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Testimonial | FinallyBra


Testimonial | FinallyBra


Megan Kiss, Model 34C

"Your bras are fantastic! They are not only functional, such as smoothing out body lines, but also very sexy. They make me really camera confident and picture perfect. Thank you very much."

Testimonial | FinallyBra

Kristin Breheim, yoga practitioner & founder of 36A

"Amazing quality! Great customer service! FinallyBra is of the highest quality. There is care in every stitch. I love the touch of tiny crystals on the front the bra I purchased. I had a lot of questions before ordering, and everyone I chatted with was very helpful. I definitely recommend FinallyBra. I look forward to ordering many more!"

Paulette J., New York 38C

"The bras are perfect for me. A year ago I had a
double mastectomy and reconstruction with my own belly fat. I was having
trouble finding a comfortable and supportive bra as the breast are not
quite the same as before. I went to a local bra shop where they help you
and try to get just the right fit and it was OK but the bra I got from you
is the best one. Just wanted to tell you my story and let you know how the right bra has made this a non issue again."

Linda Rogers, US military Pacific area 38D

"The amount of support and lift is unbelievable and I am glad that there is finally a brand that can help military women. Military women have very few options as for bra.  We need bras that prevent the breasts bouncing during all sorts of duties and are cotton made so that the sweat can be absorbed.  Most army girls like me wear only sports bras to the degree that we desperately need something different that can make us feel we are still women.  FinallyBra is perfect for that aspect as its inner cup is 100% cotton and provides superior support.           

Cindy, CT 40DD

"It is so comfortable and pretty and sexy and smooths out my 'extra' armpit flesh, and I actually forget that I'm wearing a bra.  Whereas with my previous bra, I was constantly pulling, tugging, shifting it around so that it would feel comfortable.   I threw that bra in the trash!  I look forward to getting back onto your website and ordering a couple of other ones.   I just wanted to tell you thank you for creating and marketing a bra that's actually comfortable and good-looking and makes me look good!"

Tiffany Milligan, RN 36DDD

"I used to wonder why no brand offers bras for nurses just like there are shoes specifically designed for nurses.  Our job requires being on feet all day. Besides the feet, which require some extra tender and love, my breasts are the same way.  My boobs sag faster since I became a nurse and I don’t feel get supported by any bra of popular brands on the market.  There are plenty situations like I needed to rush to some patient or doc, my breasts bounced so badly that I almost believed that the ligaments were breaking.  I am glad that this brand offer some thoughtful design that helps women like us.  I will stick with FinallyBra and recommend to every woman having the same issue."