selected top or dress.  This will help you avoid fashion mishaps such as the bra tops showing out of your spaghetti strap dress.

You Ask We Answer (2): What Is the Difference Between Not Wearing a Bra, Wearing a Bra, and Wearing a Push Up Bra 0

Question (Sylvia of New York):  As I commute to work, I see a few women who go around bra-less, but there are more who wear bras as I can see from the shape of their breasts.  Since I am regularly wearing a bra, I would like to know if there is a difference between not wearing a bra, wearing a bra, and wearing a push up bra.

Our Answer:  

Bras’ main function is to support the breasts.  At present, it has also been considered as a fashion item.  But not all women do wear a bra.  There are about ten to twenty five percent of women in western culture who choose to go bra-less. It could be a health reason, or they just prefer not to wear one. Some women feel they do not need support yet because they are still firm and they want men to stare at them.  Comfort is also one of the major reasons for going bra-free, especially when the bra straps causes pain and numbness on the arms as they dig into the shoulders.

Small or medium breasted women just can’t find a good reason of wearing a bra, even if this small undergarment can enhance certain types of clothes. However, not wearing a bra is a taboo in many places.  People consider bra-less women as indecent or immoral for letting their nipples poke through their clothing and seen by others.

So, whether or not you should wear a bra is your own choice; this is a thing for an individual to decide.  Most women consider bras as an essential part of their wardrobe, and they are not comfortable to be in public without them.  There are also some social and special occasions where you need to wear a good bra.  If you are not comfortable with wearing a bra, perhaps it has something to do with fitting.  A bra that fits should not feel so tight, nor leave strap marks on your shoulders or band marks under your breast. 

Bras may be a necessity because your breasts need the support that they provide. This especially applies to large chested women.  Ladies who engage in active sports like jogging may find the activity painful for their breasts if not supported.  Some women have other reasons of wearing a bra, and that is to conform to the code of the modern society, the dress code in their jobs, and so on.

A type of bra that can help your breasts lifted, look bigger and rounder in shape is the push up bra.  It can also enhance your cleavage, making them perkier.  Many women opt to wear push up bras as an alternative to undergoing a breast augmentation surgery.  The cups of a push up bra have some special technology built into them.  They are padded, have plastic or metallic under wires that render additional support to your breast bottom.

When choosing a good bra especially a push up bra, pick the one that is comfortable.  It should fit well and its style should work well with your particular outfit.  Consider also the support that the push up bra provides, and also its appeal to your taste.  When you are at home with only your family members to see, or when you are sleeping, you can give your breasts some free time by going bra-free.

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Through Starbucks window 0

I like sitting in Starbucks, drinking a cup of cappuccino, watching every girl passing by my window, relishing their gorgeous dresses, and…. finally figuring out the bras underneath all kinds of dresses.

I can’t help it!

Let me tell you my research results! Although we, as women, put a lot of effort on picking the right dress, bag, and have delicate hairdo and makeup, we tend to be oblivious to our own bras. Here are a couple issues:

1.       Bouncing breast tissue. A bad quality or loose fit bra can do the job. I saw plenty girls walking by my window, with their breasts bouncing like two little rabbits. My point here is more of a health issue than an appearance one. Our breasts succumb to gravity, combined with the aging process, they gradually become saggy. Wearing a loose fit bra, or one lack of enough support, we are accelerating our breasts’ drooping process, eventually leading to a deep V-shape breast. Most the time the skin attaching the breasts with the bone gets reddish after the breasts bounce and eventually looses elastic.

2.       Back fat bulge. A smaller band size and narrow back wings of an ill-fitted bra can cause this problem. This does not happen to just full-figure women. I witness plenty petite girls or small cup size women having the same issue. It is definitely disturbing to see that back fat bulges out through the delicate clothes, but the worse thing is that the fat will eventually grow in the way it is directed by a bad-fitted bra.

3.       Exposed “armpit fat”. A bra having low side panel, or small cup coverage causes this side “spill over” problem. I often encounter this issue with women wearing strapless tops or dresses. The armpit fat uncovered by the bra appears like secondary breast tissue. Unfortunately although the exposed fat conveys no significant health effects, it is extremely aesthetically unpleasant.

4.       Wide-set breast tissue. Most bras on the market do not support the function of pushing the breasting inward, as such a lot of women tend to overlook this feature. When the bra has too much separation at the center gore, the breasts are more spread out and form a bigger frame size.

The problems of above-mentioned issues are not rare and it amazed me that there still has not had any all-in-one solution. Naturally, we, a group of passionate women, come together and designed our own bras. Our bras have underbust band, wide shoulder straps and back wings. The wide shoulder straps distribute the breasts weight evenly on the shoulder, avoiding the discomfort of dig-in straps, but strongly secure the breast in place; the underbust band provides extra support and reducing the breasts bouncing; the wide back wing is designed to smooth out the back body fat avoiding the bulging problem. Additionally, we also add moderate height to our side panel to catch the whole breast under the arms and strengthen the side boning to direct the side body fat into cups. Finally, the center panel is designed to have an appropriate width and cups are shaped and lightly-padded in a way to push breasts together. See the following graphs, the right panel is the effects of our uniquely designed bras.

  saggy boobs, breasts spill over | best lift side back support bra Orlinas                   

       back fat bulge, wide set breasts | best lift side back support bra Orlinas                         

In a word, finding a right bra does not just mean matching the right size. There are more details to check out: center panel, cup shape,  and side and back support etc. It is worthy to put the efforts to know all these inside and out.